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by LEAD Technologies - Product Type: Component / Add-In / ASP.NET AJAX (ATLAS) / .NET WinForms / .NET Class / .NET WPF / DLL / VC++ Class Library

LEADTOOLS Raster PDF Module is no longer offered as an add on. It is now included in the LEADTOOLS Document Imaging and LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging lines.

Add PDF support to your LEADTOOLS applications. LEADTOOLS Raster PDF Plug In is an add-on module for all LEADTOOLS SDKs that extends support for PDF, Postscript and EPS formats. It allows for the loading, saving, viewing, rasterizing and encoding of these three formats and integrates seamlessly with the imaging functionality present in the existing LEADTOOLS toolkits. Full multi-page write support is provided with this module and you can append, insert, replace or delete a specified page in a generated PDF file. The LEADTOOLS Raster PDF Plug In has the following import capabilities: PDF 1.3, PostScript Language Level 3 and EPS files. Support is also provided for loading the entire document or a specified set of sequential pages.

What's new in LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Engine 17.5
The extensive and diverse technology in the LEADTOOLS Document Engine received many improvements in speed, recognition accuracy, document formats supported and searchable text output quality.

Support for reading and writing PDF annotations

  • Note
  • Text
  • Line
  • Rectangle
  • Ellipse
  • Polyline
  • Polygon
  • Pencil
  • Highlight
  • Underline
  • Strikeout
  • Squiggly

Added read and write support for latest PDF specification (v1.7)
Improved text extraction speed with full Unicode support

What's New in the LEADTOOLS Imaging and Vector Engines update for 17.5
The Imaging and Vector engines received several updates improving and extending their file format support.

  • Load / Convert HTML into a raster image
  • Rasterize vector files (DXF, DWG, SVG and more) in the .NET interface
  • Additional vector options for rasterizing vector drawings such as background fill, bits per pixel and transformation
  • RLE compression for PCL
  • Support for gradient fill and EM units in SVG

LEADTOOLS Raster Engine V17.5 adds

  • New File Formats
    • JPEG-LS
    • JPEG-XR
    • JPM
    • VFF
  • New Digital Camera Formats (DCF)
    • CR2 - Canon
    • NEF & NRW - Nikon
    • DNG - Adobe
    • ORF - Olympus
    • ARW, SR2 & SRF - Sony
    • RAW & RW2 - Panasonic
    • RAF - Fujifilm
  • Enhancements to Existing File Formats
    • Support for loading OS/2 BMP 16-bit
    • Support for loading PNG 1+1
  • Support for ARGB4 color conversion

LEADTOOLS V17.0 has an extensive offering of new imaging technology and enhancements. A substantial portion of LEADTOOLS functionality including image format load and save, image processing, compression, display, effects and annotation is optimized to support 100% pure Silverlight development and can be used in Silverlight without external dependencies or server calls.  LEAD also now offers a .NET class library solution and x64 bit OS support for all functionality across the Document, Medical, Multimedia, and Raster imaging engines.

What's new in the LEADTOOLS Raster Engine

  • Optimized internal core functions to dramatically increase the speed of image handling and processing.
  • .NET 4.0 binaries
  • New Visual Studio 2010 projects from all .NET and Silverlight sample applications
  • Enhanced WPF viewer controls
  • WPF Pixel Shaders
  • Added multi-monitor support to screen capture
  • Load PowerPoint files as an image
  • Word Doc files as an image
  • Excel XLS files as an image
  • Added folder watch feature to the LEADTOOLS Thumbnail Browser so that the Thumbnail Browser can automatically update when files are modified, added or deleted to the folder.

LEAD Releases Major Update to LEADTOOLS v16.5 SDKs
Many new features have been added to LEADTOOLS

General Imaging

  • Added region of interest compression level support to JPEG 2000.
  • New Fast Magic Wand region selection function.
  • New rubberband multi-selection feature in LEADTOOLS WPF Image List control.
  • New feature to load images faster.

PACS & Medical Imaging

  • New PACS Workstation Framework. The LEADTOOLS PACS Workstation Framework is a set of .NET PACS components to build a complete PACS Workstation system. To speed up development, a medical workstation viewer application with source code is included.
  • Create, load and save all IOD classes defined in the 2008 base standard and final 2008 DICOM text supplements.
  • New Auto Segment Bitmap function. Segments objects in CT/MRI images by shrinking a defined rectangular region onto the objects.
  • New Tissue Equalize Bitmap function. Equalizes between hard and soft tissue in x-ray images resulting in an enhanced image.
  • New DICOM HD MPEG-2 support.
  • New support for 16 bit grayscale images in WPF.
  • New Scroll event in the Medical Image Viewer control.
  • New Point to Client method in the Medical Viewer Cell class.
  • New DICOMDIR dialog.

OCR and Forms Recognition

  • Improved OCR Advantage recognition algorithm to improve accuracy.
  • New MICR support in OCR Advantage engine.
  • New XML output from OCR.
  • New Forms Recognition Only demo.
  • Improved Forms Recognition documentation including new topics, best practices and examples.
  • New Rake Remove Bitmap function to remove data rakes from form images.

PDF Imaging

  • New searchable and editable PDF save features including encryption, fast web viewing, size optimization, document author properties, and PDF profiles.
  • New PDF Dynamic Resolution demo.

Document Imaging

  • New Document Writers for XPS and DOCX.
  • New Empty Pages support for Document Writers.
  • New Vertical Text support for Document Writers.
  • New support for DPI in Document Writers.
  • Improved output for text flow formats such as TXT and DOC.
  • New support to rasterize Excel XLS files.
  • New C DLL snap to grid functionality for annotations.
  • Improved Auto Zone function algorithm.
  • New Get Background Color function.
  • New Sigma Filter Bitmap function to smooth images while maintaining sharp edges.
  • New Object Counter function that counts the number of binary objects in an image.


  • New .NET assembiles for Barcode.
  • Improved QR Code error correction algorithm.

Web Imaging

  • New functionality to set text in the LEADTOOLS Web Thumbnail Viewer.
  • New functionality to clear the Web Image Viewer.
  • New Web Forms demo to call LEADTOOLS OCR WCF web service.
  • Updated Silverlight Image controls to Silverlight 3.0.

LEADTOOLS Version 16.5 adds several features to LEADTOOLS that are focused on providing solutions to developers in the ECM, EMR, document and medical imaging communities.

New product additions to the LEADTOOLS Product Line

  • LEADTOOLS Recognition SDK
  • LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Enterprise Edition
  • LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer Module

Major new features within the existing LEADTOOLS Product Line

  • WCF for Imaging and OCR
  • Windows WF Activities for Imaging and OCR
  • Silverlight Image Viewer Control
  • Enhanced Grayscale Image Data Support
  • Updated and improved JPEG and JPEG2000 support
  • Image Segmentation technology
  • Support for TWAIN 2.0
  • Data DVD and CD creation
  • More image file formats


The LEADTOOLS PDF plug-in has the following import capabilities:

  • Loads PDF 1.4 files
  • Loads PostScript Language Level 3 files
  • Loads EPS files
  • Support is provided for loading the entire document or a specified set of sequential pages

The plug-in provides a number of options for controlling the rasterization± of the page, including:

  • Pixel depth - Valid values are 1,4,8 and 24
  • Horizontal resolution in dots per inch
  • Vertical resolution in dots per inch
  • Ability to use fonts installed by the plug-in or system fonts
  • Font anti-aliasing - Valid values are 1-bit(no anti-aliasing) , 2-bit and 4-bit
  • Graphics anti-aliasing - 1-bit , 2-bit and 4-bit

Saving Capabilities

Full multi-page write support is provided by this module for the PDF format. You can append, insert, replace or delete a specified page in the generated PDF file.

The plug-in gives you a wide range of control options for the resulting image data in terms of compression. These include:

  • No compression, where the image is embedded inside the file without any compression
  • Compressed using CCITT Group 3, 1 dimension. For 1-bit images
  • Compressed using CCITT Group 3, 2 dimensions. For 1-bit images
  • Compressed using CCITT Group 4. For 1-bit images
  • JPEG compression and YUV 4:4:4 color space loss-less. Bits per pixel: 8 for grayscale, 24 for color
  • JPEG compression and YUV 4:2:2 color space. Bits per pixel: 8 for grayscale, 24 for color
  • JPEG compression and YUV 4:1:1 color space. Bits per pixel: 8 for grayscale, 24 for color
  • JBIG2 compression. Bits per pixel: 1

The plug-in also gives you control over the type of encoding to be used in order to change compressed image data into a text encoded format. The text encoding techniques include:

  • No text encoding at all.
  • Use ASCII 85 text encoding algorithm
  • Use ASCII HEX text encoding technique


  • RC4 40-bit key encryption
  • RC4 128-bit key encryption

Support for User password, Owner password permissions.

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