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Rob (FactoryMaster Ltd, UK) 2011-09-01评分: 

 *  Resharper is one of those tools that reminds you of best practice, and warns you of potential code that could loop indefinately!

I downloaded the demo 2 years ago, and after the 30 days, ordered purchasing department to buy this ASAP.

This tool gives you control over your development environment you wouldnt think possible!!!

If you dont believe me, download the evaluation, and prepare to realise you have been missing out!

dana [USA] 2008-12-23评分: 

 *  This is a great tool. There are too many features to even begin listing.

Just donwload the free trial, and you will love it.

cgrant [United Kingdom] 2008-12-03评分: 

 *  ReSharper is a utility that I use every day that I write C#, I find it indispensable. When I was on my first C# project it pointed out improvements that could be made to my code. Now that I have several successful C# projects behind me, ReSharper is second nature as I use it to keep an eye on the whole project's status and to run unit tests easily. I simply love the way it will point out issues and then offer to fix them!

ReSharper is to C# as Visual Assist is to C++

You won't regret getting ReSharper; you'll just reap benefits immediately!









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