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RubyMine by JetBrains

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Ruby and Rails IDE that provides essential tools for developers. RubyMine brings a whole range of developer tools, all tightly integrated together to create a development environment for productive Ruby development and Web development with Ruby on Rails. RubyMine includes the Smart Ruby Coding Assistance which is an intelligent Ruby code editor, with complete Ruby coding assistance, smart, scope-based and type-aware code completion. RubyMine also includes syntax and error highlighting and code formatting along with code refactoring and intention actions. RubyMine supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms.

RubyMine Features


Smart Ruby Coding Assistance - Intelligent Ruby code editor, with complete Ruby coding assistance, smart, scope-based and type-aware code completion. Ruby code completion uses type inference and offers extremely accurate results.

Ruby Syntax Highlighting and Code Styling - Fully customizable Ruby syntax highlighting with brace matching and folding. Additional color and keyboard schemes bundled for seamless transition to RubyMine.

Ruby-Aware Refactorings and Intention Actions - Extract method, introduce variable, and other Ruby-aware refactorings and intention actions to automatically transform Ruby code.

Automatic Code Inspections - Smart on-the-fly inspections for Ruby, Rails, HTML, JavaScript and CSS instantly point out errors and offer one-click quick-fixes.

Advanced Ruby Code Navigation and Search - Many specialized views to explore your Ruby projects. Search and navigate around with the good old Usage Search, jump to overridden methods, classes and modules with active gutter icons, and more.

Version Control Integration - VCS changelists, code compare, merge and more tools for all modern version control systems, including Git, Perforce, Subversion, and CVS.

Integrated Ruby Gems Manager - Browse local and remote gems, install the missing ones and add them to your project in a simple and convenient UI.

Ruby on Rails

RubyMine is designed to fully support Ruby on Rails development with dedicated run configurations, complete RHTML coding assistance, and more. All of the Ruby-aware features are at your disposal for creating Rails applications. Of course, the same goes for HTML, CSS and JavaScript editing support.

Advanced Application Views and Navigation - The special “Rails” Project View shows Controllers, Models, Views, and DB migrations providing logical grouping and quick access to these items and their contents such as controller methods, associated views, etc.

Ruby-on-Rails-aware Code Completion - Parameters completion for Rails-specific methods such as render, validates_*, find_by, etc. Understanding Rails models types in the code.

RHTML Support with Coding Assistance - RHTML syntax coloring and formatting, code completion, refactoring and intention actions, all available both for HTML markup and Ruby code within RHTML files.

Quick Documentation Lookup - Multiple ways to get hints and documentation for Ruby code. View Method parameters, RDoc documentation for a symbol, all with a single keystroke. Doc is built on the fly from code comments.

Running Rails Applications - Run Ruby on Rails applications right from RubyMine and monitor server and application logs.

Graphical Ruby Debugger - Full Ruby and Rails applications debugging support in IntelliJ IDEA’s tried and true debugger UI.

What’s new in RubyMine 7?

Chef Integration - New plugin integrates Chef to help you build, deploy and manage your infrastructure (Introduces cookbooks, recipes and resources in the IDE).

Puppet Support - Improved significantly, with a plugin designed to analyze Puppet manifest files.

EditorConfig - Help developers define and share code style configurations between different IDEs and editors.

Inline Variables - A new debugging feature that integrates the Variables view right in the Editor, by showing variable values next to their usages.

Debugger Console - For those who prefer the console for evaluating and executing while debugging, RubyMine now provides the ability to run the console in the context of a debugging session.

CSS3 Enhancements - Now supports the latest CSS3 specifications.

Slim Formatter - To help increase readability of Slim code, RubyMine now supports formatting action for this template language.

Postfix Code Completion - Transform an already typed expression in JavaScript or TypeScript based on the postfix.

PhoneGap Integration - You can create, emulate and deploy apps right from the IDE and have direct access to the Cordova plugin registry.

Scratch Files - Experiment and prototype right in the editor without creating any new project files.

Log Viewer - The Log viewer for Git and Mercurial has been improved with faster loading and a new Reset Current Branch to Here action.

Detecting Code Styles - Detect certain Code Style settings (such as Use Tab Character and Indent Size) in the currently edited file on the fly.

What’s new in RubyMine 6.3?

Spring Application Preloader is a major feature of Rails 4.1 that RubyMine naturally supports. Now the IDE uses Spring for Rails generators, Rake tasks, and tests by default.

Rails generates json.jbuilder views by default. RubyMine provides code insight for this type of file as well as smart navigation between view and controller.

Put the caret at multiple locations and edit multiple code fragments simultaneously.

The Vagrant plugin is now bundled with RubyMine by default helping you to set up a reproducible development environment defined by VagrantFile configuration file.

AngularJS framework is now supported with intelligent code completion for directives, controller and application names, code insights for data bindings inside curly-brace expressions, angular-specific navigation and documentation.

Support for Slim 2.0 including code insight for embedded code types and code formatting.

What’s new in RubyMine 6?

Ruby Language Support - Improved Ruby 2.1 language support with enhanced code insight and a faster debugger.

Zeus support - Application check pointer that preloads Rails apps and performs routine tasks in less than a second.

Rails – Partial local variables support and general code insight improvements.

IDE Improvements - Support for multiple projects. Now you can open all the projects you’re working on in one IDE instance.

Debugger - After series of optimizations, the JRuby and Ruby debuggers have become 30% faster. With the latest version RubyMine also provides built in support for gem debugger.

Web Development - CSS refactoring that helps automatically extract inline styles.

What’s new in RubyMine V5.4?

Ready for Rails 4 - RubyMine supports the newest framework features.

Nailgun Support - Run JRuby commands without incurring the JVM startup overhead.

REST Client - Test RESTful web services right from RubyMine. Simply invoke different requests over HTTP (e.g. GET, POST, PUT and others) to RESTful APIs with various parameters and get response and response headers.

Faster HTML and CSS - Significantly re-worked HTML structure views and includes support for Emmet abbreviations in the editor.

What’s new in RubyMine V5.0?

Ruby iOS Development with RubyMotion - RubyMotion is a toolchain that lets you create native iOS applications using Ruby.

CoffeeScript - Debug your CoffeeScript code as you using RubyMine.

TextMate Bundles - Share highlighting schemes for programming languages and file types.

Ruby 2.0 - Now includes syntax and debugging support.

JRuby - Full running and debugging support is now available.

Remote Ruby Interpreters - Set up a remote SDK, then run, test and debug your remote app.

Gems Development - Create and manage gems and their dependencies.

Puppet Support - RubyMine now provides syntax highlighting and code completion for Puppets.

Database Tools - Add, drop or rename tables, columns, keys and indices.

Fresh Look and Feel - RubyMine 5 comes with a fresh look and feel, and Darcula, a new native dark UI theme for IDE and the editor.

What’s new in RubyMine V4?

Performance - The new IDE architecture allows more actions to operate asynchronously and to avoid memory blocks. As an example 'Inspect Code' function is now running up to four times faster.

Native Gems Code Insight - Auto-completion and code navigation when working with gems that have native components

Go to Class by Full Class Name - Any class can now be found by its full name

Show Inherited, Types Hierarchy - New options on the Structure and Hierarchy views allow for seeing subtypes and inherited methods.

New, Streamlined UI – The RubyMine UI is significantly reworked to be more compact, modern and comfortable on all supported platforms.

VCS Support Improvements - General changes to the workflow such as a new 'Digest' view mean spending less time on routine VCS tasks such as pre-commit review.

Git log graph - Highlights commits included in a given commit (e.g. commits in a current branch) and provides actions like create tag/branch, checkout revision.

GitHub - The bundled GitHub integration got even better and now supports Gists creation for sharing your code instantly from the IDE.

Image Diff - You can now compare different image-file versions from version control history in a convenient two-panel view.

Event Log View - New 'Event Log' view/tool-window is a single place to see all IDE notifications and take action where needed.

Class Dependency Diagram - Shows relationships between any classes and modules in UML notation.

Ruby Code Inspection - New code inspections are added for Ruby code verification

Code Refactoring - New 'Inline method' refactoring lets you clean code from redundant methods. It substitutes method invocations with method code.

Testing and Debugging - Minitest 2.10 and RSpec 2.8 gems are now supported by RubyMine.

What’s new in RubyMine V3.0?

Rails 3.0 - RubyMine 3.0 provides complete support for Rails 3.0. The complete set of up-to-date developer tools is supported, such as RSpec 2.0, Bundler 1.0, Cucumber 0.9.x and RVM. RubyMine 3 adds an ability to install any Rails gem version from the New Project wizard.

Ruby Code Coverage With RCov - Code coverage reports are now available in RubyMine for Rails, Ruby Script, Test::Unit, Shoulda, Cucumber, RSpec run configurations and for Rake tasks. RCov needs to be enabled in the 'Coverage' tab inside run configurations settings and works in both Run and Debug modes.

Reliable Ruby/Rails Debugger - RubyMine 3 features a significantly improved Ruby debugger that just works without additional configuration or manual gems installation. Especially for Windows users RubyMine contains a pre-compiled ruby-debug-ide gem bundled to simplify the debugging. Just hit Debug and it works.

Better Git Support, Plus Mercurial - Git integration has been improved with new options such as Git log view and Show file history for folder. RubyMine 3.0 also provides out of the box Mercurial VCS integration.

JavaScript Debugger - Let RubyMine install a special Mozilla Firefox plugin for you and debug your JavaScript code from RubyMine, in the same debugger UI, with conditional breakpoints, frames/variables/watches views and evaluate expression function.

Zen Coding For Fast HTML/CSS Coding - Code HTML and CSS faster—with Zen coding snippets. The snippets work for new code generation and for surrounding existing elements.

Integration with Issue Trackers - RubyMine integrates with the following issue trackers: JIRA, JetBrains YouTrack, Lighthouse, Pivotal Tracker, GitHub and Redmine.

What’s new in RubyMine V2.0.2? - This IDE update fixes some reported issues, introduces compatibility with the latest Ruby/Rails development libraries and tools, and improves existing integrations:

RVM gemsets support added

Bundler gem is supported up to version 0.9

RubyMine now bundles pre-compiled ruby-debug gem for Windows users of Ruby 1.8

HAML markup smarter auto-Indentation and other HAML enhancements

Cucumber support improvements and fixes

What’s new in RubyMine V2.0?

Supports Ruby 1.9 and latest Rails

New refactorings and duplicates detection

Easier Testing with Cucumber, Shoulda and RSpec

Web Pages Building With HAML and Sass

New Code Inspections and 'Quick Fix' actions

Rails i18n and Spell-checker

Extending IDE Scripts in Ruby

Improved RubyMine UI and usability

Continuous Integration with TeamCity

What’s new in RubyMine V1.1.1?

All RubyMine's version control integration features now work with Subversion 1.6.

Improved 'Unresolved Ruby reference', 'Unreachable code' and other Ruby/Rails inspections

Fixed some problems in 'Extract Method' and 'Rename' refactorings

Resolved some code completion issues and general code editor issues

Fixed exceptions in Gem manager

Fixed 'Go To Test/Subject' navigation for HAML views

Pressing # key converts selected ruby expression to "#{SELECTED_EXPRESSION}"

Fixed JRuby debug problem with 'Step over'

'Tools | Rake Tasks' no longer shows undocumented tasks. For undocumented tasks use 'Tools | Run Rake Task'

What’s new in RubyMine V1.1?

Rails (2.3.x) support - With version 1.1 RubyMine fully supports the latest stable Ruby on Rails framework version 2.3.2 and provides special support for some of the features

Application Templates - Select an application template while creating a new Rails project to customize the application skeleton or perform routine tasks on project creation.

Localized Views - RubyMine knows views can be localized. They are grouped accordingly when showing in Project view and you can chose which to open when switching to view from an action.

Code Insight - render 'show' render 'users/login'

HAML syntax highlighting - Now RubyMine simplifies writing Rails views in HAML. Syntax highlighting for the markup and the injected ruby code is only the first step. Future versions will add more assistance for working with this markup language.

Cucumber BDD framework support

.feature files syntax highlighting - Syntax highlighting for .feature files makes writing and reading them easier.

GUI Test Runner for Cucumber - Cucumber tests are executed in the unified Test Runner UI with visual notification of test results, details and statistics for whole suit, a single scenario and step.

Running Cucumber Tests. Run Configurations - You can run all feature files in a folder, a single file or any set of tests using a Rake task. Run configurations for Cucumber tests allow creating custom configurations, e.g. by tags, and are useful to quickly execute tests from anywhere inside the IDE.

Remote Debug for Ruby and Rails - If you need to investigate a problem on a remote server, you can do it using Remote Debug from RubyMine 1.1. Create special remote debug run configuration, map source folders on remote and local machines, and explore what's happening on the remote machine.

DRb server support for Rspec - Start RSpec DRb server and run your tests on it — all from RubyMine. Select Tools | Run RSpec DRb Server, set your RSpec run configuration to execute tests on that server and that's it.

Ruby and Rails IDE that provides essential tools for developers.

Pricing: RubyMine 7 1 Commercial License (for companies, organizations and individuals) for 1-9 Licenses (price per license) - includes Upgrades for 1 Year, RubyMine 7 1 Commercial License (for companies, organizations and individuals) for 10-19 Licenses (price per license) - includes Upgrades for 1 Year, RubyMine 7 1 Commercial License (for companies, organizations and individuals) for 20-49 Licenses (price per license) - includes Upgrades for 1 Year, RubyMine 7 1 Upgrade Subscription Renewal - includes Upgrades for 1 Year

Evals & Downloads: Read the RubyMine Leaflet - Requires Acrobat Reader, View the RubyMine MAC Keyboard Reference - Requires Acrobat Reader, View the RubyMine Windows/Linux Keyboard Reference - Requires Acrobat Reader, Read the RubyMine License Agreement, Download the RubyMine Windows V7 evaluation on to your computer - Expires After 30 Days, Download the RubyMine Linux V7 evaluation on to your computer - Expires After 30 Days, Download the RubyMine Mac OS X V7 evaluation on to your computer - Expires After 30 Days

Operating System for Deployment: Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, Linux Kernel V2.6.x, RedHat Linux 9.x, SUSE Linux 10.x, Mac OS X

Architecture of Product: 32Bit, MAC

Product Type: Application

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