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Stimulsoft Reports.Web for MVC

by Stimulsoft - Product Type: Component / ASP.NET MVC

Stimulsoft Reports.Web for MVC is now part of Stimulsoft Reports.Web.

Reporting tool for ASP.NET MVC. Stimulsoft Reports.Web for MVC is a reporting tool designed for developing reports in ASP.NET using MVC technology.  It includes a wide range of options including displaying reports in a browser, printing reports, saving reports to 20+ formats, such as PDF, XPS, Excel, Word, HTML, RTF and XML. It also includes a Web based report designer that allows you to edit reports directly in the browser. The product supports the classic ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET MVC Razor and there is no need to install .NET, any ActiveX components on the client machine. 

What’s new in Stimulsoft Reports 2013.1?

  • New chart styles
  • New system of displaying errors when rendering reports.
  • Sort data when printing via business objects.
  • View report details without opening a new tab.
  • UI translation into Norwegian "Bokmål" (nb-NO) and Bahasa Indonesia (in) languages.
  • Extended German Localization
  • New data adapter that allows you to work directly with the Sybase SQL Anywhere.
  • Request parameters from the database.

Stimulsoft Reports.Mobile

  • HTML5 Web Designer includes Ribbon GUI, animated drop-down lists and forms.
  • Perform operations much faster.
  • Quick zoom.
  • Open reports directly from the local disk.

Stimulsoft Reports.WinRT

  • Report designer allows creating and editing reports on any device running Windows 8.
  • Send report files through any programs that support the Share function.

What’s new in Stimulsoft Report 2012.3?

  • Culture Operations in Globalization - Now has two new functions "Get culture" and "Set culture." The "Get culture" function can be used to fill in the current report culture with values from the report. The "Set culture" function can be used to apply a customized culture directly to the current account when designing a report.
  • New Page Function - Just right click the context menu to create a new report page. Other page controls are located in the menu, for example, Delete Page, Change Page Order and others.
  • Keep First Row Together - In Master-detail reports it may be necessary to keep detail bands along with the master band. The KeepDetails property is used for this.
  • Navigation - When exporting a report, you can add hyperlinks and bookmarks. This simplifies the navigation of complex and large report and allows you to instantly jump to the desired section of the report.
  • Strikeout Style - Added a feature to show strikeout text in Conditions. This option extends the functionality of the Condition and improves text readability.
  • Collapsing in Cross-Tab - The ability to collapse the text blocks in Cross-Tab reports is now available via the Interaction property.
  • Chart Series Labels - It is now possible to set special conditions to customize charts. Conditions can be set using the Conditions property of the series label.
  • TextInCells Component and CanGrow Property - The TextInCells component may increase its size if the information contained in it does not fit.
  • Chart Table – Display values for each series in detail.
  • New Painting for Chart and Bar-Codes - Improved quality of charts and barcodes.
  • Show Instead Null Values - This option allows you to display another text value instead of Null from a database in the web report designer.
  • Global Clipboard - You can now copy components from WinForms report designer and embed them in a web report designer, and vice versa.

What’s new in Stimulsoft Reports 2012.2?

  • New Financial Charts - Funnel chart, Candlestick chart and Stock chart
  • New Range Charts - RangeBar and Spline Range charts added
  • New Silverlight Themes - Office 2013 Blue, Office 2013 Violet, Office 2013 Carmine, Office 2013 Teal, Office 2013 Green, Office 2013 Orange, Office Light Blue 2013
  • Encrypted Connection Strings – Stop unauthorized access to your database through report contents
  • Teradata – A Teradata adapter added
  • Design Report Button - Call the report designer directly from the report preview
  • Samples - New examples illustrate various aspects of working with reports.
  • Windows 8, VS2012 and .NET 4.5 Compatibility – Stimulsoft Reports have been tested on Windows 8, Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5
  • New Import Tool - Convert your from ComponentOne reports to Stimulsoft reports
  • Trend Lines in Charts - The Trend Line is available as a property in the Series of the chart component. The report engine supports three types of trend lines: Linear, Exponential and Logarithmic.
  • CheckBox and Styles - Change the appearance of all components in the report with help of a style collection
  • New HTML Tags - UL and OL html tags are now supported in the text component

What’s new in Stimulsoft Reports 2012.1?

  • HTML5 - Export to HTML5 from all report viewers
  • New Report Camparison Tool - Compare two reports and show difference in components, data sources, business objects and variables
  • Export Settings in the WebViewer - Install all options before a report is exported to a different format
  • Report Themes - Format the entire report with one click
  • Interactive Sorting in WebViewer - Sort report data by one or by multiple columns
  • ShowHeaders Option in Designer.Web – Show or hide band headers on a report
  • Packed Queries in Silverlight - Decreasing the size of report requests 10-20 times
  • New Range Chart Type - Display the range of some data between its initial and final values
  • Conditions and Filters of Charts in WPF - Visually select the desired items of your chart using  specified conditions
  • Silverlight Tab Code - View the source code of a report and add methods and variables to extend its functionality
  • Silverlight Report Engine Supports Text Justifying - Alignment is specified using the HorAlignment property of the text component or using the controls of the reports designer
  • HTML Tags in Silverlight - HTML tags can be used if you change the AllowHtmlTags property of the text component to true
  • Silverlight 5 - Now includes assemblies compiled under Silverlight 5
  • Printing as HTML in Web Preview Tab - All fonts are printed in a vector format which removes large amounts of data and text blurring
  • Supporting Clipboard in Report Checker in Designer.Web - Copy error messages to the clipboard in Designer.Web
  • New Chart Types - Radar and Bubble chart types added to Designer.Web

Stimulsoft Reports.Web for MVC Features

  • Templates - Visually select the data you want to output using both bound and independent data
  • Sorting, Grouping and Filtering - Data can be grouped, sorted, filtered and logically bound
  • Hierarchical Reports - Create reports quickly and visually, the number of nesting levels in Master-Detail reports is unlimited
  • Multicolumn Reports - Columns can be output on a page or in a band, the number of columns is unlimited
  • Grouping - Group data using simple or complicated conditions, the number of groupings in one report is unlimited
  • Charts - A comprehensive set of charts is available including Clustered Column, Area, Pie, Doughnut, Line, Spline, Gantt, Scatter, Radar and Bubble charts
  • Segmented Pages - Create reports using page height or width
  • Cross Reports - Rendering simple and compound cross-reports
  • Totals Calculation - Calculate report, group, column and page totals including Sum, Count, Avg, Max, Min, First and Last
  • ADO.NET Data Types Support - Full support for all ADO.NET data types including DataSet, DataTable, DataView, DataRelation
  • Business Objects Support - Business objects are fully supported including IList, IEnumerable, ITypedList, classes and enumeration
  • Access to Data Directly – Receive data from MS SQL, Oracle, ODBC, OleDB, FirebirdSQL and PostgeSQL
  • Access to Data in XML – Receive data from XML files
  • Compound User Data Support - Connect with compound user data and display compound data in reports
  • Report Designer at Runtime – Build in the ability to edit reports in your application
  • User-Friendly Interface - The report designer has a professional and usable interface with docking windows, toolbars, hotkeys, wizards are available
  • Zoom - View the whole page or display any part of the report
  • Localization - The report designer is fully translated into several languages
  • Saving and Loading - Reports can be saved from the preview window or directly from code
  • Exporting - The following formats are available PDF, XPS, RTF, HTML, Excel, Word, TXT, XML, EMF, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and Tiff

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