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Visiblox Charts for Silverlight

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Visiblox Charts for Silverlight is now part of Visiblox Charts V4.0

Fully featured, high-performance charting component for Silverlight. Visiblox Charts is a fully featured charting component for Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone 7. Visiblox Charts for Silverlight provides interactive charts for Silverlight applications. Visiblox Charts can be used in a wide variety of scenarios and styled and customized to suit your needs.

What's new in Visiblox Charts 3.0

New Behaviour API
Ever since the very first release, Visiblox Charts has been highly interactive, it has had dynamic zooming, panning, trackballs and more, all provided via our extensible Behaviour API. Now Behaviours can support all the mouse buttons, mouse wheel, keyboard events, gestures, keyboard modifiers.  Not only that, but events can be triggered by mouse interactions on axes as well as the plot area.

Want to let users zoom with the left mouse button and pan with the right?  Go for it.  Want to zoom on the plot area and use drag events on the axes to pan?  No problem.  How about activating the ruler behaviour when the shift key is pressed?  Yup.  Pan with the arrow keys as well as mouse? Done.

Per-Point Styling
With the new PointRendered event, you can take full control of the styling on a point by point basis.  This will let you colour all your bars over 100 blue, or have every 7th point have a semi-translucent gradient fill.

Heat Plots (Ultimate Edition only)
Visiblox Charts now supports two different kinds of heat plots - discrete and standard.  A heat plot is effectively a type of scatter chart where the colour of each point is based on a third dimension of data.  Not only that but overlapping points combine together, so you can easily spot clusters of high density data. The discrete version of heat plots basically allows for the same concept but where each point occupies the full space available to it so you end up with a "grid" of data where each cell is coloured according to the amplitude of the data point in it.

Contour Plots (Ultimate Edition only)
Contour plots are series where the amplitude of a data point is rendered by displaying contour lines up to the data points value.  These are commonly used to render elevation on a topological map, or pressure zones in a weather chart.  The spacing of the contour lines is automatically calculated for you, and optionally can change as you zoom in and out of the chart to reveal more detail.

Donut Charts
Visiblox Charts adds the ability to render donut (or ring) charts.  There is now an option on pie charts to cut out a hole in the middle of the pie, of a configurable size.  Set a simple property and turn your pies into donuts.

With large numbers of series the raster series could get a bit out of hand with 2.3. Version 3.0 massively improves this, reducing memory usage by up to a factor of 15. Column and bar series got a big performance boost and raster series now do some internal filtering and pruning to significantly improve performance, especially for disconnected series types like candlesticks.

Visiblox Charts Feature:

  • Interactive charts for Silverlight, WPF and WP7
  • High-performance charting
  • Single API for Desktop, Web and Mobile
  • Highly-interactive user experience
  • Extensible and customizabel component

High Performance Charting
Built from the ground up with performance in mind, Visiblox Charts lets you plot thousands of data points on a chart. One of the key advantages of rendering data as a chart as opposed to tabular form is that it allows users to rapidly spot trends and patterns when faced with large amounts of data. Even if your application only renders a modest quantity of data, a perfomant charting solution will free CPU time for the rest of your application. Visiblox Charts was built from the ground-up with performance in mind. Features include:

  • Data can be supplied to the chart directly, removing the cost of evaluating databindings
  • The series are rendered using lightweight visual elements, reducing the cost on the visual tree
  • Changes in the source data are handled intelligently to minimize the impact of data updates
  • Support is provided for implementing custom data sampling and filtering strategies (Premium Edition Only)

Single API for Desktop, Web and Mobile Platforms
Visiblox Charts provides a single, consistent API for you to build your applications against. Visiblox Charts is available for WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7, allowing them to be used for desktop, web and mobile applications. Furthermore, the WPF and Silverlight charts provide exactly the same API, which means that they are suitable for applications which target both platforms from the same codebase. This makes it easier to share a common set of skills and a single knowledge base between the two platforms.

The Windows Phone 7 API has been augmented to support multi-touch behaviours and other mobile device specific features. Nevertheless the rest of the API remains the same as that of the Silverlight and WPF versions.

Highly Interactive
Dynamic behaviours such as zooming, crosshairs, trackballs, rulers, panning and user defined annotations are all supported. Allowing the user to interact with their data enables them to explore and discover. Visiblox Charts has a number of built-in interactive features:

  • Zooming
  • Panning
  • Crosshairs
  • Trackballs
  • Rulers
  • Tool Tips
  • User Annotations & Event Markers (Not available in Standard Edition)

Extensible Behaviours
Visiblox Charts provides an extensible behaviour model upon which many of its built-in interactive features are based. The behaviours API allows the developer to handle user-interactions with the chart in a clean and consistent manner. This model provides the developer with a simple and modular API upon which to develop their own interactive charting features.

Fully Customizable
The framework provided by Visiblox Charts makes it easy to customise the look and feel of every aspect of your charts, by allowing you to:

  • Set custom styles to include images, colour gradients and backgrounds
  • Change the text fonts, colours and size
  • Use different styles for highlighting and selection of series
  • Control the position, visibility and style of the chart legend
  • Define custom styles for tool tips
  • Customise the visual appearance of each data point individually using the templated series (Not available in Standard Edition)
  • Support for full themes allowing all aspects of the chart's display to be modified at once
  • Additionally, design time support is provided for Microsoft Expression Blend (Not available in Standard Edition)

Wide Array of Chart Types
Visiblox Charts Standard supports a wide variety of chart types, individually or in combination with one another. The supported chart types include:

  • Line Charts
  • Area Charts
  • Spline Charts (Curved lines)
  • Bar Charts
  • Column Charts
  • Stacked Bar & Column Charts
  • Stacked Line, Spline & Area Charts
  • Staircase Charts
  • Scatter Charts
  • Error Bar Charts
  • Box Plot Charts
  • Band Charts
  • Pie Charts

The Premium Edition adds the following chart types:

  • Discontinuous Line Charts
  • Candlestick Charts
  • Open, High, Low, Close (OHLC) Charts
  • High, Low, Close (HLC) Charts
  • Radar Charts
  • Polar Charts
  • Templated Charts

The Ultimate Edition adds the following chart types:

  • High Performance Line Charts
  • High Performance Area Charts
  • High Performance Staircase Charts
  • High Performance Bar Charts
  • High Performance Column Charts
  • High Performance Candlestick Charts
  • High Performance OHLC Charts
  • High Performance HLC Charts

Other Features

  • Theming Support
  • Support for Data Binding
  • Multiple X-Axis & Y-Axis Support
  • MVVM Data Binding Support
  • Streaming Support
  • Pre-Built Themes (Not available in Standard Edition)
  • Design-time Support for Expression Blend (Not available in Standard Edition)
  • Support for Data Filtering/Sampling (Not available in Standard Edition)
  • Pre-built Filter Strategies (Not available in Standard Edition)

Support for Data Binding
Data binding is a powerful and popular feature of the WPF, Silverlight and WP7 frameworks, allowing the developer to rapidly add their domain / business objects directly to a chart. Visiblox Charts provides full and flexible support for data binding series to your data, with collection and property-changed events handled automatically by the chart.

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