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IP*Works! PHP Edition

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Internet-enable your applications. IP*Works! PHP is a comprehensive framework for Internet development. IP*Works! PHP eliminates the complexity of Internet development providing easy-to-use, programmable components that facilitate tasks such as sending email, transferring files, managing networks, browsing the web, consuming web services, etc. IP*Works! PHP includes components for - FTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, LDAP, DNS, RSS, SMS, Jabber, SOAP, WebDav, RAS, XML, and more. Uniform & extensible design: IP*Works! PHP uses common component interfaces across platforms & technologies and is based on an optimized asynchronous socket architecture that has been actively refined for more than a decade. Other IP*Works! PHP features include detailed documentation, hundreds of sample applications, fully-indexed help files, Royalty free licensing, and more. You can also buy IP*Works! PHP Edition as part of the /n Software IP*Works! Red Carpet Subscription.

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IP*Works! V9 PHP Edition   *

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What’s new in IP*Works! V9?

  • OAuth Component - Support for OAuth authorization.
  • XMLWriter Component - Build XML markup using a simple interface that is easy-to-use, whilst providing granular control of XML creation.
  • OData/S Component - A light-weight Open Data Protocol (OData) Client Component.
  • Create and manage reverse SSH tunnels.
  • Secure SSH file transfer through SCP.
  • Improved Unicode handling/encoding and DBCS (Big 5) support.
  • FTP/S Zlib (Mode Z) transfer compression, Enhanced Passive and Active transfer modes, real-time streaming uploads and support for additional directory entry formats (AS400 etc).
  • HTMLMailer/FileMailer enhanced with automatic encoding for international character sets.
  • Kerberos Authentication, Authscheme detection and authentication handling, IPv6 URL support and enhanced cookie handling on redirect.
  • Performance and usability updates to message part handling, international mailbox naming conventions, message overwrite configuration, automatic inline attachment decoding and improved multi-part message handling.
  • CIMD2 protocol support and support for multi-part messages.
  • Post content-type configuration.
  • XPath testing support.
  • File Transfer over XMPP.
  • Cross-component updates for OAuth authentication

What’s new in IP*Works! V8.0? - IP*Works! V8 represents a substantial leap forward in design, performance, and new functionality. Design features like native streams and object collections sit on top of a highly-evolved code base, updated and optimized for each individual supported development technology. In addition, enterprise features like IPv6 addressing and support for 64-bit architectures have been enabled to make your connectivity application compatible with current and future technologies.

This is a short list of some of the new component updates available in IP*Works! V8:

  • ATOM - New ATOM client component supporting ATOM feed retrieval and publishing
  • REST - New component implements a standard REST client, facilitating access to REST style web services such as those from Amazon and eBay
  • DNS - Naming Authority Pointer (NAPTR) support and support for Reverse DNS lookups
  • FTP/TFTP - Upload/Download Files to/from memory without writing to disk. FTP clear data channel support (PROT C)
  • HTTP/WebUpload - Upload/Download Files to/from memory without writing to disk
  • IPPort/IPDaemon - Facilitated file and data transfer through easy to use methods like 'SendFile' etc.
  • LDAP - Support for search result references. Easily move and copy DN's. Support for LDAP referrals.
  • Mime - Parse mime headers without decoding entire mime entities
  • NetClock - Support for Simple Network Time Protocol providing greater time precision
  • Ping - Send custom ping packet and change max datagram size
  • RSS - RSS 2.0 extensions and OPML support. HTTP cookie handling and automatic HTTP redirect following. Load RSS from memory. Support for in memory RSS XML manipulation. If-modified-since handling
  • SMPP - SMPP receive capabilities enable the component to poll SMPP servers for messages
  • XMPP - Support for Jabber extensions, additional contact parameters, and SASL authentication
  • XMLp - Expanded Xpath navigation and support for easily retrieving xml sub-trees
  • HTTP Based Components - HTTP Compression & NTLM Authentication Support

In addition to new components and new features, streams are an addition to the new IP*Works! V8 release. Native input and output streams have been added to those IP*Works! components that would benefit from them. As a developer this gives you flexibility and ease of use when integrating Internet communications features into your applications.

Collections have also been enabled across the entire suite of Version 8.0 components. Collections can be used to populate the IP*Works! components before calling methods, or more commonly, will be populated with results after calling a method or performing some action. While in many situations collections provide an easier way to access component features, the IP*Works! event model has been maintained and is still an integral part of the overall product architecture enabling better responsiveness and fine grained control when required.

In addition to the new features and performance enhancements, the new IP*Works! product packages have been simplified, packing more value into each edition than ever before. The new .NET Edition not only extends the previous version of IP*Works! .NET, but also includes support for ASP.NET and the .NET Compact Framework.


IP*Works! V8 PHP Edition - Cross-platform PHP5 component libraries & extensions for integrating high-performance connectivity on any platform (Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.)

IPWorks PHP Includes

  • ATOM - ATOM client component supporting supporting both feed retreival and publishing. (V8+)
  • REST - Standard REST client, facilitating access to REST style web services such as those from Amazon and eBay. (V8+)
  • MX - Find email servers for a particular domain/address. Often used to verify email address input
  • DNS - Full featured DNS component supporting every major DNS record format, including: AAAA (IPv6), Mailbox (MB), Mailbox Rename (MR), etc.
  • NetCode - A collection of popular encoding and decoding functions: Base64, UUencode, URL, etc.
  • RSS - Really Simple Syndication (RSS) component. Used for creating, retrieving, and editing RSS feeds. Supports RSS 0.91, 0.92, and 2.0
  • NNTP - Read, search, and post articles on Internet Newsgroups (USENET)
  • SMPP - Short Message Peer-to-Peer client component. Used to send SMS cellular text messaging
  • POP - Easy retrieval of Internet Mail. Implements the standard POP3 protocol
  • Rexec - Executes commands remotely on rexec-capable hosts: UNIX, mainframes, etc.
  • Rshell - Executes commands remotely on rexec-capable hosts: UNIX, mainframes, etc.
  • Syslog - Client and Server component capable of sending or receiving system log messages
  • SMTP - Used to send Internet (SMTP) Mail. Standards-based and extensible
  • WebDav - WebDAV Client component for distributed web authoring, versioning, and collaboration
  • SOAP - Generic SOAP client supporting SOAP 1.1. Built on top of the IP*Works! XML parser
  • XMPP - Lightweight XMPP (Jabber) Client for communicating with XML based Jabber Servers
  • Telnet - Telnet client component. Easy to use, standards-based
  • Ping - The Ping control encapsulates ICMP ECHO functionality
  • TFTP - The TFTPClient control is used to exchange files with TFTP servers via the TFTP protocol
  • FileMailer - The FileMailer control provides an easy way to send emails with file attachments
  • UDPPort - Easy interface to UDP packet communications. Use to build clients or servers
  • HTMLMailer - An easy way to send HTML Mail including embedded images
  • WebForm - The WebForm control is used to POST data to interactive web pages or scripts
  • NetClock - The NetClock control provides the current (GMT) time from an Internet Time Server
  • WebUpload - The WebUpload control is used to upload files to web servers
  • RCP - The RCP control implements Remote Copy Protocol, used to transfer files between systems
  • Whois - The Whois control allows you to query a WHOIS Server for Domain registration information
  • FTP - Transfer files to and from FTP servers. Easy, plug and play, extensible interface
  • XMLp - SAX2 compliant XML parser with support for XPath DOM traversal and XML structure validation
  • HTTP - Access the World Wide Web from your applications, including HTML forms
  • SNPP - Send messages to alphanumeric pagers through standard Internet Paging Gateways
  • IMAP - Easy access to corporate mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange
  • MIME - Easily encode and decode MIME structures such as message attachments, file uploads, etc.
  • IPInfo - A collection of DNS and other database functions. Both direct and reverse DNS queries. (not available for Pocket PC)
  • IPDaemon - Generic TCP server component. Asynchronous, event-driven architecture
  • IPPort - Generic TCP stream client component. Asynchronous architecture
  • NetDial - Easy access to the Windows RAS layer. Manages dialup connections
  • LDAP - Search, manage, and maintain Internet Directory (LDAP) servers
  • ICMPPort - Easy access to the IP control layer. Base for utilities such as ping; traceroute; etc.
  • MCast - Internet Multicast component. Asynchronous architecture. Use to build clients or servers
  • TraceRoute - The TraceRoute control allows you to trace the path IP packets take on the Internet

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