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Protection PLUS Professional Edition

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Please note that Protection PLUS Professional Edition is no longer available, please see the alternatives Protection PLUS Enterprise Edition or Protection PLUS 5 SDK.

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Protect your applications and components by remotely managing customer access. Protection PLUS is a flexible software licensing toolkit that provides powerful control over creating trial versions, upgrading trials to full versions, extending trials, copy protection, renting or leasing for an additional time period, and even permits turning on one or more menu options or applications in a suite. It also allows you to enable a pay-per-use event, increase or decrease a counter, or limit the number of simultaneous users on a network. Combine PLUS with SOLO Server and have a complete Electronic License Management system for your online business.

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Protection PLUS 4 SDK version

  • Important! Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2a, which contains updates that address various security advisories.
  • The Enhanced Computer ID algorithm now ignores MAC addresses for additional removable USB and Bluetooth devices. This update especially focused on adapters that may have previously affected this algorithm when a computer used a tethered connection via a mobile device.

Protection PLUS 4 SDK version

  • Instant PLUS is no longer installed with Protection PLUS 4. Instant PLUS may still be downloaded and installed/updated by users with active Protection PLUS 4 software maintenance.
  • New! Now installs digitally signed libraries, which is often necessary for Microsoft certifications.
  • New! Added Visual Studio 2013 MFC sample projects and solutions for the KeyLib API. Customers using the ActiveX (SKCL) or .NET (SKCLNET) APIs should especially consider upgrading to Protection PLUS 5.
  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.1i.
  • Migrated the Protection PLUS 4 manual to a newer system that can generate web content that supports modern web browsers.
  • Updated the Protection PLUS 4 manual's references to the C/C++ license file handle type definition to use PPLFHANDLE, which is necessary to use when using x64 versions of KeyLib.
  • Updated the installer so shortcuts are prefixed with "Protection PLUS 4", making it easier to distinguish between other SoftwareKey Licensing System products in the Windows 8 start screen and search results.
  • Updated the Enhanced Computer ID algorithms to ignore Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport adapters.
  • Fixed an issue where the Automation Client (SKCA) could crash when given malformed encryption key data.
  • Fixed an issue where pp_sysinfo could falsely detect Hyper-V when run on a Microsoft Surface device.
  • Added LFOPEN_AS64BIT flag, which can be used to initialize 64 bit registry and alias locations from a 32 bit process. This was primarily implemented for Instant PLUS and later.

Protection PLUS and Instant PLUS has been released (Please note that Instant PLUS is included with Protection PLUS.)
Some highlights for the Protection PLUS release are outlined below:

  • New - Added Microsoft Hyper-V and VirtualBox virtual machine detection algorithms to SysInfo function.
  • Added CPCompNoXml properties to the ActiveX/.NET interfaces for use with SOLO's XML Activation Service.
  • Processing an EZ Trigger trigger code now forces updating the Last Used Date/Time.
  • All copy-protection functions now used cached Enhanced Computer ID data if found in the license file handle.
  • Added new web service response properties to ClientServices library.
  • Updated Delphi samples to resolve warnings due to Delphi 2009/2010 using Unicode strings by default.
  • Updated .NET samples using the XmlActivationService via the ClientServices library for correct error handling.
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect date comparison with aliases when the Last Used Date/Time was zeroed out.
  • Removed support for LFOPEN_NOCACHE flag.
  • Various other enhancements and fixes.
  • Numerous documentation updates.

Some highlights for the Instant PLUS release are outlined below:

  • New - Updated virtual machine detection to prevent running in Microsoft Hyper-V and Virtual Box guests.
  • New - /ACTAUTO command-line switch for silent online activation with SOLO Server.
  • Similar to status checking, reactivation/deactivation with the XmlActivationService now deactivates the license if the installation has been revoked.
  • Now displays Error 42 when using file-based license files and there are insufficient permissions to create the aliases.
  • Now displays Error 9205 on the activation dialog when the system clock has been backdated.
  • Fixed an issue when using the UpdateCheck web service where the "Product Name" was being checked instead of the "Product Update Name".

Some highlights for Protection PLUS release are outlined below:

  • Includes Instant PLUS
  • Fully tested in Windows 7.
  • New - Supports transferring your license by clicking "Deactivate Workstation" in the Start Menu.
  • New - Native 64-bit support via DLL and static libraries
  • New - Support for SOLO Server's new Installation ID features:
    • New - Automation Client functions for calling the XmlActivationService and other XML web services.
    • New - The Client Services .NET library has been updated with support for the XmlActivationService.
    • New - Protection PLUS functions are available for generating hashed ActivationData based of the hardware items of the Enhanced Computer ID algorithms. This can be sent to SOLO during activation to allow reactivation on the same computer.
  • All Visual Studio sample projects have been upgraded for VS2005 and VS2008 support.
  • Fixed intermittent crashes encountered by some users.
  • Various other enhancements and fixes.
  • Numerous documentation updates, including references for all newly added functions.

New in Version 4.x:

  • Changed to Keylib may also effect other libraries and LFEdit
  • Added PP_NETOPEN, PP_NETTEST, and PP_NETCLOSE to DLL/LIB for Network Broadcast Licensing
  • Added PP_SYSINFO to check the current system architecture: You can now detect and prevent your application from running on a VMWare virtual machine, a Virtual PC machine, or remotely through Terminal Services/ Remote Desktop client
  • Fixed issue if using Registry Key and string didn't conform to Registry Key syntax
  • Added error code in PP_COMPNO if COMPNO_BIOS64 is used on a non-x64 system
  • Updated PP_EZTRIAL2 (EZTrial2 in SKCLNET) so that the <flags> parameter is passed into SK_ProcEZTrig1 for online activations
  • Re-Added Late-Binding to IpHlpApi.dll for backwards compatibility with previous operating systems
  • Fixed problem with locating BIOS driver files (Machnm1.exe, Machnm32.sys, and Machnm64.sys)
  • Added Extra checking to see if BIOS driver (Machnm32.sys/Machnm64.sys) was installed before attempted to obtain the BIOS algorithm
  • Added PP_LIBVERSION in DLL/LIB interface. Allows checking the version number of currently loaded library
  • Updated read/write License File functionality to always keep the previous "Last Accessed" and "Last Modified" date/time of the physical file
  • Fixed problem where Windows XP File Cache was holding the file open during reboot or forcible program closure. This was causing problems where license file was becoming corrupt, or 0KB in size. Due to this fix, the write of the license file takes a second or two longer
  • Added LFALIAS_NOCACHE flag for PP_LFALIAS for compatibility with PP_LFOPEN's LFOPEN_NOCACHE flag
  • Fixed problem if the license file was marked as "Read-Only"

Note: For the differences between the editions, please refer to the "See the differences between the editions" document from the Evals & Downloads section.

Instant PLUS 2.0 now available!

The two SoftwareKey products (Protection PLUS and SOLO Server) provide developers with a powerful, flexible software licensing platform with many features.

  • Create Trial versions of your application that run for a number of days and/or executions
  • Create subscription based licensing for your application
  • Activate applications with three different methods
    • Online Activations (with Instant SOLO/SOLO Server)
    • Telephone/email activations
    • File based activation (with Instant SOLO/SOLO Server)
  • Lock the application to the computer
  • Periodically check the license status with the licensing server (with Instant SOLO/SOLO Server)
  • Automatically check for updates from within application (with Instant SOLO / SOLO Server)
  • Ability to register your customer’s information with Concept Software server or through a browser to a link you specify
  • Easily display a splash screen at startup from your bitmap or use the default splash screen
  • Detect Activation Key Generator programs
  • Seamlessly integrates with Instant SOLO/SOLO server
  • Integrated browser allows you to login into SOLO Server and manage your account
  • Automatically retrieve your product information from SOLO which keeps your application’s settings in sync with SOLO
  • Create new products in SOLO using an integrated wizard
  • No need for previous SoftwareKey products such as LFEdit

SOLO Server is a complete backoffice product to manage your online software business.


Protection PLUS software is an industry standard for software licensing and copy protection. It is your key to protecting your investment in your intellectual property and puts you in the driver's seat to distribute and sell your software.

Protection PLUS is field proven technology used by thousands of developers world-wide. The flexibility and power of Protection PLUS ensures licensing compliance world-wide for millions of dollars of software. This same protection is now available for software product licensing via the Internet. In addition to traditional means of distribution, Protection PLUS offers the tremendous benefits of Electronic Software Delivery while maintaining software security during the online licensing process.


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