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SocketTools Telnet Toolbox

by Catalyst Development Corporation - Product Type: Component / .NET Class / ActiveX OCX / DLL

SocketTools Toolbox products are available as part of SocketTools Visual Edition and SocketTools Library Editionand SocketTools .NET Edition.

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Connect to a remote system or device using the TELNET protocol. SocketTools Telnet Toolbox lets you use the TELNET protocol to interface with legacy services and to control network devices. For example, a graphical Windows application can use TELNET to connect to a server running a character-based application, send commands and process the output, providing the user with a modern interface without the expense of rewriting the backend software.

SocketTools Telnet Toolbox Overview
The Telnet protocol provides a interactive interface to remote systems and devices on a network. Telnet servers are available for virtually all operating system platforms, and is commonly used by routers and other network devices to provide a command line interface. There are extended options for Telnet which supports secure connections using SSL/TLS, although these are not commonly used. For remote administration over the Internet, SSH has largely replaced Telnet, but it is still widely used over local networks. Here's an overview of just some of this product's features:

  • Includes managed .NET classes compatible Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008/2010
  • Includes an ATL-based ActiveX control compatible with Visual Basic 6.0 and many other languages
  • Includes a standard Windows dynamic link library (DLL) and C++ class
  • Supports options to enable and disable local echo mode
  • Execute commands and search the data stream for specific character sequences
  • Create GUI interfaces for legacy character-based applications running on a server
  • Support for the industry standard SSL and TLS protocols with up to 256-bit encryption
  • Includes both high level and lower level interfaces for maximum flexibility
  • Support for custom commands and protocol extensions
  • Low resource utilization and no external dependencies on third-party libraries
  • Support for both synchronous and asynchronous network connections
  • Thread-safe implementation with full support for multithreaded applications
  • An extensive Developer's Guide and online Technical Reference
  • A professional technical support staff and extensive online support resources
  • No runtime licensing fees or additional royalties, unlimited redistribution to end-users
  • A trusted company with over 10 years experience developing Internet components

Secure Connections
The Telnet Toolbox components support secure connections using SSL and TLS. Data is encrypted using industry standard protocols, protecting both the client authentication credentials and the data that is being exchanged. Enabling the security features in your application is typically as simple as setting a single property or specifying an additional connection option. SocketTools supports strong encryption up to 256 bits and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cipher, among several others. The data encryption is handled transparently, with no special knowledge required on your part, and does not depend on any external third-party libraries. SocketTools also supports certificate validation and authentication using client certificates. It is important to note however, that this product does not include support for the SSH protocol.  For secure, interactive terminal sessions, particularly when connecting to a system over the Internet, it is recommended that you use the SocketTools SSH Toolbox.

Toolbox Components
The SocketTools Telnet Toolbox includes a .NET class for managed code development in Visual C# and Visual Basic .NET, an ActiveX control for development in Visual Basic 6.0, and a standard Windows DLL that can be used with virtually any Windows programming language. Because the Toolbox package includes each of these component types, it ensures that you can use SocketTools with the development platform and tools of your choice, without limitations or workarounds. If you're working in C++, you can use the DLL and the C++ class that's included. If you're working in C#, you can use the managed class that's supported on versions 1.1, 2.0, 3.5 and 4.0 of the .NET Framework. If you're working with legacy code in Visual Basic 6.0, using languages like Visual FoxPro or PowerBuilder, or need to write some scripting code, you can use the ActiveX control. With the SocketTools Toolbox, you have the freedom to choose what best meets your specific needs for any type of project.

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