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Transcender DBCert Fundamentals 1 (1Z0-031) Training Course

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TranscenderCert exam simulations provide the most realistic exam experience outside the real thing. We offer TranscenderCert products for Microsoft, Cisco, A+, i-Net+ and Network+ certifications. Using TranscenderCert, you can be sure that you are ready to pass the real exam. Computer professionals throughout the world have used TranscenderCert products to prepare for their exams.


TranscenderCert Product Features

  • Realistic questions - Transcender strives to present the most comprehensive and realistic exam questions available. This includes regular question formats, Simulation questions (where applicable), Select-and-Place questions (where applicable), and Case Study questions (where applicable). Case Studies also can include Create a Tree questions and/or Build List and Reorder questions
  • Detailed answer explanations - Every question is explained in detail. This is where the serious study value is in Transcender products. Most explanations are standard text, but the explanations for simulation questions are AVI files (where applicable)
  • Documentation references - Every answer explanation includes references to commonly available study materials. These references show you exactly where to look to study topics in detail
  • Score report - A detailed score report pinpoints your weak areas. TranscenderCert also can track your score history as you save your results over time. This feature is not included in products with Case-Study questions
  • Custom exam feature - This feature allows you to define an exam with the topics you want to cover. This feature is not included in products with Case-Study questions
  • Random exam feature - In addition to the multiple preset exams, random exams can be created that select questions from the entire question bank. This feature is not included in products with Case-Study questions
  • Expanded printing and review options - These options allow you to review and print items by topic, section or string
  • Instant feedback - You can now set the exam to give instant right/wrong feedback after each item is answered
  • Computer Adaptive Testing feature (CAT) - This feature provides you with an adaptive testing experience in which the exam delivers questions based on your response to previous questions. By default, Transcender products run in the standard testing mode, not in CAT mode. This is because users should use the standard test mode as the primary means of preparation. CAT should be used as a complementary preparation method. This feature is not included in products with Case-Study questions or in CompTIA- or Cisco-related products
  • Case-Study questions - This feature is another new testing technology introduced by Microsoft that we have emulated in our engine. A Case-Study question is a self-contained case that presents a large amount of information and then asks a number of questions about the information. Some are Create a Tree questions, which require the user to answer a question by manipulating a visual diagram of answer choices. Build List and Reorder questions are also common within Case Studies
  • Online manual/help - All product documentation is included within the electronic help file

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