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Syncfusion Essential Studio Reporting Edition

by Syncfusion - Product Type: Component / ASP.NET WebForms / ASP.NET AJAX (ATLAS) / ASP.NET MVC / .NET WinForms / .NET WPF / Silverlight

This product is no longer sold individually, but is available within Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition and one of Syncfusion’s 9 platform-dedicated suites.

Give your users the ability to generate the reports they need, in the formats they prefer. Syncfusion Essential Studio Reporting Edition enables the creation of advanced business-centric reports that use the Excel, Word, PDF, and RDL standards – all with no dependence on Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat. Integrate document-based reporting into your Windows and Web applications, and leverage Syncfusion’s performance capabilities to create applications more than a hundred times faster than Office automation. Take advantage of the report designer, report writer, and report viewer’s support for the open standard RDL to ensure your users can access their data for decades to come. The suite’s additional functionality ranges from support for barcodes to a calculation engine with more than 150 built-in formulas. Syncfusion Essential Studio Reporting Edition includes: Essential XlsIO, Essential DocIO, Essential PDF, Essential PDF Viewer, Essential Report Writer, Essential Report Viewer, Essential Report Designer, Essential Grouping, Essential Calculate, Essential Spreadsheet, and Essential ProjIO. The currently supported platforms are ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, Silverlight, and Windows Forms. Fully integrated with Visual Studio 2008 & 2010, and compatible with Visual Studio 2012. Complete, easy-to-work with source code is available with the Source version of the product. Every Syncfusion license is backed by a 1-year subscription for unlimited technical support and access to frequent new releases (one per quarter), ensuring you can get the answer you need, when you need it. Essential Studio Reporting Edition features simple, hassle-free licensing, with no royalties or server deployment fees.

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What’s new in Essential Studio Reporting Edition 2012 Volume 2?

  • PDF - support for Tagged PDF when converting from HTML to PDF
  • PDF Viewer – support for embedded fonts and several additional image formats
  • XlsIO - Custom pivot engine for the runtime manipulation of pivot tables

What’s new in Essential Studio Reporting Edition 2012 Volume 1?

Essential DocIO

  • Preserving Macro-Enabled Documents - A macro is a piece of Visual Basic (VB) programming code embedded in a Word file to automate repetitive tasks. Essential DocIO provides support for manipulating Microsoft Word macro-enabled documents (.docm) and Microsoft Word macro-enabled templates (.dotm) of Word 2007 and Word 2010 format.  Now, the macros present in the input macro-enabled document are preserved during conversion to another macro-enabled document (.docm to .docm, .dotm to .dotm, .docm to .dotm, and vice versa). However, Essential DocIO does not have support to create or edit macro commands in the macro-enabled documents.

Essential PDF

  • Data Matrix Barcode Support - Essential PDF now provides support for rendering two-dimensional bar codes. Support for Data Matrix, one of the popular two-dimensional bar codes, has been included. The Data Matrix bar code can be generated from numeric or alphanumeric text. It supports different encoding structures such as ASCII (includes C40, Text, X12, and EDIFACT) and Base 256. Different sizes for the bar code symbol are available and can be chosen manually or according to the input. Data Matrix bar codes can be directly drawn in PDF or converted to an image.

Essential PDF Viewer

  • Improved Text Rendering - Text rendering has been greatly improved. Several improvements have been made to avoid text overlap and other spacing issues.

Essential Report Viewer for WPF

  • Merge Cells and Summary Support for Tablix - Essential Report Viewer can render different templates of Tablix, a flexible report item used to display data, which includes flat tables (with no row or column groups), tables with column groups but no row groups, and tables with both row groups and column groups. Essential Report Viewer now supports adding summary rows and columns to Tablix reports. Support has also been added for merged cells in Tablix, which were limited to header rows in previous releases.

Syncfusion Essential Studio Reporting includes:

  • Essential DocIO—Essential DocIO is a .NET library that can read and write Microsoft Word files. It features a full-fledged object model similar to the Microsoft Office Automation libraries. Essential DocIO makes it easy to create rich Word documents from your applications. Essential DocIO is a full-fledged .NET library that allows easy creation and manipulation of Word documents. It consists of a single .NET assembly which is compatible with both 32- and 64-bit machines, and has no external dependencies.
  • Essential Calculate—Essential Calculate allows you to add extensive calculation support to your business objects. Easily set up forms that have calculation dependencies among various controls. Essential Calculate comes with a functions library of more than 150 entries, and it supports cross-sheet references. When used in conjunction with Essential XlsIO, you can fully load, manipulate, and compute Excel spreadsheets with no dependence on Excel.
  • Essential XlsIO—Essential XlsIO is a .NET library that can read and write Microsoft Excel files. It features a full-fledged object model similar to the Microsoft Office Automation libraries. It can be used on systems that do not have Microsoft Excel installed, making it an excellent reporting engine for tabular data.
  • Essential PDF—Essential PDF is a .NET library that can produce Adobe PDF files from your data. It features a full-fledged object model allowing for the easy creation of PDF files using any .NET language. It supports numerous PDF content features such as fill forms, split, merge, and transform document functions, and does not have any external dependencies.
  • Essential Grouping—Essential Grouping is a high-performance grouping engine that can group any list of data. It is highly optimized and can handle large amounts of dynamic data. It features support for related data and filters. All aspects of the grouping engine are extensible and users can add functionalities, as needed.
  • Essential Report Viewer— Essential Report Viewer is a viewer component for displaying reports defined in Microsoft’s RDL format. You can use it to display tabular, graphical, or free-form reports which use relational, multidimensional, XML, and object data sources.
  • Essential Spreadsheet—A first of its kind control for WPF, Essential Spreadsheet combines some of Syncfusion’s most popular components like the Grid, Ribbon, Formula Engine, and others to allow users to view and edit Excel worksheets in a familiar Excel-like interface.
  • Essential PDF Viewer—A 100% managed .NET component that gives you the ability to view and print PDF documents from within your WPF and Windows Forms applications.
  • Essential ProjIO—Read and write Microsoft Project XML format documents without utilizing Microsoft Project. Built from scratch using C#, the ProjIO library is a non-UI component that can be used in Windows and Web applications.
  • Essential Report Writer—Essential Report Writer allows users to render reports defined in Microsoft’s RDL format as PDF documents. The RDL files for conversion can contain tabular, graphical, or free-form reports and make use of relational, multidimensional, XML, and object data sources.
  • Essential Report Designer - Essential Report Designer is a component for creating and previewing RDL-based reports. Using Essential Report Designer, you can quickly build the reports you need and display data in both tabular and visualization formats.


Syncfusion Essential Studio comes with 1 year of support and updates. If you require support for additional periods then please purchase an Annual Subscription Renewal License.

Support for Syncfusion products is available through a Direct-Trac support system. Support is also available by e-mail and phone.
Direct-Trac is a developer support system that is uniquely tailored for developer needs. Support incidents can be created and tracked to completion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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