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by GigaSoft - Product Type: Component / ASP.NET WebForms / .NET WinForms / .NET WPF / ActiveX OCX / DLL / VCL

Add financial, scientific, engineering and business charts to your applications. GigaSoft ProEssentials is a set of charting components for both Windows client-side and server-side development. GigaSoft ProEssentials includeds WPF, WinForm, WebForm, ActiveX, VCL, and DLL interfaces for five components: Graph, Scientific Graph, 3D Scientific Graph, Polar, and Pie Chart objects. GigaSoft ProEssentials comes with everything you need in one package to develop with Visual Studio. NET, VB6, VC6, ASP, ASP.NET, Delphi, Builder, and others, in a variety of interfaces best suited for your needs.

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ProEssentials V8

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ProEssentials V8 - Upgrades

Add to Cart $ 1,763.02 1 Developer License - Professional Upgrade from Professional V3.x, V4.x, V5.x, V6.x or V7.x Delivered via Download
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What’s new in ProEssentials V8?

  • WPF support.
  • New Direct2D and Direct3D rendering, dramatically improved 3D speed and quality and 2D speed.
  • Improved zooming and panning for 2D and 3D.
  • Delphi VCLs improved with support for XE5 and XE6.

What’s new in ProEssentials v7.2?

  • Improved image details.
  • Speed improvements.
  • International resources.
  • SVG exporting.

What’s new in ProEssentials v7.1?

  • Added Traditional Chinese as well as updated Simplified Chinese and Spanish resources.
  • DayLabelType now supports hiding day from this area.
  • Improved the Web example project PE7WebDemo
  • Fixed a potential stability issue with drawing x axis when AutoScaleData = False and numbers are very large.
  • Improved filtering logic to better support NullDataGaps. If filtering and working with much data and many nulls, you may need to inject 20 or more nulls and set Filter2D to a slower setting to get consistent output in forcing gaps. Complex null gap effects with large quantities of data can be hard for the filtering logic to handle correctly.
  • Exporting Text/Data with charts with inverted axes was exporting text as negative values.
  • Improved grid numbers for x and y axes from showing -0 in some cases where grid line value was zero.

What’s new in ProEssentials v7?

Speed Improvements

  • GdiPlus renders significantly faster. For current users, if not using GdiPlus, try it with v7 and set AntiAliasGraphics=True and AntiAliasText = True.
  • Built-in automatic data reduction makes handling large data sets faster. Optimization for 2D, 3D, 2D contours, and Polar/Smith charts. Optimization is per plotting method.
  • New RenderEngine = PERE_GDI_TURBO, its GDI rendering but much faster and optimized for 2D scatter plots with large data sets. Data reduction of 2D linear and bar type plots can achieve pixel accuracty.

Visual Improvements

  • GdiPlus is now the primary target whereas with v6 and earlier we wanted to maintain WMF support. With v7 WMF support is no longer fully supported for all features. Developers may want to set the AllowWmfExport feature to False.
  • All plotting routines were rewritten to take full advantage of GdiPlus anti-aliased graphics. Be sure to use AntiAliasGraphics and AntiAliasText set to True.
  • Added gradient fill features for everything, at multiple levels: per plotting method, per subset, and per annotation.
  • Added bevel and lighting effects on top of gradient effects. Bars, Areas, new SplineAreas, Rect and Polygon Graph Annotations, and TableAnnotations supported.
  • Bar and Candlestick charts now have a new optional glass effect.
  • Pie charts add new gradient and lighting effects as well as rewritten to render best for GdiPlus and anti-aliased graphics.
  • Improved datapoint and marker point sizes allowing minimum and maximum range.
  • Pego and Pesgo add grid banding and more subtle grid line coloring options. This is on by default, see GridBands, GridBandsAlpha, GridLineAlpha below. To show a chart in legacy form, set new features GridBold = True and GridBands = False.

Functional Improvements

  • Pego, Pesgo, and Pepco now update immediately upon using scrollbars. Also added MouseDraggingX and MouseDraggingY features where the middle mouse button grabs zoomed charts.
  • Pego and Pesgo now include a full-featured zoom-window that shows all data below a zoomed chart. Annotations and hot-spots are supported. The level of robustness allows elaborate charting based user interfaces. Added new per annotation type properties GraphAnnotationZoom, HorzLineAnnotationZoom, VertLineAnnotationZoom, and XAxisAnnotationZoom. Allowing annotations to be GRAPH_ONLY, GRAPH_AND_ZOOMWINDOW, or ZOOMWINDOW_ONLY. Related are AllowGraphAnnotHotSpot and per annotation GraphAnnotationHotSpot (and other annotations types) which were expanded to provide similar control of potential hot spot locations.
  • Pego and Pesgo adds Spline Area and Spline Ribbon plotting methods.
  • Pesgo adds the stacked type plotting methods.
  • Basic Polar/Smith charts now support more than one zoom level.
  • 3D charts can now have different sized axes. See GridAspectX GridAspectZ below
  • GraphAnnotations add angled text, horizontal/vertical regions, and solid arrows. Example 015 adds angled text, example 101 shows a vertical region.

What’s new in ProEssentials V6?

  • Full unicode support
  • New core vector rendering engine expanded to render as 1) GdiPlus with alpha-blending and anti-aliasing, 2) a hybrid of  GdiPlus and Gdi, and 3) legacy Gdi
  • More gradient styles
  • More export formats, Enhanced Metafiles, Enhanced Plus Metafiles, SVG
  • Improved image exports with DPI options
  • Improved text export with simple programmatic control of exported text
  • Improved end-user printing and printing functions
  • More line types, point types, graph-annotation types and table-annotation types
  • Expanded multi-axis capabilities, 16 left and 16 right axes for a total of 32 axes
  • Many new annotation related features
  • More grid line configuration features
  • 3D improvements include improved 3D positioning and 3D real-time
  • Improved 2D and 3D contours and contour legends
  • Intelligent date-time feature expanded to handle milliseconds
  • Improved zooming allowing better use of rect as a drawing / selection tool
  • More legend styles / locations
  • New internet based real-time functionality
  • Many new improvements throughout the product related to rendering intelligence

ProEssentials comes in three variations: Pro and Standard. All versions come complete with the same quantity of features and interfaces.

  • Pro Version is unlimited
  • Standard Version is limited to 8000 data points per control instance

Client side development is royalty free. For web development, the ProEssentials product allows for placing ProEssentials redistributables on one production server, one test server, and one development server.

ProEssentials is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, Visual Studio 6.0, and Delphi/Builder. It provides developers mission critical charting and data visualization features within a simple to use property based interface.

ProEssentials is a combination of five components and five interfaces delivering you over 1200 features for each of following interfaces: .NET (WinForm), ASP.NET (WebForm), ActiveX, DLL, and VCL. This product is much like a subscription and delivers the latest .NET (Windows Forms), ASP.NET (Web Forms), ActiveX, DLL, and VCL interfaces, new releases, updates, improvements, and phone/email/online support.

Combined with this large quantity of features, the product maximizes speed while maintaining high visual quality (for example, no overlapping text.)

Electronic documentation is available locally on your development system. Walk-Throughs get you started in areas of WinForm development, WebForm development, VB6 ActiveX development, ASP ActiveX development, Win32 DLL development, and VCL Delphi development. There are plenty of examples showing how features are used in conjunction to produce highly interactive and quality data visualization.

The Pie Chart control has been improved and now offers three algorithms to prevent text from overlapping. Gigasofts Pie Chart now produces intelligent label placement as close to the slice as possible while utilizing control real-estate perfectly. Open-High-Low-Close and Candle-Stick features have also been completely rewritten to produce the highest quality output independent of the quantity of data and size of chart.

All interfaces are included (WinForm, WebForm, ActiveX, DLL, and VCL) make ProEssentials ideal to standardize within your large company. Multiple teams have the freedom to choose their favorite interface while all teams rely on a similar and high quality charting codebase.

Unlimited Royalty Free distribution of your client-side EXEs. Server-side deployment allows placement on one production server, one test server, and one development server.

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