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liteCam and liteRecorder Bundle

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liteCam and liteRecorder Bundle has been renamed and is now called liteCam HD.

Record any streaming or non-streaming video from sites like YouTube or MSN video. liteCam and liteRecorder Bundle lets you record, convert and extract videos (streaming, Web cams, Web conferences, video games, etc). You can also record and annotate your computer screen with the included “Draw on Screen" tool. liteCam and liteRecorder Bundle is easy to use and includes various recording modes (Custom Size, Window Frame, Full Screen and program). It has a built-in Audio Setting Wizard which automatically detects and configures the sound card on your computer so you won't need to configure anything for microphone recording or external audio device recording.

What's new in liteCam V3.9 and liteRecorder V2.9 Bundle?


  • Support for Windows 8.
  • Improved UI and resources.
  • Improved recording engine.


  • Support for Windows 8.
  • Addition of Record, Pause, Stop button on ribbon menu.

What's new in liteCam and liteRecorder Bundle V3.8?

  • Improved compatibility with DirectX ENB
  • Fixed the issue on capturing certain games (DiRT3)
  • Fixed the capture module's memory issue
  • Improved DirectX10/11 capture modules

What's new in liteCam and liteRecorder Bundle V3.6?

  • Fixed the issue that liteCam does not stop properly while recording.
  • Revised the test module for DirectX 10 with improved compatibility.
  • Revised the test module for OpenGL.
  • Upgraded the module for UI.
  • "White" has been removed from "Style" setting in "Options"
  • Revised character strings, icons and image resources.
  • Upgraded Visual C++ 2005 redistributable.
  • Fixed the issue that certain registry items are not removed when liteCam & liteRecorder are uninstalled.

liteCam and liteRecorder Bundle Records:

  • Any streaming video from sites like YouTube or Music Videos
  • Web cams and Chat Conversations. Online/offline lectures. Web conferences
  • Flash and Quicktime Videos or any streaming or non-streaming video formats playing on any media players like Windows Media Player, anything on your computer screen
  • Any PC games
  • Your computer screen. You can also write while you're recording with the "Draw on Screen" tool

liteCam and liteRecorder Bundle Converts to:

  • iPods, iPad and iPhones
  • Android powered devices
  • PSP
  • Other video capable mobile devices

liteCam and liteRecorder Bundle Quick Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Audio Wizard - Automatically detects your sound card for best recording
  • Recording Quality - You have the mirror image of the original movies
  • Timer Recording and Quick Recording
  • Various Recording modes: Custom Size, Window Frame, Full Screen and program
  • Extract Audio from Video Files - You can save a recording as any 4 different file types including WMA, OGG, WAV and MP3.
  • Record while you sleep - With the Timer Recording feature, you don't have to wait until the recording is done. You can set a timer and liteRecorder records, stops and even turns your computer off if you want it to
  • Different Recording Modes - computer sound, microphone and custom (external device)

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