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by Pintexx - Product Type: Component / .NET WinForms / .NET WPF

Add a WYSIWYG HTML and text editor to your applications. pinEdit is a WYSIWYG HTML editor that runs in your .NET Windows Forms or WPF applications. pinEdit offers lots of interfaces to different technologies and includes the following rich formatting capabilities like fonts, colors, justifiying etc. Files can be loaded and saved from/to a server by dialogs. Text modules can be created by users and saved on the sever.

What's new in pinEdit V7.5?

  • Support for Inernet Explorer 9 and FireFox 4
  • Optimized handling of spaces in paragraphs and tables
  • Small fixes and enhancements

What's new in pinEdit V7.x?

The new pinEdit version includes numerous small enhancements regarding performance and usability as well as bug fixes. Also included is the new securty update which makes it possible to specify the allowed paths and extensions for reading/writing files in an xml file.

What’s new in pinEdit V7.0?


  • New style - New Word 2007 like style
  • Reduced footprint - The editor folders files have been reduced by 60%
  • FontSizeType - Px,pt
  • Table Cell content automation
  • Control of alt attribute for images
  • Toolbar status optimized
  • Font size control dependant of mode
  • Indention with styles (XHTML)
  • Justify with styles (XHTML)
  • Indention with tab
  • Support for active links in Edit mode
  • Tooltips when mouse over link
  • Ctrl Key support
  • Display pasted images from Word
  • Creating links over paragraph margins optimized
  • Multiple font support - Arial, Verdana in font selection dropdown
  • editNew extended - editNew can now delete entire content or only body tag
  • Line height support - New toolbar button for line height and paragraph margins
  • Paragraph dialog - Setting of margins and text indent
  • Context menu support extended - Context menus now work with selections, opens format dialog and opens link dialog
  • Undo optimized
  • Event interface extended - Lots of new events. Events can be interrupted and all events available at server page
  • Performance optimization
  • Unformat - Unformatting selections in advanced mode
  • Margin for lists
  • Closing dialogs with ESC
  • Remove format cleaner
  • Context menu for selections
  • Preselection in Advanced formatting mode
  • Ctrl+B,I,U now uses span in advanced formatting mode

.Net Only

  • WPF support - pinEdit now supports integration in Windows Presentation Foundation
  • New .Net version based on new web browser namespace - No more ActiveX xxSHDocVw.dll no longer required
  • Extended event interface:
    • Full implementation of KeyDown  event with  SuppressKeyPress ( EditorKeyDown removed)
    • Full implementation of  KeyUp  event with  SuppressKeyPress( EditorKeyUp removed)
    • Support of MouseDown  event (EditorMouseDown removed)
    • Support of MouseUp  event (EditorMouseUp removed)
    • Support of Validating  event
    • Support of GotFocus event (EditorGotFocus removed)
    • Support of LostFocus event (EditorLostFocus removed)
    • ToolbarUpdate event enhanced
    • Support of drop event by passing dropped text
    • New: CreateTable event
    • New: RequiresOptimization event
  • ContextMenuStrip support - Customized context menus can now be created with ContextMenuStrip
  • TabStop support - Depending on TabStop property the next control is selected after pressing tab or internal functions are called
  • New functions:
    • EditGetSelectionType
    • FormatMode
    • EditStrikeThrough
    • EditResetChanged
    • EditGetCursorPosition
    • EditSetCursorPosition

What’s new in pinEdit  V6.1?

Undo improvements

  • Undo/Redo has been improved

Wheel mouse support

  • Wheel mouse is now supported in document view

pinEdit optimization guide

  • The pinEdit optimization guide describes how to optimize download speed and how to optimize files and images

Other Enhancements

  • A lot of small enhancements for diverse dialogs
  • Performance and ressource optimization
  • The page dialog is now available in toolbar
  • Disabling of toolbar objects does not require a “disabled” image anymore

What's new in V6.0?

  • XML Toolbar - pinEdit toolbars can now be defined by XML. This allows customizing all details of toolbar objects including callback function. This feature makes it very easy to add own toolbar objects or modify existing ones. A toolbar configuration file for HTML and WP mode is included
  • Upload in sub folders - During image or file upload the destination folder can now be selected. Additionally new folders can be created or renamed.
  • XHTML 1.1 support - The editor can be configured to return XHTML compliant content
  • HTML Optimizer - The HTML Optimizer includes W3C "Tidy" for correcting invalid HTML code and a multi-stage code optimizer
  • Content Exchange Optimization (i.e. for MS Word) - The HTML Optimizer allows pasting of contents of all kinds of external sources i.e. MS Word or PDF files. After pasting content the HTML optimizer creates clean code for optimized editing
  • Extended formatting options - pinEdit allows formatting text by
    • font tags
    • a combination of standard tags liks "strong,em" and style attributes
    • only style attributes (only class attributes)
  • Object oriented styles - Object related styles like "td.class4" are now supported. They are displayed in style dropdown when the parent object is active. The style can be only assigned to the parent object.
  • Special characters dialog - The special characters dialog includes now all official special characters
  • Un/Ordered list attributes - Ordered and unorderd list attributes can now be set by context menu
  • Line attributes - Attributes for horizontal lines can now be set
  • New color - dialog The color dialog has been extended to allow selecting standard colors. Additonally the dialog displays all avaiable colors in document
  • XHTML validator add-in - The XHTML validator add-in allows verifying the editors content
  • New API functions - New API functions have been added to control the new features
  • Toolbar Designer - The toobar designer for "Quick" customization is now part of evaulation

What’s new in V5.1?

  • Display of invisible characters - Special characters like a soft or hard line break are now displayed visually by an icon like in a word processor.  This can be turned on or off via a button on the toolbar
  • Resizing columns with mouse - Columns can now be resized by mouse. When moving mouse cursor close to a cell border a dotted red line is displayed
  • When you click the left mouse button the current column width is resized. This features works best with new static table feature
  • Better MSOffice support - You can now setup the editor in the "Controlled Office mode" which means that when you press ctrl+v a new editor window is opened where you can paste content first. You are now able to clean content before inserting. So only the inserted content is modified
  • Static tables - When using static tables the width doesn't change which is more convenient for inexperienced users. The table mode can be changed via the content menu
  • Remove multiple cells – It is now possible to select multiple cells of a table and remove content

Key features

  • True WYSIWYG editing
  • Running with ASP, ASP.Net, Java, PHP, .Net WinForm,ActiveX
  • Extended mode for Java with new server based features
  • Static save mode: save logic works in background
  • Simple integration in existing web apps
  • High level GUI design of toolbars, buttons and color selectors
  • No client side installation

Extended mode

  • Client functions are binded to server class methods (Java)
  • Open, save HTML files from web server by selecting files with dialogs
  • Open Server API for opening and saving of files to file system or database
  • Text modules processed on web server
  • Running in most application servers or servlet engines like WebLogic, WebSphere, Tomcat


  • Rich text formatting (font size, family, bold, italic, underline, justify, indent, outdent, font color, background color etc.)
  • Cut, copy, paste
  • Undo, redo functions
  • Insert images and tables
  • Edit hyperlinks, numbers and bulleted lists
  • Word like color selectors
  • Table processing with context menus
  • Insert objects (Button, input, check, radio, listbox combo, area)
  • Absolute positioning of controls
  • Zooming of document
  • Edit, HTML source and Preview mode

pinEdit offers professional add-ins such as:

pinEditSpell - spell checker
The spell checker offers high performance spell checking and dictionaries for different languages and can also use MS Word dictionaries. Additionally the dictionary manager can import OpenOffice dictionaries.

pinEditUpload - Upload tool (web)
The upload tool allows multiple files select and multiple file upload as well as a progress bar and a lot of more features.

pinEditStyle - Stylesheet editor (web)
The style sheets editor allows editing CSS based style sheets that are integrated as external resource. pinEditStyle allows editing in design and source mode and includes a CSS validator.

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