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by BitRock - 상품타입: 어프리케이션 / Developer Application

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InstallBuilder for Linux by BitRock

URLs: installbuilder-linux, installbuilder linux, installbuilderlinux, bitrock

Quickly create advanced Linux installers. BitRock InstallBuilder for Linux allows you to create small, easy to use, Linux installers with no external dependencies. BitRock InstallBuilder for Linux includes advanced functionality like automatic update that enables you to deliver updates directly to your users, several GUI modes with native look-and-feel for installation on a variety of desktop environments, a text-based installation mode for console-based and remote installations, and a silent/unattended install mode which can be used for integration in shell scripts for automated deployment. BitRock InstallBuilder for Linux can also create Multiplatform CDs and DVDs. BitRock InstallBuilder for Linux License includes 1 year of support and major and minor upgrades.

BitRock InstallBuilder 7 for Linux Main Features

BitRock InstallBuilder 7 for Linux will allow you to create fast, professional, truly native install packages for your software. BitRock InstallBuilder 7 for Linux advanced functionality includes: Auto Update, No external Dependencies, Multiple Installation Modes, RPM Integration, Startup failure detection, Multiple Language Support and many more. BitRock InstallBuilder 7 for Linux License includes 1 Year of Support and major and minor upgrades.

InstallBuilder 7 for Linux helps reducing Development Time

InstallBuilder 7 for Linux includes an easy to learn, easy to use GUI development environment. Design, build and test installers with the click of a button. For advanced users, a friendly XML project format supports source control integration, collaborative development and customizing projects both by hand and using external scripts. A command line interface allows you to automate and integrate the building process. QuickBuild functionality allows you to update installers in a few seconds, without having to repack the entire application. InstallBuilder 7 for Linux also includes Built-in Actions. Built-in actions make it easy to implement commonly required installation functionality in a crossplatform manner. Add actions to your installer for changing file permissions and ownership, substituting text in a file, adding environment variables, adding directories to the path, creating symbolic links and so on in just a few clicks.

InstallBuilder 7 for Linux Auto-Update Functionality

InstallBuilder 7 for Linux includes an automatic update feature that enables you to deliver updates directly to your users. By providing regular updates to users, you'll keep them running your best available version, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and reduced support costs.

InstallBuilder 7 for Linux helps producing smaller, faster installers

BitRock InstallBuilder 7 for Linux installers are optimized in size and speed and do not require a self-extraction step. This reduces download, startup and installation time. Built-in LZMA support provides great compression ratios to further reduce the size of installers. BitRock InstallBuilder 7 for Linux are native executables with no external dependencies and minimal overhead.

Deploy in Any Environment

InstallBuilder 7 for Linux includes several GUI modes with native look-and-feel for installation in a variety of desktop environments, a text-based installation mode for console-based and remote installations, and a silent/unattended install mode which can be used for integration in shell scripts for automated deployment. BitRock installers also provide native look and feel and desktop integration for Linux and install applications written in any language.

RPM Integration

BitRock InstallBuilder 7 for Linux can register your software with the RPM package database, combining ease of use with the powerful RPM package management system.

Multiple Language Support

InstallBuilder 7 for Linux supports a variety of installation languages, including English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Polish, Valencian, Catalan, Estonian, Slovenian, Romanian, Hungarian, Russian and Welsh. You can specify a default language or let the user decide.

BitRock InstallBuilder 7 for Linux Other Features

Include Your Branding: Present a professional image by re-branding InstallBuilder with your own graphics and custom screens

Advanced Configuration Options: Ask the user for multiple inputs on one screen to streamline the installation process

Rollback Functionality: By default, BitRock installers perform a backup of all the files overwritten during installation, so if an error occurs, the system can be automatically recovered to its previous state.

Uninstall Functionality: An uninstall program is created as part of every installation, allowing users to easily uninstall the software. As with the installer, it can be run in a variety of modes.

New in InstallBuilder 9

Improved Performance and reduced memory consumption and size

InstallBuilder 9 includes a new compression algorith (LZMA-ultra) that allows even higher compression rates and faster decompression speed at runtime.

It also includes a revamped unpacking mechanism that greatly reduces the time spent in extracting the packed files while decreasing the memory usage of the process. This new system, along with LZMA-ultra, will make your installers even faster and smaller

Support for the latest Operating System versions

InstallBuilder 9 provides enhanced support and integration with the latest versions of popular operating systems, such as Windows 8, Mac OS X Mavericks and the latest versions of Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise and Solaris.

Floating License Support

Now, in addition to the classic license model tied to individual developers, a new Floating License model is available.

This new licensing system allows multiple developers to simultaneously use InstallBuilder without the need for a dedicated license for each. Please contact for additional information.

Retina display support in InstallBuilder for Qt

InstallBuilder for Qt adds support for retina displays. This greatly improves the experience of end users running on OS X by making use of the high pixel density of these increasingly popular screens.

HTML license support in all platforms

InstallBuilder 9 allows you to provide licenses in both plain text and HTML format on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (both 32-bit and 64-bit). Previously, this functionality was available only for Qt-based installers.

This functionality is only enabled if one or more HTML files are provided and does not affect installers not using HTML licenses.

New YAML actions

YAML is a commonly used, human-readable data serialization format. It is commonly used for configuring server-side web apps such as those written in Ruby on Rails.

With the new <yamlFileSet> and <yamlFileGet> actions, you will be able to update and query information stored in YAML files, making more convenient the packaging and configuration of your app.

Custom Rules

The same way custom actions allowed you to define new actions to reuse installation logic and simplify your project, you now can define new rules.

Custom rules allow using a set of actions and rules to create new ones, which will behave exactly as InstallBuilder built-in rules.

New in InstallBuilder 8.6.0

Improved text wrapping on Gtk mode

Improved <showFileUnpackingProgress> to also work at uninstallation time

Added Serbian and Lithuanian languages

Improved required_diskspace variable to also work at build time

Reduced delay when calculating the files to unpack

Improved <antiVirusTest> rule

Improved Chinese language autodetection

Allow Java launchers to be executed in the background

Added new <removeUninstallationLogFile> setting

Allow configuring JRE/JDK selection order for Java launchers

Made builder ignore missing images if they do not belong to the platform being built

Improved OS X system language detection when running as Administrator

Improved InstallBuilder XML errors reporting

Improved detection of HTTP idle connections

Allow configuring whether or not component groups should appear expanded

Allow reusing already downloaded components if their checksum matches

New in InstallBuilder 8

Built-In Debugger - The new InstallBuilder debugger makes it easier to identify and correct issues during the development process. It allows you to view and interactively edit installer variables at runtime, provides step-by-step execution to test that specific parts of the installer are functioning properly. It allows recovering from unexpected errors during the installation process and more.

Enhanced Component Functionality - Expanded component functionality now provides support for downloadable components and component groups, including support for subcomponents. Downloadable components will be downloaded at runtime only if the user chooses to install them, reducing the size of installer downloads. The new component system allows you to group individual components and build feature sets that will be displayed in a tree structure ("subcomponents".) It also allows users to add and remove specific components from existing installations.

Dynamic Parameter Support - Enhanced parameter support makes it possible to create dynamic pages that will be automatically reconfigured based on a user's input. This allows you to create a more customized and streamlined installation experience.

Expanded Documentation - Over 350 pages of documentation are now available for InstallBuilder. The documentation not only explains every feature of InstallBuilder, but also provides sample code for a wide variety of installer functions, such as bundling a Java runtime, detecting pre-requisites on the system, offering basic and advanced installation modes and more.

Quickly create advanced Linux installers.

Pricing: InstallBuilder 9 for Linux 1 Single Platform Linux License, InstallBuilder 9 for Linux - Renewal Licenses 1 Single Platform Linux Renewal License

Evals & Downloads: Read the InstallBuilder 8.0 User Guide - Requires Acrobat Reader, Download the InstallBuilder 9 for Linux evaluation on to your computer - Displays Evaluation Messages

Operating System for Deployment: Sun Solaris 10, Sun Solaris 9, Sun Solaris 8, Sun Solaris 7, HP-UX 11.x, HP-UX 10.x, HP-UX 9.x, IBM AIX 6.x, IBM AIX 5.x, IBM AIX 4.3.x, Linux Kernel V2.6.x, Linux Kernel V2.4.x, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.x, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.x, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.x, RedHat Linux 9.x, RedHat Linux 8.x, RedHat Linux 7.x, SUSE Linux 10.x, SUSE Linux 9.x, SUSE Linux 8.x, FreeBSD, FreeBSD 4.x, FreeBSD 5.x, FreeBSD 7, FreeBSD 8

Architecture of Product: 32Bit, 64Bit

Product Type: Application

Application Type: Developer Application

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Part numbers: PC-531963-699363 531963-699363 PC-531963-699365 531963-699365


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