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PowerWF - Visual PowerShell

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Acts like PowerShell, looks like a workflow. PowerWF - Visual PowerShell allows you to create automated IT solutions by leveraging the full strength of PowerShell and Windows Workflow. With PowerWF - Visual PowerShell every PowerShell cmdlet is at your fingertips for simple drag & drop script creation. PowerWF also comes bundled with PowerSE, a full featured PowerShell Script Editor and debugger.

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PowerWF - Visual PowerShell V2.7

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What's new in PowerWF V2.5?

  • Correct window resizing problem on systems running Internet Explorer 9.0.
  • Use PowerShell Remoting to execute PowerShell cmdlets on remote systems.
  • Added support for PowerShell modules that run in STA mode.
  • Improvements to the automatic PowerShell generation.
  • Improved runtime engine and development application start performance.

PowerWF - Visual PowerShell Features

  • Drag & Drop Script Development - Using a simple drag-and-drop interface IT administrators can quickly automate their daily tasks without having to become scripters themselves.
  • Professional PowerShell Editor - PowerWF comes bundled with PowerSE, a full featured PowerShell Script Editor and debugger.
  • Two-way editing - Whether you are comfortable with simple drag-and-drop operations or a experienced PowerShell Scripter, PowerWF allows you edit your workflow either way. Integrated search lets you find samples from PoshCode and Technet and turn them into PowerWF workflows. And only PowerWF gives you the ability to orchestrate PowerShell scripts.
  • Infinitely Expandable - Every PowerShell Snap-In & Module automatically becomes a Windows Workflow Activity in PowerWF, allowing you to create workflows that encompass virtual any environment.
  • Deployment - PowerWF supports a wide range of deployment options to quickly and easily integrate with a variety of 3rd party applications and RBA solutions.
  • Context Sensitive Help - Detailed help for each PowerShell command is available, including examples that can be directly imported.

PowerWF - Visual PowerShell Benefits

  • Eliminate Code - PowerWF enables you to build automated solutions using a simple drag-and-drop graphical user interface. No coding is required to quickly create powerful workflows that automate your daily tasks. This reduces costs and hassles associated with developing and maintaining code, scripts, and batch files.
  • Reduce Errors - Automated management processes developed using PowerWF reduce latency in service delivery and the risk of human errors.
  • Increase Visibility - While traditional scripting tools require complicated programming logic and vendor APIs, PowerWF’s visual “flow chart” paradigm hides these complexities, allowing you to concentrate on your business processes and collaborate more effectively with stakeholders. It also reduces errors and speeds the process of developing workflows.
  • Improve Productivity - Unlike traditional scripting tools, PowerWF gives you a uniform methodology for developing your business processes and a similar look-and-feel for all workflows. This consistent programming model improves productivity and decreases maintenance costs.
  • Decrease Maintenance Costs - Because workflows are represented visually to the developer as flow-charts and are coupled with built-in annotation, your scripts are essentially self-documented, making them easy to understand. This helps you reduce your IT budget you spend maintaining existing systems.

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