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InstallShield 2014 Express by Flexera Software

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Quick and easy installations that support today's technologies. InstallShield Express is easy to use and shields setup authors from installation complexities of building a setup. With InstallShield Express you can rapidly build, test and implement Windows and mobile device installations in record time without any training. InstallShield Express keeps setup authors up to date with support for the latest technologies and industry standards, including Windows 8, Windows Installer 5 (MSI 5), .NET support. InstallShield Express is a cost-effective solution that will fit into any budget, making it possible for everyone to create professional looking Windows or mobile device installations.

Create High-Quality Installations Quickly and Easily

InstallShield Express helps you create reliable Windows and mobile device installations, via simplified views, quick rebuild capabilities and intuitive wizards. You can rapidly build, test, and implement installations within a day and without any training.

Support for the Latest Technologies and Industry Standards

InstallShield Express keeps you up-to-date with support for the latest technology and industry standards, including Windows Installer, IIS, and more.

Support for Windows Installer

With the Express Edition, you can use the functionality found in Microsoft's Windows Installer 3.1 release to simplify your patch deployment and improve performance.

Support for IIS

Simplify the deployment of Web services with support for Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). IIS introduces many new features that can help increase the reliability, manageability, scalability, and security of your Web application infrastructure.

Cost-Effective, High-Quality Installations

InstallShield Express provides value for setup authors with limited customization needs. It provides the most commonly required installation functionality at a fraction of the expected cost to help you better manage your installation projects and your budget.

.NET Support and Visual Studio .NET Integration

InstallShield is a setup solution for .NET software developers. You have the option of creating installations within the Visual Studio interface or using the intuitive InstallShield interface. You can also link the primary outputs of your .NET projects to your setups, scan .NET projects for file dependencies, configure .NET custom actions, and much more.


Jumpstart your installation using the Project Assistant’s simplified set of views. It quickly guides you through the installation process with no learning curve. Additional editing is enabled with a visual checklist of more detailed views dedicated to specific installation-authoring tasks.

Accelerate your installation process with built-in wizards. Quickly add an Express project to a Microsoft .NET or Smart Device project solution by simply browsing to it and letting a wizard run. Express includes project wizards for Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic .NET, C# .NET, C++ .NET, and Smart Devices. These offer a great way to kick-start your project.

The Express Edition provides the easiest route for creating installations that require redistributable technologies. You can easily select them as part of your setup, assigning them to one or more features of your application. Just visit the Live Redistributables Technology Gallery and check the items you would like to include. The redistributables view will tell you where to get these objects and merge modules, and allow for direct downloads. Over 70 redistributable technologies are already included such as, Access, BDE, Crystal Reports, DAO, MDAC, and MSDE.

Use the Compact Installer to create setups with one of the smallest overheads of any installation engine. Rapidly build installations with a very low overhead (less than 100k) that will be downloaded over the internet. Easily mark files that need to be overwritten at installation time by simply selecting the Always Overwrite function.

Easily add Web services to any installation. A single dedicated view allows you to quickly build all aspects of Internet Information Services (IIS), including creating Web sites and configuring virtual roots. With dialog text editing, you can improve your end-user’s experience by editing text, graphics, and other content in your user-interface dialogs.

Here are just some of the features available in InstallShield Express:

Compact Installer - For setups that will be downloaded over the internet, the Compact Installer lets you quickly deploy an installation with the smallest overhead (less than 100 KB) of any installation engine

Always Overwrite - Speed setup creation by marking files that will always need to be overwritten at installation time, regardless of version or modification date

Live Redistributable Gallery - This live gallery contains over 70 merge modules, making it extremely easy to add support for popular technologies such as Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access, and MDAC in your project. Never waste time trying to find the required files and registry entries for these technologies. When new merge modules or objects are available, they will automatically appear in the gallery as downloadable options

Visual Studio .NET Integration - Enjoy the convenience and familiarity of running Express completely inside the Visual Studio .NET shell or separately using its traditional IDE. Your views are integrated into the Visual Studio solution explorer and each view is presented as a workspace tab

Mobile Device Support - Easily create installations for mobile devices and expand your deployment to all Window CE platforms, including PocketPC 2003 and Smartphone 2003, and all Palm handheld devices

What’s new in InstallShield 2014?

Simplify Installations of Complex Web/Server Applications

Install web applications to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft IIS using Microsoft Web Deploy (Premier Edition). With support for Microsoft Web Deploy, Suite/Advanced UI installations give your customers the flexibility to deploy web applications to their choice of infrastructure local machines, remote servers in the data center or Microsoft Azure in the cloud.

Deploy to Microsoft Azure SQL Databases [Enhanced] (Premier and Professional Editions) - Install databases to the cloud and support hybrid cloud scenarios by deploying database scripts directly to Microsoft Azure SQL databases.

Enhanced Support for Modern Displays and User Interfaces

Design DPI-Aware Installations (Express, Professional and Premier Editions) - All InstallShield project types are now DPI-aware, ensuring an optimized user experience when your customers install software on high-DPI devices.

Support Accelerated Release Cycles

Check for Updates and Patches at Install Time and from Maintenance Mode [Enhanced] (Professional and Premier Editions) - Automatically check for updates at install time and enable customers to check for updates from a Suite installation's maintenance mode.

Upgrade Multi-instance Installations (Professional and Premier Editions) - Develop upgrades that can detect the presence of multiple instances of a product on target systems, providing end-users with options to select the instance to upgrade. Now supports both major and minor upgrades.

Improve Developer Productivity

Provision Virtual Machines from the InstallShield IDE for Testing Installations (Premier Edition) - Reduce testing time and eliminate manual steps by automatically provisioning virtual machines: choose test image snapshots, power on virtual machines, and stage setups directly from the InstallShield IDE. Supports VMware® vSphere, VMware Workstation, and Microsoft Hyper-V®.

Quick and easy installations that support today's technologies.

Pricing: InstallShield 2014 Express 1 User License (per User, per Machine), InstallShield 2014 Express with Silver Maintenance 1 User License (per User, per Machine) with Silver Annual Maintenance, InstallShield 2014 Express Upgrade 1 User License (per User, per Machine) Upgrade from InstallShield Express 2012 Special Offer Price - Expires November 28th, 2014, InstallShield 2014 Express Upgrade 1 User License (per User, per Machine) Upgrade from InstallShield Express 2012 Spring or 2013, InstallShield 2014 Express Upgrade with Silver Maintenance 1 User License (per User, per Machine) with Silver Annual Maintenance Upgrade from InstallShield Express 2012 Special Offer Price - Expires November 28th, 2014, InstallShield 2014 Express Upgrade with Silver Maintenance 1 User License (per User, per Machine) with Silver Annual Maintenance Upgrade from InstallShield Express 2012 Spring or 2013, InstallShield Express Maintenance Renewals 1 Bronze Annual Maintenance Renewal License (includes Subscription and Support), InstallShield Express Maintenance Renewals 1 Silver Annual Maintenance Renewal License (includes Subscription and Support)

Evals & Downloads: Read the InstallShield help file, Read the Flexera Software License Agreement, View the InstallShield Edition Feature Comparison - Requires Acrobat Reader

Operating System for Deployment: Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Architecture of Product: 32Bit, 64Bit

Product Type: Application

Compatible Containers: Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, Microsoft Visual Studio 97, Microsoft Visual Basic 2013, Microsoft Visual Basic 2012, Microsoft Visual Basic 2010, Microsoft Visual Basic 2008, Microsoft Visual Basic 2005, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2003, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0, Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0, Microsoft Visual C++ 2013, Microsoft Visual C++ 2012, Microsoft Visual C++ 2010, Microsoft Visual C++ 2008, Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003, Microsoft Visual C++ .NET, Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0, Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0, Microsoft Visual C# 2013, Microsoft Visual C# 2012, Microsoft Visual C# 2010, Microsoft Visual C# 2008, Microsoft Visual C# 2005, Microsoft Visual C# .NET 2003, Microsoft Visual C# .NET, Microsoft Visual J++ 6.0, Microsoft Visual J++ 1.1, Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0, Microsoft Visual InterDev 1.0, Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.0, Microsoft Visual FoxPro 5.0, Microsoft ActiveX Control Pad, Microsoft Office XP, Microsoft Office 2000, Microsoft Office 97, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Outlook 2000, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Repository, Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5, Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0, Microsoft Site Server, Microsoft Internet Information Server 6.0, Microsoft Internet Information Server 5.0, Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0, Microsoft Internet Information Server 3.0, Microsoft SNA Server, Microsoft FrontPage, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, C++Builder 4, C++Builder 3, CodeGear C++ (formerly Borland), CodeGear C++ 5.0 (formerly Borland), Delphi 7.0, Delphi 6.0, Delphi 5.0, Delphi 4.0, Delphi 3.0, IntraBuilder 1.5, Visual dBase 7.0, IBM VisualAge for Basic, IBM VisualAge C++, Sybase Power++ Pro 2.0/2.1, Sybase PowerBuilder 6.0, Sybase PowerBuilder 5.0, Sybase SQL Anywhere 6.0, Sybase SQL Anywhere 5.5, Watcom C/C++ 11.0, .NET Framework 4.5, .NET Framework 4.0, .NET Framework 3.5, .NET Framework 3.0, .NET Framework 2.0, .NET Framework 1.1, .NET Framework 1.0

Product Class: Component Development Tools, Component Building Tools

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