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Krypton Suite

by Component Factory - Product Type: Component / .NET WinForms / .NET Class

Please note that this product is no longer supported by the publisher.
As a legacy product it is available for purchase but is no longer eligible for product support or maintenance.

Add Office 2007 and 2010 Ribbon and navigation features to your applications. Component Factory Krypton Suite currently includes Krypton Ribbon, Krypton Navigator, Krypton Docking and Krypton Workspace. Krypton Ribbon is a Office 2007 and 2010 stile Ribbon component with rich design time support so you can have a professional looking application up and running in minutes. Krypton Docking offers Visual Studio 2010 Style Docking, Krypton Ribbon functionality includes KeyTips, Vista Glass, quick access toolbar, auto sizing groups, application button and much more. Krypton Navigator is an advanced navigation component. Krypton Navigator will allow you to change colors, fonts, images, positioning, alignment, navigation modes on the fly and much more. Krypton WorkSpace moves beyond MDI by letting the user drag and drop pages into new positions at runtime. Full C# source code with 12 months support and updates included. Krypton Suite works with Visual Studio 2005 (VS2005) and higher (i.e. VS2008).

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Krypton Suite V4.4.0 - License + Source Code

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What's new in Krypton Suite 4.4.0

New Control
KryptonTreeView - This is a Krypton version of the standard TreeView control. It does not add any new functionality but does use custom drawing so that the appearance is consistent with the currently defined palette.

Krypton Suite 4.3.2 Changes
This maintenance release contains fixes for the Krypton Toolkit and Krypton Ribbon.The biggest change is the inclusion of help for Visual Studio 2010 SP1. Note that you do need the SP1 for Visual Studio 2010 in order to see the help. If you have not already installed it then you should do so before upgrading Krypton. Font measuring has been fixed for the Input/Message/Task dialog boxes. The Validating and Validated events are now fired for the input controls. There are four new label styles that speed up development as well as numerous crash fixes.

Krypton Ribbon Version 4.3.2 Changes:

Bug Fixes

Occasional crash when using KeyTips
There was an intermittent bug that caused a crash when using KeyTips but only very rarely. This is fixed.

Krypton Toolkit Version 4.3.2 Changes:

Breaking Changes

KryptonMonthCalendar / KryptonManager
The TodayText property of the KryptonMonthCalendar has been removed and instead the text is taken from the KryptonManager.GlobalStrings.Today property. This adds consistency so that all strings are handled the same way.

New Styles


Making a label either bold or italic is a very common need and two styles have been added making this much quicker than altering the font settings manually. This should help speed up application development.

Bug Fixes

A subtle problem occurs when you have a disabled button spec instance and the user then clicks that button spec. Nothing will happen immediately but if you then enable the button spec it can in the future be displayed as checked. This incorrect drawing has been fixed.

ButtonListItem Prefix Style
The default Prefix setting for the ButtonListItem has been changed to None. This ensures that any ampersand is drawn for list items inside the KryptonListBox, KryptonCheckedListBox and the drop down of the KryptonComboBox. This is a more consistent look as mnemonic key processing would not work for those items anyway.

The TickFrequency property was being ignored and so setting this to any value had no effect on drawing of the tick marks. This has been fixed and now you can alter the spacing of the tick marks as expected.

When the check box is showing at the left of the display the mouse down does not always select the correct fragment for the focus. This has been fixed.

An occasional crash can occur because of a recent change. This has been fixed.


When the control has been resized so that it is zero in one of the directions and then resized larger again it fails to draw correctly. It will always draw the client area in black. This has been fixed.


All of these controls now fire the Validating and Validated events from themselves rather than having to hook into the same named events from the contained controls. This makes it much easier to use the standard validation mechanism with the controls inside your forms.


If the Font used inside the windows is not the same as the default windows font then the sizing of the text controls is incorrect. This has been fixed.

The Execute event for the command is not fired when the user selects the command inside the task dialog. This has been fixed.

What's New in Krypton Suite 4.1?

  • Office 2010 palettes
  • Office 2010 style ribbon

What's New in Krypton Suite 4?

  • Windows 7 Compatible
  • Visual Studio 2010 Style Docking

Component Factory Krypton Suite currently includes Krypton Ribbon, Krypton Docking, Krypton Navigator and Krypton Workspace.

Krypton Ribbon is a easy to use Ribbon control for VS2005 and VS2008. Developing with Krypton Ribbon is simple. Just drag the Krypton Ribbon from the Toolbox and drop it onto a Krypton Form and your ribbon is up and working. Adding tabs, groups and items is just as simple with single mouse click. As the user resizes the window, Ribbon groups are automatically reorganized to show the optimum amount of information.

Krypton Ribbon Highlights

  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Contextual tabs
  • KeyTips just like Office
  • Automatic group resizing
  • Rich design time support
  • Supports Vista glass
  • Embed custom control in the ribbon
  • Rich ToolTip support

Krypton Docking Highlights 

  • Context Menus: Pressing the drop down button on the docking caption presents a context menu that can be used to switch the page to different states
  • Custom Appearance: All aspects of the docking appearance can be customized.
  • Docked and AutoHidden: Pages in the Docked state appear against a control edge.
  • Layout Persistence: The docking layout can be persisted so that you can recreate that original layout in the future
  • Floating Windows: You can drag a docked pages in order to make separate floating windows
  • Prevent Docking: You can prevent pages being repositioned to inappropriate locations by setting per-page flags

Krypton Navigator Highlights 

  • Alignment against any edge
  • TabStrip style modes available
  • Single line & Multiline tabs available
  • Hide & Show individual pages
  • Enable & Disable individual pages
  • Events give developer full control over actions
  • ToolTips support
  • Popup pages

Krypton Workspace Highlights 

  • Drag Repositioning: Allow your users to reposition the pages at runtime by dragging the page headers and dropping them into new positions
  • Cell Modes:Each workspace cell is based on a KryptonNavigator and so any cell can be displayed in any of the modes available for the Navigator
  • Cell Layout: Workspace layout is defined using tree hierarchy which consists of sequences that contain additional sequences and/or cells. This allows complete flexibility in how you organize your layout

Full C# source code included.

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