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NetAdvantage for Silverlight Line of Business

by Infragistics - Product Type: Component / Silverlight

New licenses of Infragistics NetAdvantage for Silverlight are no longer available. However, if you are an existing customer with a valid subscription you will be automatically upgraded to an Infragistics Professional subscription by the publisher.

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Add rich user interfaces to your Silverlight applications. NetAdvantage Silverlight controls for line of business applications enable you to include islands of richness into your existing Web-based applications, giving end-users an experience that goes leagues beyond what can be accomplished with mere HTML. These controls are built from the ground-up for the Silverlight platform and take full advantage of its incredible capabilities. NetAdvantage Silverlight controls for line of business are part of the NetAdvantage for Web Client toolset which also includes ASP.NET and also the complete NetAdvantage for .NET package — which includes all four .NET platforms — Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET and Silverlight. NetAdvantage Silverlight Line of Business controls clinch your ability to produce compelling and impactful Web 2.0 applications. NetAdvantage Silverlight Line of Business Controls includes xamWebGrid (a Silverlight Data Grid), xamWebTree (a Silverlight Tree View for natural navigation), xamWebChart (Silverlight charting), xamWebOutlookBar (Outlook-style Navigation for Silverlight), xamWebDialogWindow (modal and non-modal dialog windows), xamWebEditors (data entry control), Infragistics.Excel (a class library that runs completely independently of Microsoft Excel), xamWebMenu (multi-level menus), xamWebSpellChecker (Silverlight spellchecker), xamWebTagCloud (Tag display control), xamWebTileView (an animated panel), and more.

What's New in Infragistcs Netadvantage Silverlight Line of Business 2011 Volume 2?
The latest release includes feature enhancements to the existing control, and new controls which support the shared XAML strategy to support the same XAML controls in both Silverlight and WPF. Included are new features like the Resource Washing capability, and the xamTileManager control, which delivers a flowing layout to an application; as well as the new Inputs control, which delivers a complete shared XAML editor experience.

Funnel Chart
Visually showcase diminishing values with the new funnel chart, a single series chart that displays data in a funnel shape with a variable number of sections, each representing the data as different portions of 100%. The funnel chart makes it easy for end users to illustrate value "fallout" in the sales process or bottlenecks in the flow of a multi-step process.

Resource Washer
With Resource Washing, you can set the color (the WashColor) on groups of resources (WashGroups) in an existing ResourceDictionary to update the color of the controls in your applications. Now, you can take a basic looking application and re-brand it to your corporate colors. Or, you can set a WashColor at runtime to change the look of application. There are two wash modes which determine how the original color in the resource and the wash color are blended: SoftLightBlend and HueSaturationBlend.

Infragistics Excel
Import and export Microsoft Excel workbooks in high-fidelity XLS/XLSX/ExcelML file formats. With absolutely no Excel dependency, your application can run completely independent of Excel, and Excel does not have to be installed alongside your application.

The new xamInputs control offers a complete XAML cross- platform experience with key controls. The Inputs control can also be used with the cross-platform xamGrid cell to enhance data display and data entry. Controls include xamCurrencyInput, xamDateTimeInput, xamMaskedInput and xamNumericInput.

Multi-Column Combo
The xamMultiColumnComboEditor is designed to give you a more comprehensive display choice for dropdown data. The Multi-Column Combo acts just like a grid; it can automatically generate columns for every property on the data object contained in the IEnumerable that is set on the control’s ItemsSource property. The control’s AutoGenerateColumns property (which defaults to true) controls this behavior. Alternatively, the developer can manually specify which columns to display in the control by setting AutoGenerateColumns property to false, creating and adding columns directly to the control’s Columns collection.The multi-column combo supports auto-generation (and/or manual definition) of the following column types:

  • TextComboColumn
  • CheckBoxComboColumn
  • ImageComboColumn
  • DateComboColumn

As an editable hierarchical data grid control designed for high performance, your users can work with hundreds of thousands of rows. With data and UI virtualization on rows and columns your users get superior performance and responsiveness. It's fully featured to show master/detail relationships between records with lightning-fast expansion, column movement, group-by and filter rows, and sorting.

  • Data Binding – Bind data to IList, ObservableCollection, ItemsSource, hierarchical data and more.
  • Scrolling – Enable immediate, deferred and scrolling specific cells into view.
  • Sorting and Grouping - Sort by single or multiple data columns, and group columns in the same way you would in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Row Expansion – Expand rows, as well as collapsing them.

Tile Manager
The xamTilesManager displays templated content tiles based on any ItemsSource you provide in the rows and columns of an animated, engaging, and interactive layout panel. Let your users browse tiles, maximize one or more tiles (automatically minimizing remaining tiles), collapse tiles, drag-and-drop tiles so as to rearrange their layout, and more using its glanceable user interface. Enable users to fully configure the layout by enabling moving and resizing of tiles and the ability to change the state of the tiles at run time. Users may expect you to save and load their custom layouts between sessions so they are not forced to reconfigure the xamTileManager every time the application restarts. For greater convenience, you can use the Persistence Framework to save and load the Tile arrangements.

Calculation Manager
The xamCalculationManager adds Microsoft Excel-like formula support to any control on the form, including native WPF & Silverlight controls and Infragistics XAML controls. It manages all formulas as well as getting values from sources and setting values on targets of those formulas. The Calculation Manager has many pre-defined functions that emulate Excel functions as well as allowing developers to register custom functions. In addition, the Calculation Manager automatically determines the order in which to solve formulas based on the dependencies of sources and targets.

NetAdvantage for Silverlight Line of Business includes:

xamWebGrid - xamWebGrid is a hierarchical data grid control for presenting tabular information to your users with the ability to show master/detail relationships between records, multi-column sorting, cell-editing and virtual load-on-demand for high performance that scales with the size of your data.

xamWebTree - Trees with their branching and nesting have a direct impact on everyday computing, whether it is at the depth of abstract data structures or as a phenomenal user interface when it comes to navigating information that naturally lends itself to being modeled in parent-child fashion. What xamWebTree does for Silverlight LOB applications is it binds to the hierarchical data you supply and provides rich features that include node-templates, checkboxes, hot-tracking and virtual load-on-demand.

xamWebChart – includes common, everyday chart types made easy for common, everyday business applications.  These rich chart types will include:

  • Pie
  • Bar
  • Line
  • Scatter

Support for animation, selection of chart elements, multiple X & Y axes, tooltips and custom legends will be built-in.

xamWebOutlookBar - This navigation control supports the look and feel found in the navigational bar in the popular Microsoft Outlook 2007 application. Its many features include docking and fly-out, adding excitement to the experience you can deliver to your users.

xamWebDialogWindow - Designed to replicate the functionality of a traditional, standard Windows Forms dialog window, the xamWebDialogWindow allows you to popup both modal and non-modal dialog windows within your Web-based Silverlight applications easily. Its flexible XAML templating and styling capabilities combined with programmable dialog behaviors such as minimize, maximize, restore and close, enable you to add the dialog window and Multiple Document Interface (MDI) user interface patterns to any Rich Internet Application.

xamWebEditors - The xamWebNumericEditor simplifies the entry and editing of numeric data to any number of decimal places, and confined to any range with programmable upper and lower bounds that reduce erroneous user input. With its spin buttons, end-users may serially increment or decrement the editor's value by an arbitrary amount. When your Silverlight application calls for formatted or text data with more stringent constraints, the introduction of the xamWebMaskedEditor couldn't be more timely. Its input mask support helps end-users fill-in the editor's value, intuitively matching the format your application requires.

Infragistics.Excel - Bring the portability of workbook files in Microsoft Excel compatible file format (.XLS) to your next Rich Internet Application with the Infragistics.Excel class library for Silverlight 3. Now you can build data-driven, Web-based solutions on top of the Workbook and Worksheet object model all within the client's browser and with high-fidelity in Silverlight.

xamWebMenu - Create multi-level menus that popup, dropdown and nest using the xamWebMenu control for Silverlight. Submenus slide open and close with smooth, graceful animation. Any hierarchy of commands or options can be databound against and used to present horizontal or vertical menus, with customizable menu items that can involve pictures, checkboxes and more.

xamWebSpellChecker - As a UI control, the xamWebSpellChecker's completely customizable dialog provides a spelling correction user interface to the end user. Multi-Lingual - This Silverlight spell checker speaks nine languages and dialects:

  • Dutch
  • English (American, Australian, British and Canadian)
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

xamWebTagCloud - Choose key words or phrases ("tags") and you can weight them by their frequency of occurence, importance, or any other scoring algorithm you devise and the tag cloud control will display them. Tags deemed most important stand out with a heavyweight font size greater than their peers, while little-used tags appear diminuitive in size. Users will have no trouble identifying what the most prevalent tags are when you're using xamWebTagCloud to show them.

xamWebTileView - An animated panel, which contains a set of content panes, each displaying rich information. The tile view supports a high-fidelity browsing experience featuring drag-and-drop rearrangement of its tiles, minimizing and maximizing tiles so that your users can put them aside or drill down deeply for more information, and paging that allows for browsing large numbers of tiles. Like everything in Silverlight, you can apply transforms and ebullient styling through templates to both the tile view and its tiles that make for rich interactive user experiences.

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