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Syncfusion Essential DocIO

by Syncfusion - Product Type: Component / ASP.NET WebForms / ASP.NET AJAX (ATLAS) / ASP.NET MVC / .NET WinForms / .NET Class / .NET WPF / Silverlight / 100% Managed Code / Windows Runtime Controls / Source Code

This product is no longer sold individually, but is available within Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition and one of Syncfusion’s 9 platform-dedicated suites.

Easily read, write, and modify Microsoft Word files within your .NET applications, with no need for Word to be installed on your users’ systems. Syncfusion Essential DocIO features a full-fledged object model (similar to the Microsoft Office Automation libraries) and an extensive range of functionality, including support for formatting and customizing content, mail merge, inserting tables, bookmarks, protecting a document, working with streams, inserting headers and footers, and much more. You can also convert Word docs to & from the HTML, RTF formats, and convert Word files to the Text, EPUB, and PDF formats. The library can create and consume files based on a wide set of Word .doc file format variants – it’s compatible with the native file format for Word Versions 97-2003, and the .docx format for Versions 2007 and 2010. Essential DocIO has been optimized for use on servers where speed and memory usage are critical. It can easily handle multiple requests for report generation in scenarios such as Web sites serving reports to hundreds of simultaneous users. Essential DocIO is also highly optimized to generate Word files with large amounts of data. It works more than 100x faster than Microsoft Word automation and consumes much less memory. This 100% C# library allows you to read and create richly formatted, standards-compliant Word reports in Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF, ASP.NET MVC, and Silverlight applications. Essential DocIO features simple, hassle-free licensing, with no per-server fees, distribution fees, or royalties. It’s available stand-alone or as part of Syncfusion’s Essential Studio Enterprise Edition and Essential Studio Reporting Edition packages. Complete, easy-to-work with source code is available with the Source version of the product. Visual Studio 2008 & 2010 are supported, and the product is compatible with the Visual Studio 2012 RC. Every Syncfusion license is backed by a 1-year subscription for access to frequent new releases (one per quarter) and unlimited technical support during the period of coverage, ensuring you can get the answer you need, when you need it.

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Please note: Syncfusion Essential DocIO includes ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, WPF and Windows Forms components.

What's new in Essential DocIO 2012 Vol 4?

  • DocIO Library for WinRT - Essential DocIO is now available for WinRT. This library enables applications to dynamically generate Word documents from scratch and perform mail merge, form filling, and other common tasks without any reliance on Microsoft Word. You can open and save documents using asynchronous methods, which enable you to create a responsive UI for your applications.
  • Word 2013 Support - Compatibility for Word 2013 has been added. Users can create new Word 2013 documents, or modify existing ones.

What's new in Essential DocIO 2012 Vol 2?

  • Support for Preserving Content Control - Essential DocIO now provides limited support to preserve the Content control. The Content control helps you design a Word document (.docx) or template (.dotx)

What’s new in Essential DocIO 2012 Volume 1?

  • Preserving Macro-Enabled Documents - A macro is a piece of Visual Basic (VB) programming code embedded in a Word file to automate repetitive tasks. Essential DocIO provides support for manipulating Microsoft Word macro-enabled documents (.docm) and Microsoft Word macro-enabled templates (.dotm) of Word 2007 and Word 2010 format.  Now, the macros present in the input macro-enabled document are preserved during conversion to another macro-enabled document (.docm to .docm, .dotm to .dotm, .docm to .dotm, and vice versa). However, Essential DocIO does not have support to create or edit macro commands in the macro-enabled documents.

Syncfusion Essential DocIO Document Settings
Essential DocIO provides support for creation and manipulation or various document settings both from new and existing documents.

Syncfusion Essential DocIO Find and Replace
Essential DocIO provides convenient APIs to search and replace specific document contents.

Syncfusion Essential DocIO Forms
While MS Word forms let you create templates with control placeholders to enter custom information, Essential DocIO lets you fill such forms programmatically with data retrieved from custom data sources.

Syncfusion Essential DocIO Mail Merge
Essential DocIO lets you perform mail-merge functionalities on template documents filled with placeholders, called mail-merge fields. It can open these templates in-memory and replace the fields with data from custom data sources.

Syncfusion Essential DocIO OLE Extraction
Essential DocIO provides advanced support for the extraction and embedding of OLE objects from existing word documents.

Syncfusion Essential DocIO Document Protection
This section illustrates the various forms of document protection supported by Essential DocIO.

Syncfusion Essential DocIO Document Formatting
Essential DocIO exposes powerful set of APIs to support wide range of formatting which includes, (Character formatting, Paragraph formatting, Table formatting, Bullets and List formatting, etc) and built-in styles.

  • Paragraph Formatting
  • Text Formatting
  • Page Number Format
  • Bullets and Numbered Lists
  • Background and Watermark
  • Built-in Styles
  • Custom Styles

Syncfusion Essential DocIO Tables
Essential DocIO lets you insert tables with numerous formatting options within your documents.

Syncfusion Essential DocIO Bookmarks
Using Essential DocIO, users can create, traverse, modify, and replace bookmarks.

Syncfusion Essential DocIO Document-level Operations
Multiple documents can be combined into a single document by utilizing the cloning and merging capabilities of Essential DocIO. This feature comes in very handy when dealing with content from several documents.

Syncfusion Essential DocIO Comments
Essential DocIO supports the inclusion of comments in documents where you can display custom-defined text or help data.

Syncfusion Essential DocIO Symbols
Essential DocIO supports the insertion of symbols in the Word documents.

Syncfusion Essential DocIO Import and Export

  • DOC to PDF
  • DOC to HTML
  • DOC to RTF
  • DOC to Text
  • HTML to Doc
  • RTF to DOC
  • Streaming Support

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