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Syncfusion Essential Edit

by Syncfusion - Product Type: Component / .NET WinForms / .NET WPF / 100% Managed Code

This product is no longer sold individually, but is available within Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition and one of Syncfusion’s 9 platform-dedicated suites.

Add Syntax highlighted editing functionality to your applications. Syncfusion Essential Edit is a syntax highlighting edit control that is designed to be extensible and easy to use. Syncfusion Essential Edit does not derive from the Rich Edit control. It is written from the ground up to be extensible and powerful. Features Multi-level Undo / Redo and rich formatting options. It comes with syntax files for commonly used languages and configuration can be done easily through a simple configuration file.

Please note: Syncfusion Essential Edit includes Windows Forms and WPF components.

What’s new in Syncfusion Essential Edit 2011 Vol 4?

  • Applications will not go behind VS2008 when Find Dialog Box is closed
  • Suggested intellisence no longer ignores the case
  • Scrolling is working now when the text content is selected in the EditContol
  • Issue with WPF Document Language property is fixed

Syncfusion Essential Edit for WPF Significant Features
Essential Edit supports editing, file operations, line number, undo and redo options and read-only mode features.

  • Basic Editing
  • Built-in Routed UI Commands
  • File Operations
  • Line Number Support
  • Read-Only Mode
  • Find and Replace Support
  • Undo-Redo Support

Syncfusion Essential Edit for WPF IntelliSense Support
IntelliSense support in Essential Edit enables users to select from a list of possible words that will be appended to text. This feature is especially helpful to developers for quickly picking and choosing keywords, fields, types, methods, etc. There are also exclusive properties and events for customizing IntelliSense.

Syncfusion Essential Edit for WPF Language Support
Essential Edit comes with language support. It supports expand and collapse of a region of code, syntax highlighting for C#, Visual Basic and custom languages.

  • Custom Language Support
  • Expand-Collapse
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Highlighting XAML and XML Syntax
  • Visual Basic and Custom Language Support
  • Expand-Collapse XAML and XML
  • ToolTips and Selecting Text
  • Indent and Comment Routed Commands

Syncfusion Essential Edit for WPF Platform Compatibility
Essential Edit supports eXtensible Application Markup Language(XAML), procedural code, Windows and XBAP platforms

  • Supported Platforms
  • Windows and XBAP

Syncfusion Essential Edit for Windows Forms Syntax Highlighting and Code Coloring
The edit control supports syntax highlighting and code coloring, enhancing the readability of the code. It also supports highlighting embedded scripts as well as plain text. XML-based configuration files are used for syntax highlighting. This control offers built-in support for highlighting the syntax of certain commonly used languages. The configuration files are extensible and can be configured to highlight any desired language.

  • Configuration Editor
  • Predefined Configuration
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • XML-Based Configuration Files

Syncfusion Essential Edit for Windows Forms Advanced Editor Functions
The edit control can be used as a stand-alone text editing control capable of performing advanced functions like find-replace, line numbers, font customization, clipboard operations, text highlighting, and user margin operations. It also supports a highly customizable, built-in context menu. All of these features make Essential Edit an extremely useful control, even when syntax highlighting is not required in an application.

  • Action Grouping
  • AutoReplace Triggers
  • AutoText Formatting
  • Clipboard Operations
  • Column Guides
  • Context Menu
  • Custom Cursors
  • Enhanced Find Dialog
  • Find and Replace
  • Find And Replace History
  • Font Customization
  • Line and Selection Background
  • Line Numbers
  • Line Numbers and Current Line Highlighting
  • Selection Margin
  • Serialization
  • Status Bar
  • Text Highlighting
  • Text Range Customization
  • Text Selection
  • Undo and Redo
  • User Margin
  • White Space Indicators

Syncfusion Essential Edit for Windows Forms Files and Streams

The edit control offers complete support for all standard file and stream handling operations. The syntax highlighting also automatically reconfigures itself based on the extension of the file that has been loaded. For example, when a SQL file is loaded into Essential Edit, automatically, SQL configuration settings will be used to highlight the content of the file.

Syncfusion Essential Edit for Windows Forms Localization and Globalization
In the age of globalization the markets for all goods become more and more internationalized, enforcing the need to provide information in a variety of languages. The edit control supports complete localization to any desired language of all the dialogs and strings associated with it.

Syncfusion Essential Edit for Windows Forms Text Export
The edit control supports exporting its content into commonly accepted universal formats like HTML, XML, and RTF. The exported files can then be opened in standard editors, like Visual Studio or Microsoft Word, and edited as required.

Syncfusion Essential Edit for Windows Forms Appearance
The edit control provides support for customizing its appearance through the use of a gradient background, WordWrap and user margins, and a Windows XP-themed appearance. It also supports multiple views of the same file through the use of vertical and horizontal splitters.

  • Customizable Find Dialog
  • Gradient Background
  • Single Line Mode
  • Text alone RTL Support
  • View Splitting
  • Windows Themes

Syncfusion Essential Edit for Windows Forms IntelliSense Functions
The IntelliSense support found in the edit control consists principally of the "Context Choice," the "Context Prompt," and the "Context ToolTip" features. These features are analogous to the "List Members," "Parameter Info," and "Quick Info" IntelliSense features in Visual Studio.NET, respectively.

  • Code Snippet
  • Context Choice
  • Context Choice from XML
  • Context Prompt
  • Context Prompt from XML
  • Context ToolTip

Syncfusion Essential Edit for Windows Forms Text Formatting
The edit control has text formatting support for laying out its contents. Common text formatting techniques, like WordWrap, Indentation-Outdentation, Outlining, Content Dividers, and so on, are available in Essential Edit.

  • AutoIndent
  • AutoOutline
  • Content Divider
  • Format Keywords
  • Positive and Negative Block Indent
  • Spaces and Tabs
  • Unicode Support
  • WordWrap

Syncfusion Essential Edit for Windows Forms Advanced Keyboard Interaction
Through the use of shortcuts keys, the edit control supports extensive interaction with the keyboard in order to perform certain predefined or custom-bound actions. The insert state of the edit control can also be toggled by using the "Insert" key.

Syncfusion Essential Edit for Windows Forms Text Navigation
The edit control has extensive support for navigating through its content. Apart from standard navigation techniques using the keyboard, it also supports bookmarks navigation, bracket highlighting, indentation guidelines, and text drag-drop.

  • Bookmarks and Custom Indicators
  • Bracket Highlighting and Indentation Guidelines
  • Break Points in Edit Control
  • Drag-and-Drop
  • Navigation
  • Positions and Offsets
  • Scroll Bar Events

Syncfusion Essential Edit for Windows Forms Printing Support
The edit control provides complete support for printing. There are options to print an entire document; just the current page; specific pages; or only selected text. The printing implementation is very similar to those available in standard applications such as Microsoft Office or Visual Studio .NET.

  • Headers and Footers
  • Print Dialog
  • Print Preview

Syncfusion Essential Edit for Windows Forms Graphics Support
The edit control has the ability to generate a bitmap image of itself. The bitmap image looks exactly like an actual snapshot of a live-instance edit control.

Syncfusion Essential Edit for Windows Forms Visual Studio Designer Support
Visual Studio fully supports Essential Edit as a developer component. It can be hosted in a toolbox, dragged and dropped onto a form or a user control, and customized at design-time in the Visual Studio designer.


Annual Subscription Renewal: for subscriptions soon to expire or up to 2 weeks past expiration.

Reinstatement of lapsed subscription: for subscriptions lapsed longer than 2 weeks.

Support for Syncfusion products is available through a Direct-Trac support system. Support is also available by e-mail and phone. Direct-Trac is a developer support system that is uniquely tailored for developer needs. Support incidents can be created and tracked to completion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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