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Highly interactive grid for iOS apps. ShinobiGrids makes data presentation a breeze for iPad and iPhone apps alike. Easily add stunning grids capable of handling large datasets in seconds. ShinobiGrids includes a fully extensible API for customizing the layout which means the grids can be styled to fit right into your application's look.

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ShinobiGrids v2.7.2

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What's new in ShinobiGrid v2.7.2

  • Support for iOS 8

What's new in ShinobiGrid v2.7

  • Fixed issue where SDataGridDataSourceHelper was displaying data in incorrect order when data is grouped & given a sort order of none.
  • Fixed issue where a datagrid wouldn't respond to status bar gestures and scroll to top of grid.

What's new in ShinobiGrids 2.6
ShinobiGrids now include Pull-to-Action as a new feature. Implementing this feature will refresh complete data sets with a simple finger-swipe.

What's new in ShinobiGrids 2.0.0
ShinobiControls have made a lot of changes to the grid API - most notably adding the data-grid.
Whilst the grid has been improved and benefited from these latest changes, they recommend moving to the new ShinobiDataGrid.


  • Major documentation improvements including a comprehensive user guide
  • Extensive set of new samples
  • Brand new improved column centric API
  • A header row by default
  • Improved look with three new themes: iOS, Light, Dark.
  • A dataSource helper to simplify getting data into the data-grid
  • Better support for sorting, including a lightweight sorting API
  • All of the ShinobiGrid changes too


Improved 'selection mode' support

  • Addition of multiple cell selection mode
  • Addition of single row selection mode
  • Addition of multi row selection mode
  • Addition of API to support programmatic row selection/deselection

More variety of delegate notifications/callbacks:

  • Section collapse/expand now have 'should' variants
  • Addition of shinobiGrid:alterStyle:beforeApplyingToCellAtCoord:
  • Addition of methods relating to row selection notifications
  • Addition of shinobiGrid:permittedDragDirectionForCellAtCoord: so that drag and drop decision can be controlled on cell by cell basis
  • More row/col reordering notification methods ('gesture complete' notifications)

Improved styling hierarchy and graphics:

  • Ability to alpha blend the style layers
  • Cell styles now have support for background colour gradients
  • Drop shadows
  • Grid tinting during drag and drop (customisable colour)
  • Deprecated (and new) methods for freezing rows/cols

Deprecated (and new) methods for enabling selection and editing:

  • Added the ability for users to choose the gesture that selects or edits
  • Addition of a strict directional lock
  • Deprecation (and addition of new method) for allowing row and column dragging/reordering.

Improved reload API:

  • Added methods to allow finer-grained reloading of individual rows and/or columns
  • Added methods to allow redrawing (re-styling without querying datasource) or cols/rows

Addition of multiline text cells

Addition of contentFrame to help populate cells inside borders

Memory fixes:

  • Internal component of grid no longer has strong reference to delegate/datasource
  • Various leak fixes

Take control with ShinobiGrids for iOS

  • Make data irresistible - ShinobiGrids transform data sets into stunning, interactive displays that make everyone want to dive in.
  • Create the look you want - Fully customizable look and feel means the grids can be styled to fit right into your application's look.
  • Not just a boring grid - ShinobiGrids maintain high levels of interactivity and performance in the face of really big data sets.

Looking to display tabular data in your apps?
No problem, ShinobiGrids makes data presentation a breeze for iPad and iPhone apps alike.

  • Stunning grids in seconds
  • Handles 250,000+ cells in real time
  • Intuitive gestures for manipulation
  • Fully extensible API for customizing layout

The ShinobiGrids API follows Apple's well established patterns for iOS controls. Shinobi's API is clear, logical and well documented, so you really can create get going with grids quickly.

  • Clear, logical API for quick start
  • Comprehensive suite of examples
  • Create your first grid in seconds

ShinobiGrids deals with all types of data, provides editing capabilities and allows you to make it look the way you want.  Customize every detail or rely on the excellent out-of-the-box behavior and look.

  • Multiple built-in cell types
  • Interact with your data
  • Smooth handling of massive data sets
  • Fully customizable styling

Delivered by an experienced team of iOS developers, the support you'll get from the ShinobiControls team really is first class.

  • Delivered by iOS developers, not phone monkeys
  • Instant response to urgent inquiries
  • Clear, comprehensive documentation


Support Packages
Shinobi offer two levels of support. Each support option is valid for 12 months and can then be renewed on a yearly basis.

SHINOBICARE, includes all fixes, updates and upgrades for your product.

SHINOBICARE PLUS, includes all the benefits of ShinobiCare and access to the Developer Support Team through the customer portal.

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