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SlickEdit for Windows and Mac OS X

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Write more code faster and more accurately in over 40 programming languages on 7 different platforms. Whether used as a stand alone development environment or as a complementary editor, SlickEdit provides programmers a tool to create, navigate, modify, build, and debug code faster and more accurately. SlickEdit's useful features include Code Navigation, Preview Tool Window, References Tool Window, Syntax Expansion, Surround With, Auto-Completions and many more.

₩ 487,100

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통화 선택

SlickEdit 2013 (v18.0.1.2) for Windows and Mac OS X   *

주문 ₩ 487,100 1 Developer Named User License  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: SWMX-N2013-STD
주문 ₩ 693,200 1 Developer Concurrent User License  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: SWMX-N2013-CON #

SlickEdit 2013 (v18.0.1.2) for Windows and Mac OS X - Upgrade License   *

주문 ₩ 226,700 1 Developer Named User Upgrade License from SlickEdit 2011 or 2012  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: UWMX-N2013-STD
주문 ₩ 324,400 1 Developer Concurrent User Upgrade License from SlickEdit 2011 or 2012  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: UWMX-N2013-CON #

SlickEdit 2013 for Windows and Mac OS X - Maintenance and Support License   *

주문 ₩ 109,600 Maintenance and Support License for 1 Developer Named User  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: WMXMAINT13
주문 ₩ 155,000 Maintenance and Support License for 1 Developer Concurrent User  * 다운로드로 납품
메이커 제품 번호: WMXMAINT13-CON #

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What's New in SlickEdit 2013 ?
SlickEdit 2013 is a cross-platform, multi-language code editor that gives programmers the ability to code in over 50 languages on 9 platforms. This latest version builds on the company’s 24 years of experience in enabling developers and development teams to create, navigate, modify, build, and debug code faster and more accurately. SlickEdit 2013 delivers a wide range of powerful new features and existing feature enhancements, including:

Multiple Document Group Interface
The MDI layout has been completely rewritten to support multiple groups of document tabs. Document tabs (and groups of tabs) can be floated as separate top-level windows, allowing better use of multiple monitors Files can be dragged and dropped to move between tab groups or to create new groups. The new document tabs offer much better performance than the previous File Tabs tool window, better supporting users who prefer to keep many files open.

Repository Log Browser
A new Repository Browser dialog displays a summary of a repository's comment log history. Use the Tools > Version Control > Browse Repository... menu to bring up the dialog.

History Diff
A new History Diff dialog allows you to quickly see side-by-side historical revision differences. This is supported for Subversion, Perforce, Mercurial, Git, and Backup History. Use the Tools > Version Control > History Diff on... menu.

Support for Large Files
Reading and saving files greater than 2GB is now supported. In theory the maximum limit is 2TB, but available system memory and hard drive speed are now the limiting factors. For substantially better performance, use an SSD.

More Beautifiers
New beautifies have been added for Java and C#. New options have been added to better support beautification of doc comments.

New Languages
Support has been added for Matlab, CoffeeScript, Markdown, and Google Go.

Android NDK Projects
SlickEdit now supports developing Android application that use the NDK development kit, including NDK debugging.

Reload with Encoding
A new File > Reload with Encoding menu item brings up a dialog which enables you to quickly reload an open file with a new encoding.


From the instant you launch SlickEdit you’ll appreciate its speed. For quick changes you can launch SlickEdit, make your edits, and close down in less time than it takes for other IDEs to finish loading. Because the engine is native C++, you will experience very rapid response times to keyboard and mouse commands. SlickEdit also contains various project wizards to move into actual coding faster by automating project set-up steps.

SlickEdit uses its' intelligence to auto complete symbols and automatically expand function syntax. For most languages, SlickEdit will auto indent while you are typing, paste code at the proper indent level, and also beautify code at the touch of a button. Java Live Errors alerts you to any syntactical errors while typing, saving you time fixing compiler errors. Advanced functionality such as Surround With enables you to choose a code block and surround it with language-specific structures. Many other rapid coding features await you inside SlickEdit.

Developers need power when they code and SlickEdit delivers. When coding, SlickEdit provides outstanding symbol analysis. For many of the 40 supported languages, SlickEdit provides intelligent coding assistance that performs expression type, scope and inheritance analysis as code is written. SlickEdit automatically displays the prototype for a function when the function operator is typed and lists the members when typing a member access operator.

Navigate code with ease in SlickEdit. SlickEdit's tag-driven navigation engine enables a user to jump to a symbol’s definition or to where it has been used throughout the project, even if the files containing the results are not currently open.

SlickEdit’s C++ refactoring engine is second to none. With 18 different refactorings including extract method and modify parameter list, SlickEdit will save you countless hours when performing refactoring operations. SlickEdit enables you review and accept or reject every change that the refactoring engine has made.

When you need to difference files/projects or merge multiple files together, SlickEdit’s difference and merge tool gives you ultimate power. SlickEdit enables you to compare two files, two directories, or two source trees providing both a traditional file difference view and a symbol difference view. SlickEdit also gives you full editing capabilities during difference and merge operations, which saves you time.

Each developer has an individual coding style and is most effective when coding that way. SlickEdit recognizes this and has designed its tool to accommodate varying programming styles. Starting with the workspace almost everything can be configured. All windows are dockable, tabs can be moved anywhere, and toolbars can be hidden. Fonts and coloring are fully customizable, including background, text, and different types of symbols.

SlickEdit supports 13 different key-binding emulations, and you can also re-bind any key and bind operations to the mouse wheel. Viewing code is configurable with code collapsing, soft wrap, hex views, display of line numbers and display of special characters. Even searching with SlickEdit is flexible. Syntax-driven search enables you to restrict your search to specific code elements such as include/exclude comments, symbols, and strings.



Code Navigation
Use Ctrl+Dot to jump from a symbol to its definition. Use Ctrl+/ to list all of the references for the current symbol and optionally jump to the first reference.

Preview Tool Window
Displays the definition of the current symbol in the editor window, allowing you to see the definition without having to open a separate buffer.

References Tool Window
Displays the list of references for a symbol. Use a single keystroke to open the References view for the current symbol, or you can type or select a symbol in the Symbol drop-down list.

Syntax Expansion
Expands common block structures (if, for, try, etc.) when the initial keyword is typed.

Surround With
Use to surround existing lines of code with a new structure (if, for, try, etc.). The existing code is automatically placed inside braces and

Reduce keystrokes by automatically completing symbols as you type.

Provides editable dynamic differencing and merging for files, directories, and source trees.

Comment Wrapping
Automatically wraps comments to the next line as you type.

Smart Line Selections
Line selections for single or multiple lines are pasted above or below the current line of code.

Line selections are automatically formatted when pasted.


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