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by NETRONIC Software - Product Type: Component / .NET WinForms / 100% Managed Code

Add interactive Gantt diagrams to your .NET applications. VARCHART XGantt .NET Edition is a graphical charting WinForms software component for visualizing critical business activities. It offers clear, concise and detailed process flows. Identification, tracking, scheduling and allocation of tasks and resources over time is also possible. You can create powerful and intuitive interactions that allow your customers to adapt the diagram without editing the data. VARCHART XGantt .NET Edition may be used for in-house applications as well as for products or applications to be sold to third parties.

What's New in V4.4
Enhancements in Build 4.400.0.445

  • Fill patterns in numeric scales of histograms were extended by color gradients.

Fixed Bugs in build No. 4.400.0.445

  • Expanding groups by API calls did not work if all groups of the diagram had been collapsed before.
  • In the ASP.NET edition, tool tip texts sometimes were positioned in a wrong way.
  • The events VcTableColumnWidthChanging and VcTableColumnWidthChanged were missing in the ASP.NET edition.
  • Horizontal grid lines were missing in hierarchies if at runtime an ActiveNodeFilter had been set and the hierarchy was switched off.
  • Modifying properties by calls of the API in table format fields of the table format Subtitle did not work.
  • Scheduling occurred to be deficient if a time zone was not adapted to daylight saving time.
  • The information window appearing when creating a node would display a wrong date.
  • Times in the AM/PM time format could not be edited.
  • Modifying grouping properties in some cases did not work.
  • Error No. 152 occurred on drag&drop actions between two instances.
  • The visibility of links did not work properly.
  • Error No. 381 occurred when nodes were dropped on the time scale or on the table.
  • The phantom of the splitter line appeared too long.
  • Moving several nodes by drag&drop actions did not work when the <Ctrl> key was pressed and nodes were selected by mouse.
  • When visible links were switched between optimized and overlaid, performance problems could occur.
  • An initialization error could occur when VARCHART XGantt was used with Microsoft Access 2010.
  • The 3D effect in some cases worked with the layer shape „rectangle" only, but not or merely erroneously with other shapes.
  • Line grids in histograms could not be switched on at design time.
  • Performance problems could occur when the width of table columns was modified.
  • The event OnStatusLineText did not work with extended data structure, the text value remaining empty.
  • In drag&drop actions the bar could happen to drop to a different place or in a different group.
  • When downsizing table columns the diagram could become inconsistent.
  • Graphical elements sometimes left traces when scrolling the screen.
  • In hierarchies nodes could lose their selection marks.
  • When the .NET and ASP.NET editions were run on Windows 7, the comment line of the DLL properties was missing.
  • Links could appear or disappear when data was loaded or reset (reloadconfiguration).
  • Repeated reloads could lead to an unexpected end of program.
  • Error No. 522 could occur when in the time zone Brasilia time was adapted to DST.
  • In table formats wrong colors could occur in color gradients.
  • In some cases, nodes could be moved although they were not supposed to.
  • Positioning the time scale at the bottom of the diagram was incompatible with the 'histogram only' setting.
  • The number of table columns could not be retrieved at runtime.

Fixed Bugs in build No. 4.400.0.299

  • The scroll position of the horizontal scroll bar in the complete view did not match the Gantt views.
  • Invoking reset (vcEmptyAllDataTables) after deleting a node would entail error no. 13.
  • Summary bars were not generated if grouping and some layers were switched off after loading the data.
  • Creating a histogram with calendar grid resulted in error no. 2, class 109.
  • In drag&drop actions between two Gantt instances linked tables were not taken into account.
  • Scrolling caused performance problems when the world view was open.
  • Performance during the loading process of nodes was enhanced.
  • An unexpected end of program could occur when creating a project file using the method SaveAsEx, or at runtime when the keys <alt> and <D> were pressed.
  • Invoking reset (vcEmptyAllDataTables) after deleting nodes would result in Error no. 13, class 2203.
  • The performance of the loading procedure was enhanced for tables containing a large number of columns
  • The property page „Tables" and the "about" box occasionally could not be opened when run on Windows 7.
  • The histogram did not display curves as expected
  • FitHistogramsIntoView used to scale down the histogram area

What's New in V4.2

  • Improvements for Groups
  • Calendar in Histograms
  • API Enhancements
  • New Link Routing Layouter
  • Legend View
  • Enhanced Interactions in ASP.NET Edition
  • Extended World View
  • Further Enhancements

Please read the What's New in V4.2 document in the Evals and Downloads section for more information.

What's New in V4.1

  • Multi-State Fields
  • Now Also in German: VARCHART XGantt .NET
  • VcScheduler Object can be Accessed by the API
  • Marking Lines
  • Extended Data Structures
  • Selecting Columns for Printing
  • Extended API
  • Modified Interactions
  • ASP.NET Edition uses AJAX
  • Further Enhancements

What's New in V4.0

  • Extended Data Tables
  • Support of GDI+
  • Fiscal Ribbons in the Time Scale
  • Alternating Row Colors in Diagram Section
  • Enhancements in Resource Scheduling
  • Adjustable Matrix Layout of the Legend
  • Time Scale Resizing for Output

Benefit from the clear-cut and comprehensive display of tasks in the form of Gantt charts. No matter what application area you are in, Gantt charts can be an eye-catcher as well as an intuitive and useful planning tool for your users. For more than a decade VARCHART XGantt has been refined and is a proven component for many application areas, such as production planning and control, logistics, project management, service management as well as scheduling and dispatching.

Main Features Include:

Represent your data, dates, durations, and degrees of completion graphically by bars, symbols or bitmaps that may overlap and can be labelled. Use different bar shapes and colors based on your data by creating and applying filters and assignment tables.

Grouped Layout:
Arrange your activities or orders by grouping them based on your own data field(s). Even multi-level grouping is a snap. Summarize groups using group titles and summary bars. Sort groups and their activities by any criteria. Arrange the activities or orders in a group, together with their annotations, in one line in order to save room.

Hierarchical Layout:
Use VARCHART XGantt's hierarchical layout option to display activities/orders using a structured code field from your data. Levels are automatically indented, and can be expanded/collapsed with a simple click of the mouse.

Calendar Grid:
Visualise non-working intervals with VARCHART XGantt's powerful and unique calendar grid. A different calendar can even be assigned for each group. A special calendar also can be assigned to each activity.

Specify a time scale tailored to your specific requirements. The time unit of the timescale can vary between seconds and years. Several different ribbons can be displayed on top of each other. Annotate the ribbons with month or day names in any language. Save room by collapsing nonworking calendar intervals e.g. the third shift for a two-shift operation.

Configure the columns of the table to your needs. Use assignment tables and filters to assign various backgrounds, fonts, and colors based on your data.

Graphical display resource loading utilization in a histogram that adapts automatically to your current planning situation. Quickly display current load against actual availability. Overloads and subloads can be shown in several different ways. Different capacities can be graphically displayed all at once in several histograms, or by stacked curves in different colors/patterns in the same histogram.

Resource Scheduling:
This module is offered for resource scheduling which will improve the efficiency of your planning process. Automatically it plans orders or tasks taking resources, work in processas well as delivery dates into account. Two optimization strategies are supported: “as soon as possible” for fast delivery and “as late as possible” for low stock.

Intuitive User Interaction for Adjustment of the Visualization:
Create powerful and intuitive interactions that allow your customers to adapt the visualization to their needs without editing the data.

  • Display tooltip texts from the application data
  • Interactively move the date line or the timenow line
  • Set and interactively adjust diagram sections for the table, the Gantt graph and the histogram
  • Scroll diagram sections independently
  • Enlarge diagram sections continuously

Data Editing:
Give your customers the ability to edit their data quickly and easily, while at the same time controlling which fields can be changed and which are "readonly". As the developer, you can take advantage of the many events provided by VARCHART XGantt to react to each user action as you deem appropriate. No Gantt tool gives you more power to interact with the user.

  • Move activities or tasks by dragging them with the mouse
  • Change the dates of one or a selection of activities/tasks by moving them horizontally
  • Move activities vertically between groups, for example a task to a different machine
  • Create or delete activities/tasks or links
  • Open a Data Edit dialog via double-click

In-place editing of data in the fields of the table. You may insert a combo-box or a date picker of your own into the table cells

Printing and Print Preview:
Offer your customers extraordinary printing functionality. Let them present their planning results on paper, or online, with polish and professionalism. VARCHART XGantt provides full Print Preview functionality and gives you control over all kinds of print layout features:

  • which parts of the diagram are to be repeated on each page
  • the paper format (size, margins...)
  • how to fit the diagram on the most efficient number of pages
  • how to export a diagram

Data Interface to VARCHART XGantt:
The data exchange between VARCHART XGantt and your application is performed via file or via the application programming interface. You can supply the data as a complete record or field by field. Both, the data table for representing activities and the data table for representing links can have an unlimited number of fields. Datatypes for the data fields can be easily defined on the property page.

Property Pages:
The property pages reduce dramatically the amount of code you need to write. You can use property pages for DataDefinition, Node, Sorting, Layers, Table, Title/Legend, Links, TimeScale, Histogram, Time Schedule and General Settings.

Excellent Runtime Behavior:
Even with large datasets, your customers will enjoy excellent runtime performance. In close cooperation with clients tests have been run over long times. Clients report that VARCHART XGantt still performs well with 20,000 or more records loaded, during the initial built-up of the diagram as well as when working with it interactively.

Language Support:
The product documentation is available in English and German. In development mode, VARCHART XGantt adapts to the language of the container (English or German). In runtime mode, the predefinded languages are English and German but each text item can be replaced by a term of your choice in any language. Unicode Characters are also supported.


The Annual Maintenance and Support Service includes, Support hotline, detailed expert advice to questions of application, quick fixes of possible bugs in the software, upgrade to a new VARCHART XGantt release for development and runtime versions for a one year period.

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