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LightningChart Ultimate

by Arction - Product Type: Component / .NET WinForms / .NET WPF

Fast measurement, engineering and research data visualization software development kit for .NET and Windows. LightningChart Ultimate SDK consists of LightningChartUltimate, SignalGenerator, ChartManager and SignalReader .NET WinForms components. LightningChart Ultimate is one of the fastest 2D and 3D measurement, engineering and research data visualization SDK for .NET and Windows. LightningChart Ultimate is an entirely GPU accelerated (Direct3D) and performance optimized data visualization control for presenting masses of data in 2D graph view, 3D view and polar views. LightningChart Ultimate SDK comes with auxliary components for developing state-of-the-art software.

What's New in LightningChart Ultimate 5.2.1

New Features

  • Touch gestures: Pinch zoom and pan/rotate with two fingers
  • Color theme setting: Dark, LightGray and SkyBlue
  • Added SaveToCSV and LoadFromCSV methods to all series. Reads and writes from/to comma-separated values file.


  • Horizontal Bar series added. Selection betweeen Horizontal and Vertical is made in BarViewOptions.Orientation
  • LineCollections added. Fast way to plot thousands of distinct line segments 
  • Maps has now Backgrounds list instead of Background object. Allows defining several map background images for preferred lat/long ranges.


  • Polygon 3D objects added: Extruded polygons with boundary on XZ-plane, and height on Y axis.
  • Bitmap fill added for SurfaceGridSeries3D and SurfaceMeshSeries3D


  • Major performance improvement in SurfaceGridSeries3D and SurfaceMeshSeries3D
  • Major performance improvement in PixelRendering style of IntensityGridSeries
  • IntensityGridSeries: added SetValuesData(double[][] data)  method. Allows scrolling data contents in the application side quickly column by column, or row by row, and rapidly update it to the series.
  • SurfaceMeshSeries3D: InsertRowBack and InsertColumnBack methods added
  • LineStyle.DashDot pattern changed to simpler one
  • Added IsMouseOver method for PointLineSeries3D, which also solves the clicked point or line segment index.
  • Rectangle3D Size properties are updated with 3D Dimensions when using orthographic camera and mouse wheel too zoom the view.
  • Enhanced FreeformPointLineSeries3D scatter dots rendering efficiency
  • Legend boxes: ShowIcons property added.
  • AllowInternalMouseCursorChange property added in the chart root level. Allows you to change the cursor symbol in the application code not when mouse is moved over the objects.
  • CursorTrackEnabled added for all series that can be tracked with LineSeriesCursors. By setting the property to False, the tracking point on that specific series will not be shown.

What's New in LightningChart Ultimate 5.1

New Features

  • Palette coloring of ViewXY line series, area series and high-low series. Allows gradient or uniform steps definition, by Y value.
    The series coloring changes by its value. UsePalette and ValueRangePalette properties added.
  • Rectangle3D objects added in ViewXY. Allows rendering rectangles and plances, with bitmap fill or solid color.
  • Persistent intensity layers added. Heat-map type of presenting repetitive line series traces.


  • Alignment of ViewXY Axis titles to specific axis value. Title follows when axis range is modified.
    • AxisX.Title.HorizontalAlign = XAxisTitleAlignmentHorizontal.ToValue selection added
    • AxisY.Title.HorizontalAlign = YAxisTitleAlignmentVertical.ToValue selection added
    • AxisX and AxisY.AlignToValue added
  • Added CustomLinePointColoringAndShaping event for ViewXY line series.
    Allows customized coloring and shaping of data. Different from palette coloring, since every point can be individually colored independently of Y value.
  • ViewXY.StockSeries enhancements:
    • CustomStockDataAppearance event added. Allows changing data item color and width individually.
    • Behind property added, which makes it render before the line series.
  • Annotations:
    • ArrowEndAspectRatio added for making the line end shape to be tall or short.
    • TargetCoordSystem and TargetScreenCoords properties added. Now target can be defined in screen coordinates and axis values.
  • ViewXY.ZoomPanOptions enhancements:
    • AltEnabled, CtrlEnabled and ShiftEnabled properties added. Allows ignoring the zoom operations key modifiers.
    • Added RectangeZoomDirectionLayered property in ZoomPanOptions, which allows controlling the zooming direction when YAxisLayout = Layered
  • View3D axes are now mouse-interactive. Scale adjustment by mouse.
  • ScaleNibs.Reversed property added in all axes of View3D, ViewXY and ViewPolar.
    Lets controlling of the axis end value by dragging into another direction than before.
  • GetRenderedRect method added for LegendBoxes, returns the size and location of the legendbox as it appears on the screen.
  • ResetLocation method added for mouse-movable objects.
  • ViewXY.LineSeriesCursors have now selectable line style and pattern.
  • ViewXY.Maps zooming improved. Ignores Ctrl and Shift modifier keys when AspectRatio is not 'Off'.
  • ViewXY series highlighting
    • Series and legendbox highlight relation. When mouse is moved over the series, the series title in the legendbox highlights, and vice versa.
    • SetHighlight and RemoveHighlight methods added, allows highlighting the series by code.
  • IntensityGridSeries, IntensityMeshSeries, SurfaceGridSeries3D, SurfaceMeshSeries3D, added extended support for value type selection and values formatting.
  • GetPersistentSeriesRenderLayers method added in ViewXY. Returns list of all created persistent layers (regular + intensity).

Error Fixes

  • WPF chart's Remote desktop operation in Windows 8 use.
  • Y axis ticks are refreshed correctly when adding or removing Y axis in ViewXY.
  • LimitYToStackSegment fixed for ViewXY.ConstantLines.
  • Logarithmic axis fast scrolling by mouse.
  • HighLow series rendering fixed when several same X values follow each other.
  • PolygonSeries fill accuracy fixed when using large values and coordinates are near each other.
  • PointLineSeries capacity fix.
  • FreeformPointLineSeries CSV export fixed.


  • A lot of new examples in WinForms and WPF demo applications.
  • ViewXY.DropOldEventMarkers set to False by default.
  • Axis ScaleNibs.Size type changed to SizeFloat to support also WPF property grid.
  • SignalGenerator automatically updates the waveform components into the UI when modified in property grid.
  • WPF Demo application
    • Buttons for rotating mirroring the chart with LayoutTransform or RenderTransform.
    • Map loading from Arction server if local file is not available.

What's New in LightningChart Ultimate 5.0

New Features
WPF LightningChartUltimate chart control added.

  • Offers the same extensive set of data visualization tools than LightningChartUltimate for Windows Forms.
  • Installs into WPF toolbox of Visual Studio. 
  • Almost identical API with Windows Forms LightningChartUltimate so migrating is easy. 

WPF Demo application added, with examples and source code view


  • Accurate value solver added for PointLineSeries, SampleDataSeries, great improvement in LineSeriesCursor operation
  • ViewXY.AxisX and AxisY can be positioned also < 0 and > 100 percents.
  • XY Series supports clipping in Y axis space in Stacked YAxisLayout.
  • Added RenderingOrder property for SurfaceGridSeries3D and SurfaceMeshSeries3D. (Appropriate rendering order is needed when transparency is used with Surface series or PointLineSeries.)
  • Installing made easier, especially regarding helps.
  • New start menu programs group structure. Opening of demo application source code projects directly from shortcuts.

Error Fixes

  • Maps memory leaks fixed
  • Fixed some rendering problems in Windows XP.
  • SeriesEventMarkers rendering problem fixed
  • Automatic series title placement problems fixed in ViewXY.

Other Changes

  • Events raised instantly without Control.Invoke (UI thread synchronizing).

What's New in LightningChart Ultimate 4.7.1

New Features

  • ClipContents property added in View3D. Clips all 3D series and MeshModels inside space limited by walls.
  • AllowUpsideDown property added in 3D axis titles. When enabled, prevents automatic rotating of title.
  • ColorSaturation property added in SurfaceGridSeries3D, SurfaceMeshSeries3D and WaterfallSeries3D. Allows boosting fill colors.
  • Added series title mouse events in Legend boxes : SeriesTitleMouseDown, SeriesTitleMouseUp, SeriesTitleMouseClick, SeriesTitleMouseDoubleClick
  • Adjustable resolution for SaveToFile, SaveToStream and CopyToClipboard methods. 
  • StockSeries OptimizedCandleStick style added
  • StockSeries ItemWidth property added
  • SeriesEventMarkers: HorizontalPosition added. Allows marker snapping vertically to nearest data point or free positioning.
  • SignalReader: ThreadType property added, Timer/Thread operating mode


  • Overall rendering performance improvements, especially for low-end GPUs
  • Huge performance improvement in Area and High-Low series
  • Huge performance improvements in StockSeries
  • Enhanced rendering device management for Windows desktop locking, Ctrl-Alt-Delete screen and Remote Desktop logon.
  • ConstantLine: cancelRendering output parameter added for avoiding the control from rendering twice when the ConstantLine is moved by mouse.
  • SampleDataSeries performance improved
  • PointLineSeries performance improved
  • SaveToFile, SaveToStream and CopyToClipboard performance optimized
  • DemoAppLightningChartUltimate:
    • Enhanced custom ticks adding method in "Trading, scale breaks" example.
    • Added annotation in "Trading, scale breaks" example, to show the data values under mouse location.
    • Added Active GPU name display

Error Fixes

  • X axis ticks and grid rendering fixed in XAxis.ScrollMode = Sweeping, when AutoDivSpacing = false.
  • Constant lines sweep mode flashing fixed when sweep page gets full, when using XAxis.ScrollMode = Sweeping
  • Y axes Fit method fixed, when using a chart placed in VS forms designer
  • Black screen problem fixed when zooming out the charts to the extreme. Axis ticks handling and TimeSpan limits taken care of.
  • Axis tick rendering fixed when AutoDivSpacing == false, and minimum value is multiple of MajorDiv
  • IntensitySeries rendering fixed in vector image output formats
  • Fixed 3D line series blinking
  • Fixed mousehighlight as None on polar axis title.
  • Image fill accuracy fixed, which appeared especially by using a small hatch pattern image.
  • AppSetupTemplate project assembly references fixed

What's New in LightningChart Ultimate 4.5.1

New Features

  • PersistentSeriesRenderingLayers added for ViewXY
    • Extremely fast rendering of thousands of repetitive line series.
    • Does not rise CPU load or memory footprint over time.
    • Selectable adjustment of existing line / points data decay
  • ZoomPanOptions added for View3D and ViewPie3D.
    • Configurable rotate and panning buttons.
    • PanSensitivity and RotateSensitivity
  • RenderOptions.UpdateOnResize feature added. Can be used to disable chart updates when it's being resized, giving faster total UI response.


  • ViewXY Annotations can be shown over graph margins and axes.
  • View3D and ViewPie3D's Camera improvements:
    • ViewDistance maximum value set from 2000 to 10000. Also Far clipping distance of 3D model has been adjusted accordingly.
    • Rotation minimum and maximum limit properties added for X, Y and Z dimensions.
  • Empty contructors for all classes added, for custom serialization support.
  • LegendBox.CheckedStateChanged event has now additional parameter, isChecked
  • PolygonSeries rendering checks if it's in visible range, to save processing power.
  • License Manager now shows how many days of Trial period is left
  • Markers moving accuracy by mouse improved in ViewXY and ViewPolar
  • ResizeBorderWidth property added in ViewXY Bands. Allows adjusting the mouse-interactive resizing edge.

Error Fixes

  • Very near zoom-in on bitmaps or bitmap fills fixed for AMD GPUs.
  • Some Intel GPUs report support of hardware anti-aliasing wrong. None of them actually support it. Forced hardware a-a status 'False' from all Intel GPUs.
  • License check fixed, did not pass with certain license keys.
  • PolygonSeries title DropShadow color fixed
  • ChartEventMarker mouse movement fixed when XBinding is False.
  • FreeformPointLineSeries PointLimitCountEnabled setting fixed with PointCountLimit value.
  • XY series rendering data reconstructing after deserialization
  • RenderOptions serialization fixed
  • BoundsDoubleXY.SetValues method fixed
  • SurfaceGridSeries3D and SurfaceMeshSeries3D mouse-over blinking fixed when cell tracing is enabled.
  • X axis labels clipping in the end of axis fixed when ScrollMode is set to Sweeping.

New Examples

  • DemoAppLightningChartUltimate:
    • Persistent rendering example added
    • Stair/Step line example

Other Changes

  • Removed OverlayLabels public list from LightningChartUltimate. They are obsolete and have been replaced by Annotations.
  • PointIntXY class added. Replaces System.Drawing.Point in many classes.
  • More checks in license protection to prevent all tampering attempts.
  • RaiseEventAfterDraw property removed (obsolete).

What's New in LightningChart Ultimate 4.3.2

  • Zoom and panning improvements and new properties
  • Mouse event enhancements
  • Line series anti-aliasing methods for GPUs that don't support anti-aliasing on hardware
  • Rendering accuracy improvements
  • Real-time scrolling smoothness improved

What's New in LightningChart Ultimate 4.1

  • Compatible with Windows 8
  • Compatible with Visual Studio 11
  • Compatible with .NET 2.0 - 4.5, also Client Profile .NET target frameworks
  • Multi-core processing for most of the series. Boosts series rendering performance up to 400%.
  • Mouse-interactive Annotations added in ViewXY, View3D, ViewPolar and ViewPie3D. Great for labeling, drawing arrows and presenting custom graphics.
  • XY graph export now in WMF, EMF and SVGformats.
  • XY graph copy to clipboard in vector format
  • XY graph printing in vector format
  • Mouse interactivity and mouse events added throughout the objects
  • XY graph supports unlimited count of X axes
  • XY graph reversed X axis functionality
  • Bar style added in Stock series
  • New dark color theme
  • SlimDX changed to January 2012, with .msi installers for silent deployment
  • SpectrumCalculator component added, with very efficient FFT routines
  • GIS maps import supports oriental characters
  • Map layers can be imported on-the-fly, to the map currently being shown
  • Intensity series stenciling inside map regions or other polygons
  • Polygon series Z order can be controlled, in front of lines or underneath them
  • XY graphautomatic series title placement, by contents
  • Dozens of new examples
  • And hundreds of other improvements

What's New in LightningChart Ultimate 3.4

  • IntensityGrid series mouse over detect made faster, when cell tracking is not used.
  • Changed OnResize so that it renders the chart before invoking Resize event.
  • FreeformPointLineSeries deserialization fixed.
  • FormatLabelValue event added for ViewXY's X and Y axes. Allows custom formatting of tick label.
  • FormatLabelValue event added for View3D X, Y and Z axes. Allows custom formatting of tick label.
  • LeftMouseButtonAction and RightMouseButtonAction added for ZoomPanOptions. Allows selecting mouse button for zooming and panning.
  • Bug fixes

What's New in LightningChart Ultimate 3.3

  • Arction.Licensing.Core32.dll and Arction.Licensing.Core64.dll provided for making C++ applications debug easier in Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • ShowPropertiesEditor added for opening a properties editor dialog
  • ECG millimeter paper example added into DemoApp
  • ZoomByFactor enhancements
  • Bands: UseLimits, MinLimit and MaxLimit properties added for restricting the valid value range
  • ReadAllData method added into SignalReader. Reads the whole data file and converts it into samples and markers arrays

What's New in LightningChart Ultimate 3.2

  • ViewFitYMarginPixels added into ZoomPanOptions
  • BeginUpdate(out bool wasRenderingEnabled) added for LightningChart
  • Another Fit method added for Y axis, margin given as pixels
  • MousePanThreshold property added into ZoomPanOptions
  • ContextMenuStrip opening prevented when panning
  • SeriesDragFinished event added for ChartManager

What's New in LightningChart Ultimate 3.1

  • Scatter dots rendering now support very vast data sets. Multi-core computation
  • Thermal imaging performance improved, 1024x768 over 50 FPS, with new PixelRendering optimization of IntensityGridSeries. Multi-core computation
  • Stanford chart example added
  • FPU flaw avoided in x86 applications, Intel HD series driver bug bypassed
  • Incremented axis automatic tick spacing decimals from 8 to 20

What's New in LightningChart Ultimate 3.0

  • AreaSeries added for ViewXY
  • HighLowSeries added for ViewXY
  • PolygonSeries added for ViewXY
  • IntensityGridSeries added for ViewXY, with contours
  • IntensityMeshSeries added for ViewXY, with contours
  • Maps added for ViewXY. Plenty of maps around the world, with multi-layer support for land, lakes, rivers, roads and cities.
  • G.I.S. coordinate axes for ViewXY and View3D
  • Advanced logarithmic axes for ViewXY and View3D. Now also with support for values < 1.
  • Custom axis ticks for ViewXY and View3D
  • ViewPie3D added for presenting Pie and Donut charts
  • Faster chart resizing
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Mouse wheel zoom added for ViewXY
  • MouseOverHighlight style selection for several series and objects
  • High-contrast shadow added for texts
  • Date axes added for ViewXY and View3D
  • 3D objects import from DirectX format (*.x) into View3D
  • SaveToCSV method added for all series. Exports data in Comma Separated Values format.
  • Setup project template for automatic SlimDX deployment for the target computer
  • Components install into toolbox by the setup wizard
  • Dozens of new examples
  • Builds for .NET2 and .NET4

LightningChart Ultimate SDK
One of the fastest measurement, engineering and research data visualization software development kits for .NET and Windows. LightningChart Ultimate is an entirely GPU accelerated (Direct3D) and performance optimized data visualization control for presenting masses of data in 2D, 3D and polar views. LightningChart Ultimate is especially designed for professional measurement applications, such as data acquisition, PC-based oscilloscopes, vibration measurement, signal analyzers, scientific research, medical and other real-time measurement and signal monitoring applications. Being optimized for high-speed sampled signal data handling with innovative techniques, it is able to handle incredible data rates, where other chart/graph controls get delayed, frozen or crash. 3D views allow high-quality dynamic graphics with many series types. 3D surfaces can be presented with plentitude of height-coloring, wire-framing, contouring and lighting options. Surfaces can be presented in exceptional high detail, with over 2000x2000 surface points.

LightningChart Ultimate SDK consists of the following components:

  • LightningChart Ultimate
  • ChartManager
  • SignalGenerator
  • SignalReader

LightningChart Ultimate
By utilizing the power of modern display adapters and extreme code optimization, the screen resolution can be very high even with the most demanding real-time measurements. There are many horizontal scrolling modes available, providing an ideal and smooth scrolling effect for every scenario. The data handling capacity is up to hundreds of millions of new data points / sec.

LightningChart Ultimate allows using many different series types, signal tracking cursors and signal markers. Data handling capacity and performance is excellent also in signal review and analysis applications. For that purpose, it has built-in customizable scroll bars, with 64-bit value range for direct usage as sample indexing in long high speed measurements. Appearance is fully customizable providing a very modern user interface.

LightningChart has high-capacity 3D surface and waterfall series. Series can be colored by their height information, with height gradient or solid color intervals. Contouring and wire-framing can be applied over filling, with various styles. With SurfaceMeshSeries3D, it’s possible to make any shape 3D figure.

In addition to these advanced features, LightningChart Ultimate provides regular data visualizations, like stock candle-stick series, bars, polar lines, polar areas, 3D bars and 3D point-lines.

Key properties

  • Draws huge amounts of measured data as graphs in real-time, very smoothly, up to hundreds of millions of new data points / sec.
  • Fully Direct3D accelerated and performance optimized
  • Full 64-bit support. Utilizes over 2 GB memory (in 64-bit systems).
  • XY view, 3D view and polar views
  • Various series types: sampled data (discrete data), point-lines, free-form point-lines, stocks, bars, bands, constant lines, 3D bars, 3D point-lines, 3D surface grids, 3D surface meshes, 3D waterfall, polar areas, polar point-lines, polar sectors
  • Built-in series tracking cursors
  • High-capacity 3D surface series, with plentitude of height-coloring, wire-framing, contouring and lighting options
  • Surface mouse tracking and value solve
  • Series and chart event marker indicators
  • Many Y axes/chart: stacked or layered
  • Different X-axis real-time monitoring scrolling modes: Scrolling, sweeping, stepping, oscilloscope style level triggered
  • Automatic scale fitting, grids and divisions
  • Logarithmic axes
  • Fast scale setting with mouse
  • Zoom and pan operations in XY view
  • Zoom, pan and rotate operations 3D view
  • Comprehensive user interface customization: Fonts, alpha colors, line styles, point styles, bitmaps, fills, blinking effects, anti-aliased lines
  • Scrollbars with 64-bit value range

ChartManager is a component coordinating the interoperation of multiple LightningChart Ultimate components. For example it allows for series drag-drop from one chart to another.

SignalGenerator is a multi-functional signal generator component. It allows combining different waveform types into single, real-time output signal. The waveform components can be set with a built-in user interface or by code.

Waveform types

  • Sine: adjustable Amplitude, offset, frequency and delay
  • Square: adjustable Amplitude, offset, frequency, delay and symmetry
  • Triangle: adjustable Amplitude, offset, frequency, delay and symmetry
  • Noise: random noise with adjustable amplitude and offset

The output signal sampling frequency can be freely set and the operating mode can be selected between threaded and timered modes. Several signal generators can be combined as one, synchronized, multi-channel output via master-slave relationship.

SignalGenerator is a very handy component when developing real-time monitoring solutions, with LightningChart Ultimate or other tools.

SignalReader reads signal files in different formats and generates real-time data stream to be forwarded for example to SampleDataSeries of LightningChart Ultimate. Supported formats: WAV (PCM), sid (biosignal file), ssd (LightningChart Demo application sample data format). Supplies event marker info in certain formats. The playback can be automatically restarted with looping playback option.

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