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Requirements management and collaboration. PACE is an information management system, with integrated requirements management, document management and more. PACE allows you to capture, analyze, develop, trace and manage information throughout the product lifecycle. PACE was designed to work with, and have a familiar, intuitive and similar look and feel to the tools that are already in use in your organization on a daily basis -Web browsers, Microsoft Office, etc. This means the training for new users is minimal, and teams readily adopt PACE, as they exploit all the benefits of a formal requirements engineering solution without the overhead of learning another complex, custom interface.

PACE Features

Seamless Microsoft Word integration:

Capture individual requirements, tables or images

Auto capture paragraphs or entire documents

Bi-directional synchronize

Work offline

Uncapture objects

Set property mappings

Add attributes to captured requirements

Support for OLE

Intuitive Web Interface:

Easy navigation

User friendly

Microsoft folder look and feel

Manage requirements from virtually anywhere

Full requirements management functionality

No downloads or plug in required

Easy Collaboration:

Submit changes and questions

Discuss any problems or changes

As requirements change, get attention alerts

Receive E-mail notification on changes made by others

Administrative Tools:

Manage users

Manage projects

Role based access to project areas

Grant privileges at an attribute level

Administrative Reports

Advanced Reporting & Filters:

Accurate status information

Organize and analyze information

Personalize the way data is presented

Intuitive point-and-click query interface

Perform higher-level analysis

Information Model:

Drag and drop to easily create process definition

Organize data into packages

Link packages to define logical relationships

Add requirement information like priority, cost, risk ...

Traceability & Impact Analysis:

Full audit trail for compliance to standards

Trace test results back to customer requirements

Quickly detect unsatisfied requirements

Complete audit trail enabled by linking related data

Change Management & History:

Enforce a change request process

Accept or Reject changes after careful consideration

Discover who created or modified the requirement

Support for Baselining

Support for Versioning

Enterprise Level Repository:

Powerful Oracle Repository

Scalability from small to large projects

Work on up to date requirements

Access information in real time

Disaster recovery

What’s new in PACE 5.0.3?

Discussions Alerts are now sent when a reply is added to an existing discussion.

Discussions are now transferred to a new child object whenever an object is replaced, an object is split, a document is checked in or a change proposal is accepted.

Added a new button to the alert viewer toolbar to allow alerts not to be automatically marked as read when they are viewed.

Save As CSV now applies any additional property constraints that have been applied to the result set via the filter bar when saving the data as a CSV file.

The PACE login page has been updated to prevent it being used in cross-site scripting phishing attacks by forcing it to always be the top level document.

Requirements management and collaboration.

Pricing: PACE V5.0.3 1 User License, PACE V5.0.3 1 User Maintenance License (support and product upgrades for 1 year)

Evals & Downloads: Read the ViewSet License Agreement, Read the PACE User Guide - Requires Acrobat Reader, Read the PACE Admin Guide - Requires Acrobat Reader

Operating System for Deployment: Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003

Architecture of Product: 32Bit

Product Type: Application

Keywords: PACE

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Part numbers: PC-542046-746120 542046-746120 PC-542046-746122 542046-746122

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