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SQL Backup and Restore Bundle

by Red Gate Software - Product Type: Application

The SQL Backup & Restore Bundle has been retired
Support for SQL HyperBac and SQL Virtual Restore ends on February 6 2015

After a review of their database administration software last year, Red Gate Software decided to focus development on their core database administration tools and to retire the SQL Backup and Restore Bundle.

Following that decision, Red Gate Software will no longer be providing technical support or upgrades for SQL HyperBac and SQL Virtual Restore after February 6 2015, either as standalone tools or as part of any bundles.

SQL Backup Pro won't be affected by any of these changes.

To say sorry for the inconvenience, you can get free licenses for any other Red Gate tools of equivalent value, based on the discounted price of SQL Virtual Restore within the bundle.

If you're using your licenses of SQL HyperBac, and you'd rather use a supported tool for your backups, you can switch to your licenses of SQL Backup Pro instead.

Red Gate Software will need to send you a new serial key for your SQL Backup Pro licenses, so please email to arrange this.

Please note that you have until June 30 2014 to request your new licenses.

Faster, stronger backups and restores for SQL Server database administrators. SQL Backup and Restore Bundle includes SQL Backup Pro - compresses, strengthens and encrypts SQL Server backups, SQL HyperBac - silent compression for faster, smaller SLQ Server backups, SQL Virtual Restore - rapidly mount live, fully functional databases direct from backups.

SQL Backup 7.1 is a minor release and includes the following enhancements plus bug fixes:


  • The Jobs tab contains an additional 'Database' column to show which databases are included in each job.
  • The height of rows in the Activity History has been reduced
  • In differential or transaction log backup jobs for multiple databases, you can specify WITH FULLIFREQUIRED to take a full backup of any databases which require one before a differential or transaction log backup can be taken. This option is not available from the backup wizards.

SQL Backup 7.0 is a major upgrade from SQL Backup 6.5 and includes the following new features:

  • Schedule a recurring restore from a full backup or set of backups that does not exist yet by specifying a folder and file name pattern to identify the latest backup each time the job runs.
  • Schedule a recurring restore from specific backup files which form a full backup or set of backups.
  • Run a database integrity check as part of a scheduled restore job.
  • Drop a database after a scheduled restore job has completed, or only if the restore and integrity check (if applicable) were successful.
  • Take a copy-only backup using the Back Up or Schedule Backup Jobs wizards.
  • Include CHECKSUM in the backup process using the Back Up or Schedule Backup Jobs wizards.
  • Create a reminder to set up backup verification using the Schedule Backup Jobs wizard.
  • Launch the Schedule Restore Jobs wizard from the Reminders tab, populated with details from the scheduled backup job, to set up backup verification.
  • View results of CHECKSUM and DBCC CHECKDB in the Activity History.
  • Various bug fixes.

SQL Backup 6.5 is a minor release that includes various engine improvements and bug fixes:

New features

  • Ability to choose "existing database file location" as well as the SQL Backup suggested defaults.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Improvements to purging backup files in the following cases:
    • when folders contain spaces in the name
    • when the restored database name differs from the original database name
  • Support for KEEP_CDC
  • LATEST_ALL keyword fixes for restoring the latest full backup and and all subsequent log and differential backups, in particular:
    • handling large backup sets
    • handling SQB files created with earlier versions of SQL Backup
  • Network resilience bug fixes
  • Product activation improvements
  • Improved debugging information and error handling:
    • Improved timeout for VDI functions and threaded SQL connections
    • Debug information for decompression
    • More exception handling code when writing process data for the GUI
    • When creating new folders
    • Partially created backup files when running of disk space
    • Detect if t-log backup file has previously been restored during log shipping


  • Quality improvement program - users now have the option to send usage information back to Red Gate to help us improve future versions

SQL Backup 6.4 is a minor release that includes support for additional new keywords:

  • Keyword support for restoring a database using the latest backups, including all available transaction log files
  • Keyword support for backing up all user databases or all system databases on an instance
  • Keyword support for specifying a different source database when restoring from disk (with 'LATEST' keywords)

In addition, there are further bug fixes and enhancements:

  • DISCONNECT_EXISTING can now be used with RESTORE on databases that are already in a "Recovering" state
  • Database name is now case-insensitive when restoring with LATEST_FULL
  • Fixes to automatic deletion of old SQL Backup log files
  • Fixes to prevent event-log flooding with Microsoft Cluster Service errors on active/active clusters
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes in the engine and GUI

SQL Backup 6.3 is a minor release, including the following enhancements and bug fixes:

  • New keyword support for network resilience to restore commands
  • New support for erasing backup files (with options) independently from a backup command
  • New keyword support for backups to use native SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition's compression level
  • New keyword support for restore jobs to restore the most recent backup file
  • New dialog to activate serial numbers on multiple servers
  • Bug fix to be able to import SQL Server registrations into SQL Backup from SQL Server 2008 Management Studio
  • Improvements to the file browser for 64-bit systems
  • Improvements around handling the conversion of sqb files
  • Better error handling for certain situations, such as when deduplication is used or if the disk is running out of space
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes in engine and GUI

SQL Backup and Restore Bundle includes the following products:

  • SQL Backup Pro - Compresses, strengthens and encrypts SQL Server backups.
  • SQL HyperBac - Silent compression for faster, smaller SQL Server backups.
  • SQL Virtual Restore - Rapidly mount live, fully functional databases direct from backups.

SQL Backup Pro
Compress, encrypt and strengthen your SQL Server backups. With powerful job management to help you set up and keep track of backup activities, SQL Backup Pro is an award-winning tool for DBAs who want total control.

  • Save time and space: compress database backups by up to 95% for faster, smaller backups
  • Strengthen backup and restore activities: use network resilience for backups, restores and log shipping for fault-tolerance against flaky networks
  • Secure data against unauthorized access: use up to 256-bit AES encryption

SQL HyperBac
An award-winning tool with silent compression for faster, smaller backups, based on the original filter driver technology from HyperBac. With no additional changes required to your existing backup techniques, SQL HyperBac is a powerful tool for DBAs who want to continue managing backup activities natively, but with the extra benefits of backup compression.

  • Save time and space: compress database backups by up to 95% for faster, smaller backups.
  • Install and go: SQL HyperBac's silent compression integrates seamlessly with existing maintenance plans and native commands, so no additional changes to your existing backup techniques are required for compressed, encrypted SQL Server backups.
  • Secure data against unauthorized access: use up to 256-bit AES encryption.

SQL Virtual Restore
Mount live, fully functional databases direct from backups created with native SQL Server, SQL Backup Pro and SQL HyperBac. It is powered by HyperBac technology and presents a new, smart and safe approach to backup verification and object level recovery.

  • Save time and space: Rapidly mount your backups as a live database – without a physical restore – and requiring near-zero additional storage space for quick and easy access to your data.
  • Quick and reliable backup verification: Run DBCC CHECKDB against the database mounted from your backup, and you will be able to confirm that your backup is fully functional and not corrupt, without needing the space or time required for a full restore.
  • Smart object level recovery: SQL Virtual Restore is ACID compliant and gives you access to full, transactionally consistent data, with all objects visible and available.


Purchasing a support contract provides you with free upgrades as well as support.

  • Upgrades - For the duration of the support contract you will not need to pay for upgrades.
  • Support - For the duration of the support contract, you will receive support on the use of the products by email and, if necessary, by telephone or video conference.

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