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Syncfusion Essential HTMLUI

by Syncfusion - Product Type: Component / ASP.NET WebForms / ASP.NET AJAX (ATLAS) / .NET WinForms / .NET Class / 100% Managed Code / Source Code

This product is no longer sold individually, but is available within Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition and one of Syncfusion’s 9 platform-dedicated suites.

Display HTML without relying on Internet Explorer. Essential HTMLUI is a display engine for HTML. It is written from scratch in C#. It does not rely on IE for rendering HTML, and its functionality is similar to a Web browser for display purposes. Essential HTMLUI can be used for the provision of extremely flexible user interfaces generated on demand. It can also function as a complex layout management system for text, controls, and graphics. It is also available as part of Syncfusion's Essential Studio.

What’s new in Syncfusion Essential HTMLUI 2011

  • Margins between the image and the boundary of a table have been corrected.

What’s new in Syncfusion Essential HTMLUI 2010 Vol 4?

  • An exception is no longer thrown when searching text in HTMLUI.
  • HTMLUI now allows you to select text.
  • Starting and ending lines are now printed properly.

What's new in Essential Studio 2010 Volume 2? - Complete integration with the Visual Studio 2010 designer surface and support for Silverlight 4 and ASP.NET MVC 2.0.

What's new in Essential Studio 2010 Volume 1? - Now supports Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft .NET 4.0 for all Syncfusion products, as well as many feature enhancements that make the tools more powerful and flexible, while remaining easy to use.

What’s new in Syncfusion Essential HTMLUI?

  • This release is a maintenance update of HTMLUI for Windows Forms; it contains bug fixes.
  • Complete Visual Studio 2008 support

What's new in V5?

  • Improved Office 2007 support - V5 expands on the Microsoft Office 2007 functionality currently available in Essential Studio. In addition to a full fidelity Ribbon control there is expanded support for Microsoft Office 2007 look and feel across controls. The Docking Manager, GroupBar, Editors and more can all be switched to the Office 2007 look with no code
  • Vista compatibility - Starting with the install which offers complete and seamless integration with Vista's UAC features to provide you the best possible install experience, all Syncfusion controls have been tested on and are 100% compatible with Vista. Recompile your applications with the new release and get ready to release to Vista users
  • ASP.NET AJAX controls - All Syncfusion controls have been updated to work seamlessly with the ASP.NET AJAX framework
  • Updates & bug fixes - V5 has solid updates and bug fixes for every product in Essential Studio. Recompile with the latest version to benefit from improved stability, better documentation and improved performance

What's new in V4.4x?

  • In V4.4, all ASP.NET controls in Essential Studio are Atlas-enabled

What's new in V4.3x?

  • Frames are now supported
  • Support for assigning the IHTMLFormat object to elements has been added
  • Gradient backgrounds for HTML elements are supported
  • Support for proxy servers in the LoadHTML (System.Uri uri) has been added
  • Multiple paragraphs may be copied from the control to the clipboard

What's new in V4.2x?

  • Enhanced Clipboard support offers greater ease of use
  • Add search functionality by programmatically controlling the search dialogue
  • Several enhancements and fixes for higher visual fidelity

What's new in V4.1x?

  • Now supports Visual Studio 2005!

Easily load and display HTML content - The HTMLUI Control can be easily populated with HTML content from different sources. The control provides events that allow the developer to change the control's behavior based on the document loaded.

  • Load HTML content from different sources
  • Handles relative links
  • Load XML documents using XSLT
  • Full-fledged support for HTML tags
  • Support for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Localization support - Localization primarily involves changing text and other data presented in the user interface. Localization-ready applications typically have to account for resizing elements so that they can be displayed properly with changed data. HTMLUI makes this possible without any design time or runtime changes using powerful and well-tested HTML style declarative layout.

  • Layouts using HTMLUI can be easily localized
  • Skins & Themes for different locales

HTML Tags supported - HTMLUI supports a wide variety of HTML tags that can be used to display very rich HTML documents.

  • Document tags
  • Formatting-related tags

HTMLUI is easy to use and powerful - HTMLUI is very easy to use with complete designer integration. The control is very powerful and rich interfaces can be created with minimal coding.

  • Full programmatic access to HTML elements
  • Supports scripting
  • Custom representation of elements
  • Written in C#. Full source code is available

Rich user experience- HTMLUI provides the means to easily and declaratively enable a very rich user interface.

  • Extensive end user interaction capabilities
  • Host Windows Forms controls

Lightweight and easy to deploy - HTMLUI is a light weight HTML rendering control that can be deployed easily. It only requires the Microsoft .NET runtime to be installed on the target clients.

  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications
  • No dependence on Internet Explorer


Syncfusion products come with 60 days or 1 year of support and updates. If you require support for additional periods then please purchase an Annual Subscription Renewal License.

Support for Syncfusion products is available through a Direct-Trac support system. Support is also available by e-mail and phone. Direct-Trac is a developer support system that is uniquely tailored for developer needs. Support incidents can be created and tracked to completion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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