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LightningChart Pro

by Arction - Product Type: Component / .NET WinForms

LightningChart Pro has been discontinued. This version was announced as an end-of-life product from February 1st, 2012.

Super-fast real-time chart control library for .NET and Windows. LightningChart Pro is especially designed for professional data acquisition software, PC-based oscilloscopes and signal analyzers, scientific research, medical and other real-time measurement and signal monitoring applications. Being optimized for high-speed sampled signal data handling with innovative CPU overhead saving techniques, it is able to handle huge point counts, where other chart/graph controls get delayed, frozen or crashed.

LightningChart Pro 1.5

  • Intel HD Graphics GPU driver bug overridden in x86 applications, precision forced by code.
  • Trial expired exception notified in demo application.
  • Trial nag animation replaced with static trial text in the center of the chart.
  • Arction DLLs install in the Lib folder.
  • SlimDx updated to March 2011 version.
  • Bug fixes.

LightningChart V1.4.1

  • Improved C++ features and documentation

LightningChart V1.3.2

  • Minor changes and bug fixes

What's New in LightningChart V1.3

  • MeasureText method added for measuring text with given font
  • XML files to be installed aside dll files into target directory
  • Stacked Y axis view zoom (left to right) changed not to zoom in Y dimension at all
  • PointLineSeries value table assign updates the "Zoom to fit" stat data properly
  • Scrollbar key press double-operation fixed
  • Scrollbar mouse wheel change raises also Scrolled event
  • DirectX render device does not show error message when error code 0 is got
  • EndScene call fixed when fast vertices are not supported
  • Demo application descriptions for each page
  • Bands drawing fixed, when other scrolling mode than sweeping is selected and Behind is false
  • GetXMinMax method added for all line series types
  • Zoom to fit fixed when series is outside the visible X range
  • Trial nag message made less disturbing
  • A couple of new samples in Demo application
  • ValuesChanged event added for Bands
  • Fixed delayed move after mouse button has been released, for Bands
  • ValueChanged event added for ConstantLines
  • Fixed delayed move after mouse button has been released, for ConstantLines
  • Fixed band color changing during resize or move
  • Scrollbar value change extra repaint removed
  • Extreme zoom jam fixed, when axis AutoDivSpacing is false
  • Histogram example added for Pro Demo application
  • Scatter example added for Pro Demo application
  • InvalidateData method added for all series. It notifies chart that data value array has been changed
  • ClipInsideXRange property added for ChartEventMarkers
  • BindToXAxis property added for ChartEventMarkers
  • Legend box icons freeing fixed with some properties
  • Render device info ToString method added
  • Show GPU info button added for demo application
  • Source code path added for demo application title
  • BuildInstructions.txt added for demo application
  • Timered drawing removed, some brakes installed instead. Allows fluent mouse operation

LightningChart Pro package consists of the following components:

  • LightningChart Pro
  • ChartManager
  • SignalGenerator

LightningChart Pro
By utilizing the power of modern display adapters, the screen resolution can be very high even with the most demanding real-time measurements. There are many horizontal scrolling modes available, providing an ideal and smooth scrolling effect for every scenario. The data handling capacity is up to hundreds of millions of new data points / sec.

LightningChart Pro allows using many different series types, signal tracking cursors and signal markers. Data handling capacity and performance is excellent also in signal review and analysis applications. For that purpose, it has built-in customizable scroll bars, with 64-bit value range for direct usage as sample indexing in long high speed measurements. Appearance is fully customizable providing a very modern user interface. For easy properties setup, chart has a built-in Chart editor window.

Key properties

  • Draws huge amounts of measured data as graphs in real-time, very smoothly, up to hundreds of millions of new data points / sec.
  • Full 64-bit support. Utilizes over 2 GB memory (in 64-bit systems).
  • Various series types: SampleData, PointLines, FreeformLines, Bars, Bands, Constant lines
  • Built-in series tracking cursors
  • Series and chart event marker indicators
  • Many Y axes/chart: stacked or layered
  • Different X-axis real-time monitoring scrolling modes: Scrolling, sweeping, stepping, oscilloscope style level triggered
  • Automatic scale fitting, grids and divisions
  • Fast scale setting with mouse
  • Zoom and Pan operation
  • Comprehensive user interface customization: Fonts, alpha colors, line styles, point styles, bitmaps, fills, smoke effects, blinking effects, anti-aliased lines
  • Scrollbars with 64-bit value range

ChartManager is a component coordinating the interoperation of multiple LightningChart Pro components. For example it allows for series drag-drop from one chart to another.

SignalGenerator is a multi-functional signal generator component. It allows combining different waveform types into single, real-time output signal. The waveform components can be set with a built-in user interface or by code.

Waveform component types

  • Sine: adjustable Amplitude, offset, frequency and delay
  • Square: adjustable Amplitude, offset, frequency, delay and symmetry
  • Triangle: adjustable Amplitude, offset, frequency, delay and symmetry
  • Noise: random noise with adjustable amplitude and offset

The output signal sampling frequency can be freely set and the operating mode can be selected between threaded and timered modes. Several signal generators can be combined as one, synchronized, multi-channel output via master-slave relationship.

SignalGenerator is a very handy component when developing real-time monitoring solutions, with LightningChart Pro or other tools.

LightningChart Pro vs. Basic comparison

Real-time monitoring performanceVery good and fastVery good
Refresh rate (Frames per second)Up to display refresh rate, typically 60Delimited to 15
Y axis countUnlimited2
X axis scrolling modes
  • Scrolling
  • Stepping
  • Sweeping
  • Line series level triggered
  • Scrolling
  • Stepping
Series types
  • PointLine
  • FreeformLine
  • Bars
  • Bands
  • Constant lines
  • SampleData, single precision
  • SampleData, double precision
  • PointLine
  • FreeformLine
  • Bars
  • Bands
  • Constant lines
Overlay labelsYesNo
Fill styles for UI elements
  • Color
  • Gradient color
  • Bitmap with various options
  • Smoke animation
Event marker indicators
  • Series markers with series tracking
  • Chart markers
Point styles for PointLine series, LineSeries tracking cursors and marker indicators
  • Rectangle
  • Circle
  • Triangle
  • Flag
  • Flag with lightning
  • Cross
  • CrossAim
  • Bitmap
Series titles
  • Inside graph
  • In legend box
Legend box properties
  • Categorization (None, Y axes, series type)
  • Checkboxes for showing/hiding series
  • Layout (Horizontal, horizontal row span, vertical, vertical column span)
Y axes layout
  • Layered, common X axis
  • Stacked, common X axis
  • Stacked, local X axes
Axes properties
  • Major divisions
  • Major grid
  • Minor divisions
  • Minor grid
  • Value type: time, number
  • Scale nibs and mouse dragging for visible range editing
  • Division snapping for mouse dragging
  • Freely settable axis position
  • Grid lines with various line styles
  • Automatic / manual division tick spacing
  • Automatic / manual labels format
  • Reversed Y axes
  • Titles
  • Units
  • MiniScales
Royalty-free distribution
  • Yes
Chart editor dialog
  • Yes
Scrollbars with 64-bit value range
  • Yes
Export formatsPNG, BMP, JPG image export, with optional anti-aliasing
PrintingPrinting with print setup and preview
SignalGenerator componentYesNo
ChartManager componentYesNo
Technical supportHigh-priority e-mail support (typically response and problem solving within 1 business day)Low-priority e-mail support (typically response and problem solving within 3 business days)
Subscription duration2 years1 year

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