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Syncfusion Essential Studio Business Intelligence Edition - 评分

经 Syncfusion - 产品类型: 构件 / ASP.NET WebForms / .NET WPF / Silverlight / 100% 受控代码 / JavaScript / AJAX

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This product is no longer sold individually, but is available within Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition and one of Syncfusion’s 9 platform-dedicated suites.


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ldominguez [Mexico] 2011-01-20评分: 

 *  We bought SyncFusion Essential Studio Business Intelligence Edition after an evaluation of 10 other options based on price, functionality and ease of programming criteria. The only thing that we were not really sure about it was that it was a realtively new component in the market and this frequently means untested product and many bugs. Now I can tell you that it was not the case. The product is great, very easy to use and to embeed into our product and with a very good support response time and efectiveness. I really recommend this product.

dan [Israel] 2010-07-19评分: 

 *  We purchased Syncfusion BI Edition despite the fact that it was a relatively new and untested component, and were not disappointed. The support is outstanding, whether we need bug fixes, coding tips, or to fill in missing functionality. If necessary, patches are send almost immediately. Working with the components is straightforward, with lots of samples for reference and rich functionality to be discovered in the code. Altogether a very good software package, giving excellent value for our money.




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