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MailBee.NET POP3 component enables .NET applications to receive, parse and manage mail on POP3 servers. MailBee.NET POP3 supports TLS/SSL, Gmail, proxy servers, S/MIME, Bayesian spam filter, DomainKeys, HTML with embedded pictures, secure authentication (including NTLM and APOP), PIPELINING, international charsets, UTF-8, multiple attachments, winmail.dat attachments (MS-TNEF), bounced message parser (DSN), XML, streams. Royalty-free distribution.

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What's new in MailBee.NET Objects 9.0?

  • OAuth 2.0 can now work via Google API Auth Client library which supports all OAuth 2 capabilities provided by Google including Service Accounts. DotNetOpenAuth support is still available. New OAuth2.GetXOAuthKeyStatic method for that.
  • New OAuth 2.0 tutorials for Windows and ASP.NET MVC apps.
  • FIPS 140-2 compatibility enforcement with MailBee.Global.FipsMode property.
  • DKIM signing with strong SHA256 signatures.
  • The assembly is marked with SecurityRules (SecurityRuleSet.Level1) attribute which lets it run in a wider range of security-restricted .NET configurations.
  • Autodetection of SSL now works for and (in addition to Gmail, Yahoo, etc).
  • New AuthenticationOptions.BypassLoginProcedure option for implementing custom non-SASL login procedures (which are not based on SaslMethod class.
  • Smtp.SubmitToPickupFolder now overwrites the file if its filename is specified.
  • Smtp.SubmitToPickupFolder now preserves international characters in x-sender and x-receiver if they are present in e-mail addresses.
  • Imap.SetSeenForEntireMessages property to easily control whether downloading entire messages should set SEEN flag or not (enabled by default).
  • IMAP MOVE extension support (if the server supports MOVE, moving messages no longer involves copying + deleting).
  • IMAP CHILDREN support (FolderFlags.HasChildren and FolderFlags.HasNoChildren flags make it easier to work with large number of nested folders).
  • IMAP SPECIAL-USE extension support (such as new folder flags like FolderFlags.Archive).
  • New TnefParser class to parse standalone winmail.dat files.
  • MailMessage.ImportRelatedFiles now works much faster with HTML-embedded images (like <img src="data:base64block">).
  • AttachmentCollection.Add now adds attachments from URLs when NewAttachmentOptions.PathIsUri flag is set).
  • .EML attachments (having "rfc822/message" content-type) are now added "as-is" by default, no extra base64 encoding applied. This eliminates issues with reading forwarded e-mails in some e-mail clients which cannot decode .EML attachments from base64.
  • E-mail parser can now process e-mails having CR line endings (in addition to standard CRLF and sometimes used LF endings which have already been supported before).
  • Global.FixBadDates property to allow invalid Date values in e-mail messages (often the case when parsing spam e-mails).
  • Auto-detection of an attempt to load Outlook .MSG file as if was .EML MIME file. Earlier the message was initialized with garbage, now MailBee will throw an exception.
  • MsgConvert.PreferRtfBodyToHtml property for fine-tuning .MSG-to-.EML conversions.
  • SASL PLAIN login authentication method now tolerates the response which cannot be decoded from base64.
  • The password of an account on a mail server can now be empty (for instance, some SMTP servers have require authentication with non-empty username but empty password).
  • AuthenticationOptions.BypassLoginProcedure flag which lets you call Login method of Imap, Pop3, Smtp class without sending anything to the server. Useful if you're doing your own custom login method which is not SASL compatible (for custom SASL logins, SaslLogin class must be inherited).
  • When Logger.DisableOnException is enabled, UnauthorizedAccessException during logging operations will now also be suppressed (earlier, only IOException was suppressed).
  • Logs now show track SSL handshakes.
  • MailBeeException.Message property, when the exception has InnerException, now checks if that InnerException also has InnerException, and includes its text as well. This helps understand the cause of the issue in case of deeply nested exceptions.
  • RSA certificate parsing fix (handles the situation when RSA parameters are 63 bytes in length instead of 64 bytes).
  • Smtp.MessageNotSent event no longer causes ParameterCountMismatch exception.
  • SMTP XTEXT protocol fix (used in requesting a delivery status notification, DSN).
  • Bounce parser bugsfixes and new bounce formats.
  • E-mail parser fixes to workaround misc. violations of MIME standard by improperly written composers (unclosed quote characters, etc).
  • MailBee.Html processor fix.
  • Lots of Outlook Converter fixes of .MSG and .PST conversions.
  • TNEF parsing fixes.
  • NuGet support. To get the latest version of MailBee.NET assembly for your .NET framework, run this command in Package Manager Console:
  • Install-Package MailBee.NET
  • MailBee.NET assembly signed with Authenticode digital signature.

What's new in MailBee .NET 8.0.2?

  • Integrated Windows Authentication, NTLM and GSSAPI improvements.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Installer improvements.

What's New in MailBee.NET Objects 8.0

  • All-new EmailAddressValidator component - Checks e-mail addresses for syntax and existence.
  • Added support of mail merge over System.Data.IDataReader, with a number of samples using MS SQL Server database for mail merge.
  • The default charset for new e-mail messages is now "utf-8" (makes creating international e-mails a bit easier)
  • New Smtp.ValidateEmailAddressSyntaxmethod.
  • Support of OAuth v2.0 for all mail protocols. Confirmed to work with Gmail and its XOAUTH2 extension.
  • Constructor overloads accepting license key added, for all licensed components.
  • Imap.DownloadEnvelopes now accepts bodyPreviewSize=-2 to download entire messages but keep them unseen.
  • Enhancements to the logging subsystem.
  • Improved IPv6 compatibility.
  • Timeout setting now affects not only socket Read and Write operations but Connect as well, for all mail protocols.
  • Added timeout for how long a single SMTP response can be returned by the server added (utilized automatically), to avoid slow-downs with mail servers which return EHLO response very slowly, such as by a single byte every 10 seconds, resulting in several minutes of total time per response.
  • New MailBeeConnectionException.WasConnected property for more accurate error handling.
  • Improved support of Outlook .MSG and .PST conversions.
  • Improved MIME parser and builder, including the support of international characters (especially in headers and attachment filenames), quoted strings in headers, and more.
  • MimePart.GetRawData method to return the undecoded contents of a MIME part.
  • More bounce formats recognized and a number of bugs fixed in MailBee.BounceMail.
  • In SSL, Name Mismatch certificate error is now detected.
  • Removed MailBee.InternalUse namespace with all the classes which only existed to support MailBee.NET Objects internal infrastructure.
  • Errors during Disconnect are handled more gracefully.
  • Reading files from a network share now made in a more reliable way.
  • Revised documentation
  • Revised samples
  • Extended support for licensing on 64bit machines
  • New AddressValidatorDemo sample added.

What's New in MailBee.NET 7.3
The new release of MailBee.NET Objects comes with a Windows 8 compatible installer which doesn't clutter up Metro start screen with tons of application-related shortcuts. Instead, there is a handy start menu application which lets you access the documentation and other features.
Other improvements include some new options of checking SSL certificates, .NET Framework 4.0/4.5 compatibility enhancements and MIME parser fixes.

What's new in MailBee.NET POP3 7.2

  • Autodetect of Yahoo port and SSL mode.
  • Misc. improvements to MIME parser (especially timestamps), DomainKeys/DKIM.

What's New in MailBee.NET Objects 7.2
The new version of MailBee.NET Objects offers improved support of Gmail and Yahoo, better parsing of Outlook .MSG and .PST files, and a number of misc. fixes to MIME parser and DKIM.

  • MailBee.NET Objects now supports Gmail-specific IMAP extensions like thread ID, message ID, message labels. It lets you perform message search with Google syntax, add and remove message labels.
  • Direct send without a relay server is now possible even if the system's DNS servers are not available, thanks to the root DNS servers provided by Google.
  • When connecting to Yahoo SMTP/IMAP/POP3 servers, MailBee.NET Objects by default selects the appropriate SSL modes and ports.

What's New in MailBee.NET 7.0

  • New PDF Converter component allows for HTML to PDF conversion. You can use it to create and send PDF documents like invoices, when you have them in HTML format
  • Now includes MailBee.NET.dll natively compiled for .NET 4.0 (.NET 1.1 and .NET Compact deprecated, .NET 2.0/3.5 is still fully supported)
  • Certificate.SubjectAlternativeName property
  • Numerous improvements and fixes to Outlook .MSG and .PST conversion, MIME parser and builder

What's New in MailBee.NET 6.10.1

  • AuthenticationOptions.UseLocalDomainAsDefault flag to fine-tune MS Exchange authentication via NTLM and GSSAPI, and other improvements to NTLM/GSSAPI authentication.
  • Numerous improvements and fixes to S/MIME functionality.
  • Revised ASP.NET samples.
  • Documentation improvements (Developer's Guide re-structured, added "Deployment and Redistribution" topic, and other fixes).

What's New in MailBee.NET 6.10

  • Support of OpenID and Hybrid OpenID/OAuth authorization (e.g. your application can check e-mail in Gmail without requiring the user to enter their e-mail address and password)
  • Improved authentication sequence and better support of authentication against MS Exchange server
  • Support of iCal format (create or parse events, appointments, etc)
  • Complex IMAP search made easier with new ImapUtils methods ToLiteral, AnyOf, AllOf, Not.
  • ImapBodyStructure.SafeFilename property
  • New IMAP FolderFlags values AllMail and Starred (Gmail-compatible)
  • UidCollection and MessageNumberCollection classes in IMAP now have ToArray and IndexOf methods
  • MessageParserConfig.GetMessageIDHash method
  • CertificateStore can now be loaded from byte array
  • Added Developer's Guides for ICalVCard.dll library, IMAP, POP3, Outlook components ("Getting started" topics for now, more topics coming soon)
  • Brand new collection of ASP.NET samples highlights basic and complex aspects of using MailBee.NET Objects. Samples available for Visual Studio 2008 and 2010, both C# and VB.NET
  • Misc. fixes to MIME and SSL functionality
  • Numerous fixes to .PST reader and Outlook .MSG converter

What's New in MailBee.NET 6.9

  • Added Developer's Guide for SMTP component (140+ topics).
  • Support of vCard format (create, parse, send or display photo, etc). See Attachment.IsVCard property for details.
  • COMPATIBILITY: New improved mechanism of auto-detecting DNS servers and new flags for DnsServerCollection.Autodetect(DnsAutodetectOptions) method. Some flags have been removed from DnsAutodetectOptions enumeration.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Message-ID (such as MailMessage.MessageID) now returns its value enclosed in angle brackets "<>".
  • COMPATIBILITY: The standard argument of EHLO/HELO commands is now the IPv4 address of the local system, not the domain of "From" address. Seems to work better with some servers which check this argument value. Still, it's better to specify it manually with Smtp.DirectSendDefaults.HelloDomain property to the public domain name of the system.
  • New ImportBodyOptions.PreferCharsetFromMetaTag flag. Use it when importing HMTL with international characters.
  • New SmtpMessageRecipientSubmittedEventArgs.AllowRefusedRecipient property allows for manual control of allowance of failed recipients during sending e-mail to multiple recipients.
  • Misc. fixes to MIME, mail merge, and S/MIME functionality.
  • Direct send no longer retries other MXes in case of hard-bounce from the first MX (greatly improves performance when sending to lists with many invalid addresses).
  • As always, numerous fixes to .PST reader and Outlook .MSG converter (including the ability to properly extract S/MIME signed items).
  • Documentation now mentions how to use Global class and its properties (like Global.SafeMode) in Visual Basic where Global is a keyword

What's new in MailBee.NET 6.8
The latest MailBee.NET Objects release allows you to greatly speed up downloading e-mails in your IMAP applications, makes it easier to use DKIM and DomainKeys, can extract RTF body from winmail.dat attachments, and more.

With Imap.DownloadEnvelopesEx method, you can join multiple IMAP commands for downloading message data in a single batch. The pipelined execution of commands may result in 1000% performance boost, and there is no typo here! It's especially efficient when you download text body of multiple e-mails without downloading entire messages.

Also, IMAP and POP3 components now support negative message indexes. For instance, you can easily access the last e-mail in the folder with -1 index.

Many improvements were made to Outlook .MSG, .PST and TNEF parsers. As an example, you can now extract RTF message body from MS-TNEF (winmail.dat attachment).

DKIM signing and verification made easier with MailMessage.DomainKeysSign and MailMessage.DomainKeysVerify methods. You also no longer need Smtp license to verify DKIM signatures and can sign with DKIM during mail merge.

Other improvements include:

  • MailMessage.Parser.FixCrLf property to deal with e-mails not having the correct CrLf sequence at the end of each body line
  • XOAUTH and IMAP XLIST fixes (important for Gmail users)
  • Better and user-controlled handling of shared access to spam and non-spam databases in AntiSpam component
  • Added new bounced e-mail formats

What's new in MailBee.NET Objects 6.7:

  • Support of OAuth authorization and XOAUTH authentication enables applications to access e-mail resources without requiring end users to give their credentials away to these applications. Widely used by Google, Twitter and many others.
  • Much improved HTML-to-RTF transformation during converting .EML files into Outlook .MSG format. HTML-to-RTF engine now supports more tags and creates more accurate formatting in the produced Outlook .MSG documents.
  • NTLM and GSSAPI authentication improvements
  • A number of fixes to MIME parser and IMAP client
  • Revised documentation.

What's New in MailBee.NET Objects 6.6

  • Improved legacy .NET 1.1 and .NET Compact Framework support.
  • New more effecient .PST file reader supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Outlook .PST files.
  • Can access any item in Outlook .PST by its numeric ID.
  • Filesystem-compatible names of Outlook .PST folders.
  • SmtpServer/SmtpServerCollection DnsServer/DnsServerCollection classes made Serializable.
  • Can be used with MailBee.NET Queue companion to send bulk mail to SSL-enabled mail servers.
  • Better tolerates not fully RFC-compatible SMTP servers.
  • Better multi-threaded access to Bayes spam/non-spam databases.

What's New in MailBee.NET Objects 6.5

  • GSSAPI and NTLM authentication rewritten from the ground up, now provides managed implementation for .NET 2.0+ (UnmanagedCode permission is no longer required), supports both Integrated Windows Authentication and explicitly specified credentials for both GSSAPI and NTLM, supports GSSAPI via both Kerberos and NTLM, updated to work with MS Exchange 2007/2010.
  • Rewritten unmanaged GSSAPI and NTLM implementation for .NET 1.1 and .NET Compact Framework. Supports everything managed GSSAPI/NTLM .NET 2.0 implementation does.
  • New TargetName (Service Principal Name) and UserDomain settings for all mailer components (Login and BeginLogin method parameters for POP3/IMAP, SmtpServer object properties for SMTP). These values can be used with GSSAPI and NTLM.
    COMPATIBILITY: If you use Imap.BeginLogin or Pop3.BeginLogin method in your code written for earlier versions of MailBee.NET Objects, insert "null, null" (C#) or "Nothing, Nothing" (VB.NET) in place of the newly added parameters.
    Simplified authentication procedure (retry with a non-secure method if the secure method fails).
  • New flags in AuthenticationOptions to further fine-tune authentication process.
  • Improved logging for easier trouble-shooting (now large data chunks in the logs are presented as a short preview and the total size of the chunk).
  • Support of IMAP XLIST extension (used by Gmail and many others) enables recognition of special folder flags (Drafts, Sent, Trash, etc).
  • Improved support of IMAP APPEND (Imap.UploadMessage method) when used with MS Exchange 2007/2010.
  • Improved support of IMAP servers which allow message flags containing special characters (such as Zimbra).
  • Memory consumption by Smtp object decreased twice when relaying e-mails from file
  • New parameter doubleFirstDotAtLine for methods which submit to IIS SMTP pickup folder works around the issue of IIS SMTP pickup service which results in loosing dot character when it appears at the first position on a line.
    COMPATIBILITY: If you use Smtp.SubmitJobsToPickupFolder or Smtp.SubmitJobsToPickupFolder method in your code written for earlier versions of MailBee.NET Objects, set the new parameter as false if you're submitting to MailBee Message Queue or true if you're using IIS SMTP queue.
    MailMessage.DateSent property allows you to access "Date Sent" value of converted Outlook .MSG files, or make it appear in the resulting .MSG file if you're doing the opposite conversion (into Outlook .MSG).
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements of Mime, AntiSpam and Outlook functionality.
  • Miscellaneous documentation improvements (highlights usage with MS Exchange and more).
  • The documentation in Visual Studio 2010 format which can be integrated into IDE.

MailBee.NET Objects Version 6.0 - What's New

  • New FIPS-compatible licensing algorithm makes no use of MD5. This allows using the component in FIPS-restricted environments such as many banking and government structures.
  • Great memory savings in all major components: e-mail MIME parser, POP3 protocol implementation. Processing large e-mails takes less time and consumes 3-5 times less memory.
  • Method MailMessage.Clear can now remove just the raw message body (this lets you use memory more efficiently).
  • Pop3.InboxPreloadOptions can now take advantage of Pop3InboxPreloadOptions.List to further optimize memory usage.
  • Miscellaneous improvements to parsing MIME and MS-TNEF (winmail.dat) files.
  • MailBee exceptions now bear [Serializable] attribute (useful for error tracking when all exceptions which occur in an application are recorded for further analysis).
  • BounceMail supports a number of new bounced e-mail formats.
  • BounceMail now recognizes MDNs (Message Disposition Notifications). MDNs are similar to DSNs with only difference they are created by mail clients rather than by mail servers (for instance, receipt of an e-mail containing an MDN may indicate that the recipient has actually opened the e-mail in the mail reader program).

MailBee.NET Objects Version 5.9 - What's New

  • Imap component now allows you to make use of namespaces (see Imap.GetNamespaces method).
  • MailBee.NET.dll is now compatible with .NET Framework 3.5/4.0 Client Profile (no references to System.Web).
  • New overload of DomainKeys class to enable using this class in ASP.NET web applications.
  • Improved HTML and URL processing in MailBee.NET.CF.dll (.NET Compact Framework version).
  • Outlook Message Converter can now produce editable (Draft) messages in both Unicode and ANSI modes.
  • Outlook Message Converter now supports custom (supplied by the application) HTML-to-RTF generation mechanisms.

MailBee.NET Objects Version 5.8.5 - What's New

  • Imap component now allows you to specify your own Socket and LocalEndPoint parameters to fine-tune your connections under heavy load.
  • Improved network streams support under .NET 2.0 and above (eliminates issues with uploading and downloading very large e-mails)
  • SaveKeyToRegistry tool improvements
  • Miscellaneous documentation improvements

MailBee.NET Objects Version 5.8 - What's New

  • Imap component now allows you to specify your own Socket and LocalEndPoint parameters to fine-tune your connections under heavy load.
  • Improved network streams support under .NET 2.0 and above (eliminates issues with uploading and downloading very large e-mails)

MailBee.NET Objects Version 5.7 - What's New

  • Support of Unicode, 8-bit strings, embedded .MSG files and Outlook-specific address formats in Outlook Message Converter
  • New VB.NET/C# sample project - real-world use of AntiSpam, IMAP, POP3 and SSL functionality


MailBee.NET POP3 component enables .NET applications to receive, parse and manage mail on POP3 servers including Gmail.

Written in 100% managed C# code, MailBee.NET POP3 can be used in desktop, console, Windows Mobile and ASP.NET applications developed in C#, VB.NET and other .NET languages. Supports .NET 1.1, .NET 2.0/3.0/3.5 and .NET Compact Framework.

The key features of the component:

  • Quick methods for receiving mail with a single line of code
  • POP3 PIPELINING (very fast download of multiple e-mails) and other POP3 extensions supported
  • Self-learning Bayesian spam filter
  • Secure TLS/SSL connections
  • DomainKeys anti-spam protection
  • Connections via a proxy server (SOCKS4/SOCKS5/HTTP)
  • S/MIME and certificates (encrypt, decrypt, sign, verify e-mails)
  • Download entire messages, headers only, headers + part of body
  • MS-TNEF (winmail.dat) attachments supported
  • Accurate and flexible MIME parser
  • Parsing bounced messages and Delivery Status Notifications (DSN)
  • Powerful HTML parser and processor
  • View and preprocess HTML mails with embedded pictures
  • HTML-to-PlainText conversion and vice versa
  • Secure and user-defined authentication (including NTLM and APOP)
  • Windows Integrated Authentication (authenticate using the current Windows user credentials)
  • TO/CC/BCC, international charsets (including UTF-8), custom headers, custom message formats (such as meeting request items)
  • Access to every MIME part
  • Import from and export to .EML and Outlook .MSG files, streams, XML, System.Net.Mail.MailMessage
  • Integration with Smtp component
  • Rich set of events and error handling features, memory and file logging, debug functions, etc
  • Asynchronous processing options
  • Documentation is available as .CHM file, Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008 integrated, Online
  • Samples are available for C# and VB.NET, WinForms and ASP.NET, .NET 2.0+ and .NET 1.1
  • Developer licenses permit royalty-free distribution

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