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Mindscape WPF Elements

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Build next generation applications with this collection of WPF controls and themes. WPF Elements is a suite of 50+ controls to help developers build next generation applications quickly and easily. 5 beautiful themes for all included controls and the standard WPF controls means delivering stunning solutions without stress. WPF Elements is designed to work seamlessly in Visual Studio 2008 & 2010 as well as with Microsoft Expression Blend. All WPF Elements controls are designed to be "lookless" and styleable through whatever tools you wish to work with. Buy Mindscape WPF Elements with Source Code to obtain the source for all Mindscape.WpfElements controls. WPF Elements 12 months Subscription also available when purchased as part of Mindscape Mega Pack.

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Mindscape WPF Elements 6.0 with Source

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What's New in WPF Elements 6.0

Ribbon control
The main new control in WPF Elements 6.0 is the Ribbon control. This control is inspired by the Microsoft Office applications and serves as a replacement for the out-dated Menu control. All the main commands for your application can be exposed in the Ribbon as controls such as buttons, ComboBoxes and Galleries. Controls can be categorized in a tree-like structure for easy discoverability. The Ribbon control uses a smart layout algorithm to optimize the arrangement of the controls within the available space.

Included with the Ribbon control is the Gallery control which provides a way for users to select items from a list right within the Ribbon control.The items can be templated in any way and can optionally be categorized.

Axis arrangement features
The chart axes have a couple of new properties that let you position them on any side of the chart and reverse the scale.

Improved DateTime axis support
DateTimes have always been supported, but now the axis is more smart about how it spaces out the tickmarks and labels. Based on the visible range of data, an appropriate date-time interval is selected such as 3 months, or 2 days, or 6 hours etc. As the chart zooms, the date-time interval dynamically changes so the axis labels always looks great and easy to read. This logic is also fully customizable.

Tornado charts
A new feature in the existing BarSeries class makes it easy to create tornado charts.

Right aligned numbers in DataGrid
A common way to display numbers in a table is to have them right aligned within their cells. A new display template option in the DataGrid makes this simple.

PropertyGrid style improvements
In all themes of the PropertyGrid, the property names are now left aligned and indented to make it easier to read hierarchical data, lists and nested objects. More animations have also been included.

Charting features and improvements

  • Added ChartAxis.LabelSpacing property to set the logical spacing between axis labels to be different than tick mark spacing.
  • Added TickMarkOffset and LabelOffset properties for fine adjustments of the tick mark and label positioning.
  • Added routed event: DataSeries.IsSelectedChangedEvent.
  • Added PointSeriesBase.SymbolSize property to make it easy to change the size of data point symbols.
  • Added StripeLine class. This allows developers to add individual labeled stripes/lines to the background of a Chart.
  • ChartAxis Padding feature.
  • Chart control now supports IBindingList as an ItemsSource.
  • Added IntervalUnit and IntervalMagnitude properties to the DateTimeAxisValueConverter class. This is for overriding the automatic interval calculation.
  • Added FloatingBarSeries.BarRenderingMode to achieve overlapping floating bars.
  • Added BarSeries.BarRenderingMode property to create Tornado charts.
  • Added DataSeriesSelected event to Chart, raised when a new series has been clicked on.
  • Added ChartMouseRightButtonDown and ChartMouseRightButtonUp events.
  • Added DataSeries.SelectedItem property.
  • Added SelectedDataSeriesChangedEventArgs.PreviouseSelectedDataSeries property.
  • Added Chart.CanToggleSelection property.
  • Added Chart.CanDeselectOnClickNothing property.
  • Added Chart.IsRightClickSelectionEnabled property.
  • Made the X and Y axis alignments pixel perfect.
  • Performance improvements in chart controls.
  • Improved the positioning of pie/doughnut chart labels.
  • In a chart with large ammounts of data and missing data points, All missing data points are now considered when rendering.

DataGrid features and improvements

  • Added DataGrid.SkipGroupHeadersWhenNavigating property.
  • Added DataGrid.IsRightClickSelectionEnabled property.
  • Added DataGrid.GroupRowHeaderTemplate property. This is for adding custom content within the left margin of a group row header.
  • Added DataGrid.HierarchyMode property. This allows you to specify whether hierarchical data is expanded or collapsed when loaded.
  • Added DataGridColumn.IsAlwaysInEditMode property.
  • Added DataGrid Expand and Collapse methods for controlling hierarchical items.
  • Added hooks for custom can-expand DataGrid logic.
  • Frozen DataGrid rows feature.
  • Added DataGridColumn.IsVisible property.
  • Added DataGrid.ShowFrozenLine property which can be used to totally hide the frozen line.
  • Added a property for setting the delimiter for the DataGrid CSV exporter.
  • Added option to DataGrid exporter to only save the user selected items instead of the entire DataGrid.
  • Added a property IsColumnHeaderExported to Data Grid exporter, to turn on/off the exporting of headers to CSV.
  • Added DataGrid.IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem property.
  • Added DataGrid.SelectionChanged event.
  • Added DataGrid.MouseOverCell property and MouseOverCellChanged event for getting the DataGrid cell the mouse is currently over.
  • Added DataGrid.AutoColumnWidthBehavior property.
  • Added DataGridColumn.MaxAutoWidth property.
  • Added DataGrid.CanAutoSizeColumnHeaders property.
  • Added DataGrid.RowIsExpandedChanged event.
  • Setting DataGrid.IsPagerVisible to null will set the visibility of the pager automatically depending on if there is 1 or more than 1 pages.
  • Setting the Width and MinWidth of a DataGridColumn to zero now hides the column.
  • Double clicking a row will toggle the hierarchical expanded state if applicable.
  • DataGrid now supports DataView as an items source.

Other additions

  • Support for custom recurring schedule item implementations.
  • Improved the Scheduler dialog box styles.
  • Option to display HSV color sliders in the ChannelColorPicker control.
  • Added S and V properties to the HsvColorPicker and similar controls.
  • Added DualSlider.IsReversed property.
  • Added CoverFlow.TransitionDuration property for customizing the speed of the animations.
  • Added PropertyGrid.IsExpandedStatePersistent feature.
  • The PropertyGrid now respects the IList.IsFixedSize property.
  • More Generic collection support for the PropertyGrid.
  • Added buttons in PropertyGrid themes to clear the search.
  • PropertyGrid now supports TypeConverter.GetStandardValuesExclusive().
  • Added TimeExplorer.CanEditRangeMagnitude property.
  • Added Minor and MajorRangeButtonsVisibility properties to the TimeExplorer.
  • Added AutoCompleteBox.ShowAllSuggestions method.
  • Added AutoCompleteBox.IsSuggestionListExclusive property, which when true, forces the final value to be one of the suggestions.
  • Improved the usage behavior of the AutoCompleteBox.
  • NumericTextBox now supports standard/scientific notation.
  • The RichTextToolBar now supports keyboard short cuts.


What's New in WPF Elements 5.0

  • Added a DataGrid control
  • Added a RadialGauge control
  • Added ColorPicker, HsvColorPicker and ChannelColorPicker controls
  • Added UI zooming and panning support for alternate Y axes
  • Added new options for automatically setting Y axis ranges
  • Added independent autocompletion for multiple delimited entries in the AutoCompleteBox
  • Added limited control over data sampling in very large chart data sets

Mindscape WPF Elements provides a variety of controls for both line of business and consumer applications. The control suite is designed in a modular, composable way and supports standard WPF idioms such as data binding and styling.

WPF Elements Key controls:

Data controls

  • Data Grid
  • Property Grid
  • Multicolumn TreeView
  • Coverflow

Date controls

  • Scheduler
  • Time Explorer
  • DateTime picker
  • Time picker
  • Drop down date picker
  • Month calendar

Spin controls

  • Spin control
  • Spin decorator

Standard controls

  • Outlook bar
  • Auto-complete text box
  • Proportional stack panel
  • Drop down edit box
  • Slider controls
  • Rich text tool bar
  • Dual progress bar

Editor controls

  • Color pickers
  • Palette colour picker
  • Masked Textbox
  • Currency text box
  • Integer text box
  • Numeric text box
  • Prompt decorator

Chart controls

  • Bar chart
  • Area chart
  • Line chart
  • Pie chart
  • Bubble chart
  • Scatter chart
  • Spline chart
  • Spline area chart
  • Stacked bar chart
  • Stacked area chart
  • Stacked line chart
  • Stacked spline chart
  • Stacked spline area chart

More than just WPF controls

  • Work in Visual Studio 2008, 2010 and Expression Blend
    WPF Elements is designed to work seamlessly in Visual Studio 2008 & 2010 as well as with Microsoft Expression Blend. All WPF Elements controls are designed to be "lookless" and styleable through whatever tools you wish to work with
  • 5 professional themes
    Styling the WPF Elements controls and the standard WPF controls is easy and fast with the 5 themes included - Office Blue, Black, Silver and Expression Dark and Light. Themes can be tweaked and modified as desired, creating a consistent and professional look for your applications
  • Nightly builds
    All customers have access to what is being cooked up in the Mindscape product team via nightly builds. Get new controls, bug fixes and general enhancements as they're developed
  • Highest quality controls
    Mindscape has been delivering WPF controls for more than three years which means all of the controls are battle hardened and are in hundreds of production systems. Real world use teamed with large testing suites means you can rely on the quality of WPF Elements

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