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TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms Professional

by Text Control - Product Type: Component / .NET WinForms / Managed/Unmanaged Code - without COM

Give your application the ability to read, edit, and create documents in industry standard formats like MS Word DOCX, DOC, RTF and HTML. TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms includes the ability to export all documents to print-ready Adobe PDF documents without any third-party software. The fully programmable component supports nested tables, document sections, images, text frames, drag and drop, headers and footers, bulleted and numbered lists and MS Word compatible mail merge fields for database applications. Typical applications include mail merge, PDF creation, document conversion or WYSIWYG word processing.

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TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms X12 SP1 Professional

Add to Cart $ 1,045.59 1 Developer License Delivered via Download
Mfr. Part No: TX-2200-DP
Add to Cart $ 1,576.43 1 Developer License - with 1 Year Subscription Delivered via Download
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Add to Cart $ 2,091.18 4 Developer Team License Delivered via Download
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Add to Cart $ 3,152.86 4 Developer Team License - with 1 Year Subscription Delivered via Download
Mfr. Part No: TX-2200-DP-T-S
Add to Cart $ 569.05 1 Developer License Upgrade from TX Text Control for Windows Forms Professional or Standard 18 or better Delivered via Download
Mfr. Part No: TX-2200-U-DP
Add to Cart $ 821.83 1 Developer License Upgrade from TX Text Control for Windows Forms Professional or Standard 18 or better - with 1 Year Subscription Delivered via Download
Mfr. Part No: TX-2200-U-DP-S
Add to Cart $ 1,126.02 4 Developer Team License Upgrade from TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms Team License 18 or better Professional/Enterprise Delivered via Download
Mfr. Part No: TX-2200-U-DP-T
Add to Cart $ 1,576.43 4 Developer Team Upgrade from TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms Team License 18 or better Professional/Enterprise with Subscription Delivered via Download
Mfr. Part No: TX-2200-U-DP-T-S

TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms - Professional Subscription Renewals

Add to Cart $ 538.02 1 Developer License - Pre Expiry - for either Professional or Standard Edition Subscriptions Delivered via Download
Mfr. Part No: TX-2200-DP-S-PR
Add to Cart $ 685.02 1 Developer License - Post Expiry - for either Professional or Standard Edition Subscriptions - only available 30 days after the expiry date Delivered via Download
Mfr. Part No: TX-2200-DP-S-PO
Add to Cart $ 978.04 4 Developer Team License - Pre Expiry - for either Professional or Standard Edition Subscriptions Delivered via Download
Mfr. Part No: TX-2200-DP-T-S-PR
Add to Cart $ 1,273.02 4 Developer Team License - Post Expiry - for either Professional or Standard Edition Subscriptions - only available 30 days after the expiry date Delivered via Download
Mfr. Part No: TX-2200-DP-T-S-PO

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What's new in TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms X12 SP1?

  • Ribbon improvements and new style.
  • Direct printing support - without any browser plugins.
  • Client clipboard and drag and drop from MS Word.
  • New Office 2013 ribbon icons and style - collapsible and scrollable.
  • Opens the browser's print dialog without the external Window and PDF printing.
  • Copy and paste formatted content from client applications such as MS Word, OpenOffice and another browser tab or window to the editor.

What’s new in TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms X12?

  • Windows Imaging Component (WIC) Support - This feature also enables the insertion of other formats such as DICOM (DCM, DC3, DIC) or Photoshop files (PSD) with a specific installed codec.
  • New Office 2013 Ribbon Style and Icon Pack - The ribbon bar has been styled with a modern, fresh new Office 2013 inspired icon pack with 700+ new icons.
  • Merge Field and Block Navigation - New Panel allows easy navigation through all fields and merge blocks. Two different tab pages list all merge fields or all merge blocks and the contained fields within that block.
  • New Chart Properties Dialog - The template designer TX Text Control Words provides a new dialog to adjust the properties of chart objects. All properties including the chart style, legends, labels, series and titles can be adjusted.
  • New Context Menu Style and Icons - Based on the new, Office 2013 inspired icon set, the built-in context menus have been redesigned with a modern and fresh look.
  • Visual Studio 2015 Compatibility - As an active member of the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner Program and as an official Visual Studio 2015 Sim-Ship Partner, Text Control have committed to support new versions of Visual Studio and to make sure that our products work seamlessly with Visual Studio 2015.

What’s new in TX Text Control for .NET X11 SP1?

The following bugs were fixed:

  • Clicking on the "Add Help Text" button in the WPF MergeFields sample causes NullReferenceException.
  • Image will overlap TextFrame, if dimensions are larger than the TextFrame's size.
  • Error 01-243D during save operation after deleting a section break.
  • NEXT fields should be removed after being processed, even if RemoveEmptyFields is set to false.
  • Some HTML dialogs cannot be opened in MVC.
  • DateField is part of the "empty fields" in case RemoveEmptyFields is set to true.
  • NullReferenceException for MergeField's ShowDialog(), if a Form has been derived from another Form.
  • DocumentServer.Fields.FieldAdapter.ShowDialog has the "TX20" icon.
  • If an image placeholder's InsertionMode has been set to AboveTheText or BelowTheText, the image is not merged.
  • ImageFieldMerged event is not fired.
  • Loaded images are shown as empty frame.
  • Right-To-Left Paragraph will get mixed RTL/LTR text directions, if a paragraph control character is selected and removed.
  • Undo Text is lost inside a table, when a part of text has been cut and undo/redo is used.
  • FormattingStyle.Name property cannot be changed.
  • Font attributes are missing in paragraph inline CSS style.
  • Scaled image prevents TextFrames from being resized properly.
  • When assigning a new SectionFormat to TextControl, the PageSize and PageMargin is not applied.
  • Image merging: Image "distance from text" is not maintained after merging.
  • Slow scrolling when larger images are inserted in TextFrames.
  • WMF images are displayed will low quality in print preview.
  • Formatting difference between 64bit and 32bit version.
  • Context menu "Select table row" and "select table cell" causes an exception: 01-321B Invalid property value.
  • Images InsertionMode of an inserted image as character is ImageInsertionMode.AsCharacter| ImageInsertionMode.FixedOnPage.
  • ResetContents() removes only 1 image.
  • Clear of last paragraph between two tables with ServerTextControl.Clear() is not possible.
  • WPF barcodes are not loaded using ServerTextControl.
  • HTML import: HTML file causes error 01-1D09.
  • DOCX export: Wrong character properties for inline objects.
  • Sections Not possible to set a different StartNumber than 1 for a PageNumberField programmatically.
  • Indents for lists are not imported from HTML.
  • Internal format: Large image within TextFrame causes 01-2C17 Exception when reloaded.
  • Part of a table in the second line is still visible after deletion and causes NullPointerException when formatted.
  • Language of right-to-left document is set to left-to-right keyboard language on loading.
  • Strings in the resource file are wrong.
  • Vertical alignment in nested tables doesn't work.
  • Find and replace of non visual text in TextFrames causes an error.
  • Using MailMerge causes a LicenseException in WPF.

What’s new in TX Text Control for .NET X11?

  • Language Detection Engine - In combination with TX Spell .NET 5.0, TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms supports language detection. Language scopes from a given string or complete document for more than 30 languages can be detected. The algorithm supports nested scopes such as bracketed text or bi-directional text in various, mixed languages. In TX Text Control X11, language scopes can be defined using the Selection.Culture property. Based on the detected languages, proper dictionaries can be added to the dictionary collection or appropriate hyphenation lists can be loaded.
  • Find and Replace Dialog - The built-in find and replace dialog boxes have been extended with several new features. The search process is no longer limited to the main text, it can be continued in text frames and in headers and footers. The new FindOptions member MatchWholeWord locates only instances of the search text that are whole words.
  • Content Control Adapter Fields - In Microsoft Word, Content Controls are controls that can be added and customized for use in documents and templates. Those controls provide properties and settings that can be used to automate documents.
  • Table Programming - The table programming interface of TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms has been improved significantly. The Table.Select method allows the selection of a certain part of a table defined through two table cells. It is not possible to define a start row and column and an end row and column in order to select all cells in between.
  • Save Database Excerpts - Database Excerpt XML files contain table definitions, relations and row excerpts to provide a preview of the report. In TX Text Control X11, those XML excerpts can be created from created database connections and used when the designer is deployed to template designers to insert the proper field names, merge blocks and to preview created templates.
  • Object Fading in Headers and Footers - Objects including images, barcodes and charts are grayed out, if the HeaderFooter object is not activated. If a header or footer is active, the objects in the main text are rendered with a lower opacity.
  • New Font Settings Dialog - The Font settings dialog of TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms has been improved with Position settings such as Superscript and Subscript and a new, modern dialog layout.

What’s new in Text Control X10 SP1?

The following bugs were fixed:

  • Text Filters Documents containing a section break inside a table generates an 01-1D09 error during save.
  • Text Formatting Change formatting of a selection does not work.
  • Spellchecking Dictionary.Language causes exception in SpellCheckDialog if its value is null.
  • Tables Error while appending a large amount of documents containing a lot of tables.
  • Text Filters DOCX import: 1d09 when loading specific docx file.
  • Text Formatting Inline image in table cell is not shown at the correct position.
  • Tables Resizing a table column causes GDI leak.
  • Text Filters HTML export: Font size information is not exported in some cases.
  • Text Filters DOCX export: Document with MS Word Content Controls causes 01-1D09 error.
  • Images Error 01-2C1E if a document with a MS WordArt graphic has been loaded and saved.
  • Text Filters HTML import: Exception when loading file with missing image.
  • Images Error 03-1313 is thrown if linked images with missing source files are embedded with SaveSettings.
  • Tables Images in a table row directly after a table header on a new page are not displayed.
  • Images Deleting images with an unknown format raises exception 03-1313.
  • Tables DOCX: Missing table boarders and shifting paragraphs after saving to DOCX.
  • Images Image text distance gets lost if removing paragraph above an image.
  • Text Fields FieldPosX returns right border of first field character and not the left border of the field.
  • File I/O Loading and saving a specific file causes error 2C17.
  • Documentviewer Checkboxes are not displayed at the proper location - all are arranged at the top left.
  • MailMerge 'IF' merge field is not loaded if the FalseText has not been set.
  • Text Filters RTF import: Unable to load document containing fixed objects in footer or first page header.
  • Other No RTF-content is copied to the clipboard, if the ViewMode is set to FloatingText.
  • Text Filters Image source urls without a file extension cause an error.
  • Tables Paragraph top distance has no effect in first table cell, if the table is at position 0 in the document.
  • context menu Context menus for non-sizeable and non-moveable images do not work.
  • Text Frames Assigning the same value twice to a TextFrame property throws run-time error.
  • Tables Text in a table cell will overlap the following table cell in the next column.
  • Tables Table overwrites first section if it has been placed in another section with 2 page columns.
  • Tables Deleting a nested table crashes the document under special circumstances.
  • Application Fields TextControl.Changed event is not fired when moving, deleting or resizing an object.
  • Images Images will be embedded twice in a PDF document if they have been inserted as characters.

What's new in Text Control X10?

  • Right-to-left Support for Hebrew and Arabic Text - Each line in a document can be bi-directional, which means, that it can contain text parts written from left-to-right and text parts written from right-to-left.
  • Image Placeholder Merging - Merged images are scaled up or down to match the width of the placeholder image in the template.
  • Using Business Objects as Data Sources - DocumentServer.MailMerge now has a new method to start the merge process with an IEnumerable object.
  • Merge Field String Formatter - It is no longer necessary to convert Integer values to a String when passing to the MailMerge component. Text Control converts the data into the proper format automatically.
  • Multithreading - Significantly improved the overall rendering performance significantly.
  • Language Regions - Regions of a document such as a character, a word or complete paragraphs can be associated with a specific language. updated and created new icons to visualize new features, settings or supported barcode types.
  • New and Updated Icons - New icons to visualize new features, settings or supported barcode types.
  • Updated Reporting Template Designer - No developer skills are required to create invoices, shipping labels or product lists. And you can customize the designer and integrate it into your own application.

What's new in TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms X9?

  • Improved Headers and Footers: Odd and Even Pages - Add different headers and footers for odd and even numbered pages. You can also define a different header and footer for facing pages.
  • Headers and Footers: New Frame Style with Information Area - A new frame style is available for activated headers and footers. A dividing line includes a label indicating the type of header or footer (even, odd, first page, etc).
  • Native support for barcodes from TX Barcode .NET (optional product, sold separately) - Use TX Barcode .NET to integrate barcodes into documents. A barcode can be positioned like an image or textframe, either geometrically or as a single character.
  • Advanced, MS Word Compatible Page Numbering - For each section in the document, page numbers can either be continued from the previous section or can be restarted with a certain number. Additionally, a new type of page numbering has been implemented to show the total number of pages. This field is updated automatically when pages are added or removed.
  • Built-in Context Menus and Icon Sets - Built-in, ready-to-use and customizable context menus. In order to provide ready-to-use context menus, TX Text Control ships with more than 400 large and small icons.
  • New Table Insert Dialog - Important table properties can be adjusted including number of columns, number of rows and column width.
  • Microsoft Word Content Controls Support - Content controls are converted to TX Text Control ApplicationFields when Microsoft Word (.DOCX) documents are loaded.  
  • Anchor Position Control Characters - Shows the anchor position of an anchored object. Anchored objects are positioned relative to a paragraph.
  • Reporting: MailMerge Supports Charts and Barcodes Natively - Merge data into the DataVisualization.ChartFrame and DataVisualization.BarcodeFrame objects. Barcodes are essentially processed like merge fields. If the name of a BarcodeFrame object is the same as a table column, data will be updated and rendered.

What's new in TX Text Control Windows Forms X8 SP2?

  • Visual Studio 2012 Compatibility Pack
  • Paragraph formatting doesn't override paragraph style - fixed.
  • Error in image size calculation - fixed.
  • The new image wrapping styles are missing in the TextControl.resx for TX18 - fixed.
  • Text length threshold inside tables is too low - fixed.
  • If an image is inserted as character and zoom is set to 133, TextControl is constantly refreshed - fixed.
  • VScroll event does not fire if the scroll bar is moved - fixed.
  • When an image is moved with the mouse and text is scrolled, the limitation of the movement rectangle is not correct - fixed.
  • Table header is not shown on the next page - fixed.
  • Deleting a table causes an 01-0708 exception - fixed.
  • Interpolated images entered twice in EMF data - fixed.

What's new in TX Text Control Window Forms X8 SP1?

The following bugs were fixed:

  • Merge Blocks: An additional row is added, if the blocks consists of a table with only 1 row and 1 column
  • Image is not be printed, if it is inserted inline with text
  • Not able to scroll down after inserting long image in normal view mode
  • Text is truncated when using MergeBlocks
  • License Exception when MergeBlocks is used without ServerTextControl
  • Simple Control View: The border is not painted
  • DOCX / DOC / RTF export: Wrong character formatting of number in numbered list
  • IncludeText fields: Exception when the 'linked' document doesn't exist
  • An image inserted as inline is moved to the second line, but the line height is not being adjusted correctly
  • RulerBar does not show the unit as set with the Measurement Settings in the 'Region and Language' control panel
  • MailMerge.MergeBlocks wrongly complains about merge blocks not including whole table rows
  • Internal MailMerge.MergeMergeField method is called more often when DataTable contains null values
  • TableRow.Select() is selecting ApplicationField in the next table row
  • A text field is placed in the next table cell, if the table column of that table cell is deleted
  • Selection object changes a whole row when table cell has been selected with TableCell.Select
  • Fixed image is not visible when ViewMode is Normal
  • DOCX / DOC / RTF import: Wrong wrapping style for objects behind the text
  • IncludeTextMerging event doesn't work properly
  • HTML import: some DIVs which should be converted to text frames are imported as plain paragraphs
  • Left page border is lost when 2 page columns with a line in between is set
  • In a large RTF file it is not possible to increase the font size for the whole document
  • MailMerge: Format of last paragraph is lost
  • Error 01-1d09 loading specific word document
  • Wrong fonts are used in special templates
  • Context menu item 'Add to Dictionary' is shown even if IsEditable is set to false
  • Number with punctuation cuts the sentence in the spellcheck dialog preview
  • An erroneous TextField of the Length=0 is inserted under certain circumstances
  • Image text wrapping does not work for the first line of text
  • Images disappear when a Textfield is clicked
  • Error 01-0800 is thrown if a TextControl has been created dynamically and a document with images is loaded
  • Undo in spell check dialog preview causes crash
  • Selecting the last column in a table and setting the forecolor will set the forecolor for the whole table
  • Deleting inner table also deletes the row of the outer table
  • Deleting nested tablerows results in broken document
  • RTF import: Text between tables will be imported into the first cell of the second table
  • Text in the last table column can not be formatted with the Selection class
  • HTML export: Certain HTML elements get lost when using inline styles
  • Undo() deletes properties of ApplicationFields
  • The Find method finds a passage it should not find
  • Undo() deletes TextField.Name
  • Text frame overlaps text when inserted as displace text.


What's new in TX Text Control Window Forms X8?

  • Transparent Text Frames
  • Comprehensive 2D and 3D Charting
  • PDF Reflow - Improved PDF Import
  • Z-Order of Objects (text frames, images or charts)
  • Background Images
  • Updated Status Bar with Zoom Slider
  • New Ribbon Interface in TX Text Control Words
  • Support for EMF - Enhanced Metafile
  • Improved Object Handling (aspect ratio resizing, object moving)
  • MailMerge and ServerTextControl usable in client-side applications

What’s new in TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms 17.0 SP1? - The following bugs were fixed:

  • PDF/A export: The xmpMM:DocumentID metadata property value is not of type GUID/UUID.
  • TX Text Control does not adopt option changes immediately.
  • If a DocumentLink is clicked and the ScrollTo method is used, text will be selected after the DocumentTarget.
  • DOC and RTF import: Unable to save loaded document.
  • Table in XML sample will be broken, if another XML element is added.
  • DOC export: Missing vertical table cell alignment.
  • DOCX, DOC and RTF export: Error 1-1d09, if the last cell of a table is a merged cell and the next table follows immediately.
  • Table attributes cannot be set with the dialog when the table is completely selected.
  • Using the TAB key in tables does not select the cell text.
  • Tables.Remove does not work.
  • PDF export: Clipped fixed image above top or bottom margin are not visible.
  • Addresses like will not be ignored correctly.
  • RTF import: Document causes 01-1D09 error or a program termination.
  • ComboBoxes are too small, shifted to the right.
  • HTML import: Selection.Load always fails.
  • Cell.Select selects complete table row.
  • Vertical text alignment can not be set in merged table cells.
  • Error 01-200F is thrown if a document is appended that holds an image at a geometrical position.
  • Faulty behavior of Paragraph.Text in table cells.
  • Text is not displayed, if a table spans a page break and vertical alignment has been set.
  • Setting txTableCellVertAlign value for the first cell in a row sets the alignment for the table row.
  • TXW document which could be saved in v13 could not be saved in v16 or v15.
  • Delete and Backspace keys have different effects on paragraph formatting in v16 and v17.
  • Unable to load documents containing 'Forced end of column' character and tables.
  • Table at the end of a document is not deleted correctly.
  • Text Control Words crashes upon loading a specific document.
  • Whitespace is lost when loading TXTextControl.StringStreamType.RichTextFormat.
  • MisspelledWordColletion.GetItem returns null when removing each time the MisspelledWord from the collection.
  • Wrong formatting when widow/orphan control is set to 1 line, using two columns.
  • Error 01-2722 is caused when appending documents.
  • TextParts Collection iterates through more than 1 TX Text Control instance.
  • ResetContents does not reset page orientation.
  • TX Text Control can not be compiled on a Team Foundation Server because of the visibility check.
  • HangingIndent is not working properly.
  • In some cases MisspelledWordCollection.GetItem returns null for misspelled words in tables.
  • Image size will be changed, if zoom values are set to random numbers.

What’s new in TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms 17.0?

  • Text Selections - Text selections in tables have been extended so that it is now possible to select table columns and rectangular areas of table cells. Table columns can be formatted and copied to the clipboard. The TableColumn.Select method has been added to support this feature programmatically. Text selections are now displayed with a transparent blue bitmap. The new SelectionViewMode property can be used to display selections with the classic selection view mode.
  • Merged Table Cells - Table cells can be merged with the new Table.MergeCells method. The method merges all selected cells to a single cell which has the same width and the same content as the original cells. The new Table.SplitCells method can be used to split previously merged cells. Table cells can only be merged, if more than one cell is selected, and if the selection is in a single table. The Table.CanMergeCells property can be used to check whether cells can be merged.
  • Named Table Cells - Each table cell can have a name which can be used to store any string data associated with the cell. The new TableCell.Name property can be used to get or to set a cell's name. The name is stored only, when the TXTextControl file format is used.
  • Colored Table Lines - Table lines can be colored. Each line of a table cell can have a different color. All text filters and the TXTextControl file format have been extended so that this feature can be exchanged with other applications. The TableCellFormat class has been extended with the LeftBorderColor, TopBorderColor, RightBorderColor and BottomBorderColor properties to set these attributes programmatically. Colored table lines can also be set with the built-in dialogbox for setting table attributes.
  • Page Borders - Borders can now be defined for each page of a document section. A page border can have a top, left, right or bottom line or a combination of these lines. The line width and the color can be defined for each line separately. For each line a distance can be specified, which is either a distance to the edge of the page or to the text. The page border can surround the text including page headers and footers or only the text of the page. The border can be defined for the first page, for all pages or beginning with the second page. The new PageBorder class represents all these attributes of a page border. The SectionFormat class has been extended with the new PageBorder property to can set all these attributes programmatically. The page settings dialog box has also been extended so that an end-user can define a page border.
  • Digital Signatures - PDF files can be saved digitally signed with an X.509 certificate. The SaveSettings class has been extended with the SaveSettings.DigitalSignature property to set a certificate for a saving process. The DigitalSignature class used with this property represents the X.509 certificate and all other information necessary to digitally sign the file.
  • Spell checking - TextControl now supports the TXSpellChecker component, which can be used to get and to correct misspelled words in the current document. This component can be connected with a TextControl through the TextControl.SpellChecker property and must be activated with the TextControl.IsSpellCheckingEnabled property. The component handles the TextControl.SpellCheckText event internally and provides a dialog box and a context menu to correct misspelled words. The Dialog can be invoked with the TextControl.SpellCheckDialog method and the context menu is opened when the end-user right-clicks a misspelled word.
  • HTML Format - The TX Text Control HTML import filter now uses the parsing rules described in the W3C specification of HTML5.

TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms is a royalty-free programming component that offers an extensive palette of word processing features.

It gives your application the ability to read, edit and create documents in most popular formats such as RTF, Microsoft Word (including Microsoft Word XP), HTML, CSS and XML. In addition, TX Text Control .NET can convert these file formats to PDF.

TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms supports all major word processing features like tables, headers & footers, hyperlinks, bullets, numbered lists, zoom, page view and image import/export. Virtually all office or database applications can make use of these sophisticated word processing features.

Features of TX Text Control

  • TX Text Control gives control for tables - Text in tables can be formatted in any way, which is required, allowing for paragraphs with varying typefaces, indentations and line spacing. Images as well as macro fields and OLE objects can also be pasted into tables. Frames and shadows can be added to single cells. To place text in columns, frames can be made invisible
  • Character and Paragraph Formatting - All character formats, including foreground and background colors are available and can be freely combined. Flexible paragraph formatting such as indentation, four different types of tabs, variable line and paragraph spacing, and paragraph frames offer a variety of possibilities for arranging paragraphs
  • HTML Filter - The HTML filter makes the TX Text Control Collection ideal for internet and intranet applications. A simple WWW browser is included as an example program. The HTML filter is also an important improvement for normal word processing, as HTML is increasingly becoming a standard text format
  • Zoom in/out - The TX Text Control Collection includes a zoom in/out mechanism. All word processing functions, including text input, are available, independent of the zoom level you set
  • Images within a Text - The TX Text Control Collection is especially useful for positioning images in a text. Images can be positioned as characters within a line of text, or at a given position on a page. The flow of text around an image is controlled via a dialog box. Images can be re-scaled
  • For the import of images - TX Text Control Collection supports the file formats: TIFF, BMP and Windows metafiles. Images which have been positioned within a text can be stored embedded in an RTF file, or as linked image files (TIFF, BMP, WMF)
  • OLE Controls in the Text - With the 32 Bit version OLE controls can be positioned like images
  • Mail Merge, Hypertext and Data Bases - The TX Text Control Collection supports the use of macro fields. You can simply and quickly realize hypertext and mail merge applications with the assistance of macro fields. Moreover, macro fields are easily connected to databases so that you can store (formatted) text in a database field or display the contents of a database field
  • Integrated Dialog Boxes - Integrated dialog boxes, for setting paragraph, text and table formatting, as well as for searching and replacing are an integrated component of the TX Text Control Collection
  • Database support - TX Text Control Collection can, in conjunction with databases, be used as a database browser. The records of a database can be read, displayed, altered and then stored again. There is also the possibility of storing the complete contents of a TX Text Control, including all the paragraph and character formatting information in one data field.
  • File Formats and Data Exchange - Problem free data exchange with other word processing programs is achieved via the Rich Text File format (RTF, version 1.4). In this way the formatting attributes remain preserved to the greatest possible extent. This is also valid for the exchange of formatted text via the clipboard. In addition to the RTF-format though, the TX Text Control Collection supports its own file format and imports and exports ASCII and HTML files
  • Programmable Headers and Footers (professional version only) - Headers and footers are now fully integrated. They can be edited by double-clicking them, and can be modified programmatically. Numerous options are adjustable, like changing the frame style, specifying a separate header for the first page, or automatically displaying page numbers. Headers and footers are loaded from and saved to Word, RTF and TX files
  • Hyperlinks and Bookmarks (professional version only) - FieldType and FieldTypeData properties. These properties provide new types of marked text fields, and specialized fields for hyperlinks, targets, and page numbers. It is now possible to insert and edit hyperlinks and targets, which makes Text Control the perfect tool for email programs and intranet applications
  • Drag and Drop (professional version only) - Properties are available for integrating fully customizable drag & drop functionality into your application. All types of drag & drop can be used, for instance drag & drop text editing, or the insertion of files by dragging them from the Windows explorer
  • Word 2000 Support (professional version only) - Files can be loaded and saved directly in the .DOC file format of Microsoft Word. All available Text Control features are supported, including the addition of tables, images, headers & footers, and OLE objects. All versions of Word from Word 6 and Wordpad up to Word 2000 are supported
  • Centered Document View - Text Control now offers an additional page view that centers the document in the control's window
  • Access Properties of Embedded Objects - With the new ObjectItem method, it is now possible to not only insert OLE objects and let the text flow around them, but also access their properties from program code
  • Bulleted and Numbered Lists - TX Text Control provides comprehensive support for bullets and numbered lists. Lists can be incremented and numbered automatically. Virtually every conceivable attribute of the bullets and numbered lists can be user defined including the type and shape of bullet. They can be used from program code, or via the integrated dialog box and buttons on the button bar. Numbered lists and bullets may contain any of TX Text Control vast formatting options.
  • Internet Features - With TX Text Control, you can create applications that do not have to be installed on every single computer, but which run directly in Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • TX Text Control contains everything you need to easily create Internet Explorer based applications:
  • Code-signed CAB file for easy browser-based installation
  • Apartment threaded
  • Full support for IObjectSafety interfaces in Internet Explorer
  • Sample programs for Visual Basic documents and HTML/VBScript
  • Versatile new print method
  • Tables - Text Control enables you to include tables in your documents. Text in a table can contain virtually any kind of formatting that normal text can: multiple paragraphs with different fonts, indents and line spacing. Even images, macro fields and OLE objects can be inserted. Frames and shading can be separately adjusted for each individual table cell. Making the table frames invisible allows text to be set in columns
  • HTML filter - With the HTML filter, TX Text Control can be used to create Intranet and Internet applications. It is also an important extension for normal word processors because HTML is becoming increasingly important as a standard format. The Standard version of TX Text Control can load and save HTML files, and convert them from and to any of the other supported file formats. Clicking on a hyperlink causes a FieldClicked event to be sent, with the link target as a parameter. In addition, the Professional version lets you insert and edit hyperlinks and targets
  • Word Filter - The Word Filter, which is part of the professional version, enables the loading and saving of files directly in the .DOC file format of Microsoft Word. All available Text Control features are supported, including the addition of tables, images, headers & footers, and OLE objects. All versions of Word from Word 6 and Wordpad up to Word 2000 are supported

TX Text Control .NET Enterprise Features (includes everything in the Professional Edition plus)

  • Stylesheet Formatting
  • Stylesheet Programming
  • XML Programming
  • Adobe Portable Document Format Archive (PDF/A) Export
  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
  • Document Type Description (DTD)
  • Extensible Markup Language (XML)

TX Text Control .NET Professional Features (includes everything in the Standard Edition plus)

  • Document Sections
  • Headers and Footers
  • Hypertext Links
  • Page Columns
  • Text Frames
  • Microsoft Word Merge Fields
  • Page Rendering Engine
  • Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) Export
  • Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) Import
  • Microsoft Office Open XML (DOCX)
  • Microsoft Word (DOC)

TX Text Control .NET Standard Features

  • Bullets and Numbered Lists
  • Character and Paragraph Formatting
  • Clipboard Operations
  • Find and Replace
  • Images
  • Integrated Dialog Boxes
  • Loading from and saving to databases
  • Multi-Level Undo / Redo
  • Page and Document Settings
  • Printing and Print Preview
  • Spell Checking
  • Tables
  • Zooming
  • 64 bit Version
  • Control Settings
  • Line and Character Operations
  • Marked Text Fields
  • Programming Paragraphs
  • Text Selections and Character Input
  • Toolbars
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Unicode
  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  • Image Formats
  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • Microsoft C# .NET (VS 2010, 2008 and 2005)
  • Microsoft Visual Basic .NET (VS 2010, 2008 and 2005)

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