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Modeliosoft C# Solution

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Boost your C# productivity and quality with Modelio and UML. Modeliosoft's C# Solution is dedicated to C# .Net developers, designers and architects wishing to model .Net architectures and software applications. Based on a robust, stable and open source platform, Modeliosoft C# Solution increases efficiency and improves code quality through its valuable time-saving features, including support of code generation and reverse engineering, UML and BPMN modeling and C# document generation, helping boost your C# productivity, reduce your time-to-market and minimize your risk.

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Modeliosoft C# Solution 2.1.1

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Modeliosoft C# Solution Teamwork Manager Module

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Modeliosoft C# Solution Document Publisher Module

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Key Features of the Modeliosoft C# Solution
The Modeliosoft C# Solution increases efficiency and improves code quality for C# developers, designers and architects:

  • UML and BPMN modeling
  • UML to C# code generation
  • C# to UML code reverse engineering
  • Code/UML synchronization (model-driven and roundtrip)
  • Makefile generation
  • C#-dedicated ergonomics, code previewing, wizards and patterns
  • Coupled to Visual Studio
  • C# document generation
  • Browsable Web documentation
  • Extensibility mechanisms

UML and BPMN modeling
The Modeliosoft C# Solution provides support for UML, BPMN, SOA and Enterprise Architecture modeling, together with modeling wizards (intelligent drag and drop, smart element creation, complex element capture) to make your life easier. Models can be exchanged between modeling tools using the XMI import/export feature.

C# code generation and reverse engineering
The Modeliosoft C# Solution's high-speed, robust C# code generation and reverse engineering features will become an indispensable companion to your C# developers in their daily work.

UML/code synchronization
The Modeliosoft C# Solution guarantees that your UML architecture and your C# code are constantly maintained in sync in model-driven or full roundtrip modes.

Makefile generation
The Modeliosoft C# Solution can automatically generate project makefiles for a specified project configuration definition. This automates both code and binary production.
This high-quality, consistent and automated application production mechanism facilitates continuous integration processes, maintenance and workgroup support.

Full support of C# 4
C# 4 offers a number of advantages and it is fully supported in our UML tools for C# design. C# specific notions such as events, delegates, iterators, containers are supported by Modelio at the modeling level and by the C# generator. C# properties can be created and managed at the model level.

User interface for C#
The Modeliosoft C# Solution provides C# tool boxes and property windows to help you use UML in their C# development. C# concepts like "properties" can be directly used with UML, while the built-in C# editor with syntax highlighting is perfect for quick edits.

Works with your favorite IDE
The Modeliosoft C# Solution fits right into existing coding habits and environments. It can be seamlessly integrated into Visual Studio source file management system, meaning that C# projects are generated by Modelio while changes in the code using Visual Studio can be easily retrieved in the UML architecture.

C# document generation
Developers often document their code using C# comments. C# comments are supported by the Modeliosoft C# Solution and can be accessed while browsing the model. Developers can produce documentation by reusing C# comments for generated documentation.

Browsable documentation
The Modeliosoft C# Solution generates browseable Web documents from the model corresponding to the generated code. Easy to browse, access and navigate, these Web documents are a professional and convenient way to share your architecture and code documentation.

The Modeliosoft C# Solution is completely extensible through its open Java API and metamodel, its "profile" extension mechanism, its "Pattern Designer" tool and the standard customization mechanisms.
Developers can easily change rules to handle sets (associations), extend basic modeling types and their Java correspondence, automate generation to popular frameworks like NHibernate, and define their own development procedures, such as continuous integration automation or changes to the delivery procedures used within a team.

Any Modeliosoft Solution can be extended by adding modules. For Modeliosoft C# Solution, the recommended modules are:

  • Teamwork Manager
  • Document Publisher
  • Analyst

Modelio Teamwork Manager module
A flexible distributed collaborative UML modeling environment integrated to Subversion

Key features:

  • Integrated to Subversion, the most popular open-source CMS
  • Distributed team cooperation via the internet or using local networks
  • Safe locking mechanism guaranteeing the permanent consistency of the shared repository
  • Possibility of working offline, with periodical connection/synchronizations
  • Flexible mechanism enabling the addition of local sub-models without checking out (add feature)
  • Centralized administration
  • Centralized synchronization of tool customizations and model libraries used, ensuring automated consistency and update of the cooperating Modelio environments
  • Efficient team cooperation support, no team or model size limitations
  • Team process support: management of the delivery and versioning process
  • Management of distributed model consistency, ensuring constant consistency of the central repository and of local workspaces
  • Management of model branch versions with the possibility of model diff/merges: with Modelio, models can be compared and merged as easily as text
  • Robustness: Network failures or computer crashes will not corrupt transactions or prevent you from modeling
  • Fine checkin/checkout and configuration unit: Package, Component, Class, Process, Actor, Use Case, ...

Teamwork Manager facilitates your team collaboration
Modelio Teamwork Manager provides unique team cooperation management capacities.
Using your usual hardware environment, with minimum software investment, your teamwork will be efficiently organized:

  • version management
  • configuration management
  • team organization
  • guided and controlled team cooperation at model level

Modelio Teamwork Manager also supports the delivery procedure between different teams or sub-projects, providing administration mechanisms that automate and guarantee the uniform and coherent update of each team member’s local environment (libraries, configurations, etc.).

The teamwork management’s team distribution and working mode is extremely flexible, with each team member having the choice of:

  • connecting to the central repository via the internet or a local network
  • working offline and periodically synchronizing their models with the central repository

Modelio Document Publisher module
With this document generation tool, obtain the most attractive model documentation ever

Key features

  • Model-driven document generation
  • Generation in Open XML (MS Word), HTML or Libre Office formats
  • Model-docx synchronization through round-trip facility
  • Large set of "off the shelf" document templates, covering the entire lifecycle
  • Document assembly mechanism
  • Hypertext links between elements, and from diagram contents to elements
  • Inclusion of any kind of external element in the document (graphics, other documents, ...)
  • Document property management
  • Documentation creation wizards
  • Parameterizable stylesheet using MS-Word features or CSS documents
  • Document template editor to define dedicated types of document templates, and to modify the document templates available as standard

Professional document generation at your fingertips
A high-quality project means complete, consistent, up-to-date and relevant documentation, but who enjoys authoring documents? And how can you guarantee that documentation standards will be respected?

Modelio Document Publisher makes it easy to write and produce quality documentation, simply by making the most of the models you build. By providing assistance in what you should write, this module ensures that you need only write what is truly necessary, before automatically producing documents of a quality far superior to those created manually.

As an example, you can generate composite documentation that includes a glossary, requirements, a section dedicated to use cases, a section dedicated to class diagrams and a traceability matrix, with hypertext links systematically included.

Define your own document types with absolutely no programming
A document template is a sort of detailed table of contents that describes the form that you want a document generated from your model to take. With Modelio Document Publisher, you can define your own document templates using a dedicated graphical editor with absolutely no programming necessary, to generate documentation that really meets your needs.

Modelio Analyst module
Formalize, model and manage your requirements, goals, business rules and dictionaries and connect them to your business and IT models

Key features

  • Requirement, goal, business rule and dictionary analysis
  • Graphical requirement modeling, compliant with the SysML standard
  • Graphical goal, business rule and dictionary modeling
  • Spreadsheet editors
  • Traceability management between requirements, goals, business rules and dictionaries and other models (EA, BPM, IT/UML, …)
  • Definition of requirements, goals, business rules and dictionaries in MS-Word
  • Model creation wizards
  • Modification impact analysis: Automated construction of impact analysis diagrams
  • Pre-defined set of properties, providing an off-the-shelf approch to requirement, goal, business rule and dictionary analysis
  • Customization of properties to your approach
  • Dedicated documentation generation, with the possibility of combining documentation with other model/template parts (use cases, analysis models, …) and including traceability matrixes.

A unique feature - requirement, goal, business rule and dictionary analysis integrated within your model
What requirements does your project impose? What are the goals of the enterprise? What are the terminology and rules of your business?

With Modelio, start with the requirements, goals, business rule and dictionary definition phase and continue seamlessly right through to the analysis and design models.

Modelio supports graphical, standards-based modeling of requirements, goals, business rules and dictionaries, and formalizes the model parts impacted by each Analyst element, as well as the test cases that will check that each requirement has been met.

Modelio’s impact analysis tool identifies the consequences of a change to a requirement, goal, business rule or dictionary.

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