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by PAO at Office - Product Type: Component / .NET WinForms / Java Class

Generate a wide variety of reports from your .NET and Java applications. is a ledger-sheet tool designed for .NET (C# / VB.NET) and Java developers. It is a full-featured product that makes designing and printing ledger sheets easy. It also makes it possible to share printing data between .NET and Java applications using Web services such as ASP.NET and Axis.

What's New in V6.2

  • Full justification of text (Fit text) - Justification can be applied to the following exported formats: PDF, SVG, preview, print, Own print data Format(xml)
  • Automatically adjusts text to the specified number of lines
  • 64 bit download now available

With you can load design files generated by the designer tool and print and/or preview ledger sheets. Since all pages of the output ledger are stored as XML files, they can be reloaded as ledger data.

It is possible to configure the system to generate ledger pages with a Web service (Web application) that handles printing with a Windows client. is capable of generating ledger output in PDF format. features

  • File variation has been broadened with PDF / SVG / SVGZ. They can be viewed on Web browsers.
  • Ledger sheet data can be transferred via a Web service or Web applications. Output of the data is available via a Windows rich client.
  • This software is the original product designed to meet the functions required for Japanese ledger sheets.
  • It is possible to store ledger sheet data directly in an XML file and read it.
  • Codes for printing from the user program are written and managed only in one place unlike many other software products which take the system of writing codes from each event.
  • Print several different types of sheets at a time .
  • Ledger sheet definition is an opened specification XML file. Design without designers and dynamically-generated ledger sheet definition from the original program
  • Offers decorated characters suitable for POP and advertisement.
  • Handles 12 common types of barcode printing as well as QR code and barcodes for payment in convenience stores.
  • Multiple function designers facilitate flexible design of ledger sheet.

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