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WebUI Studio for ASP.NET - Summary

by Intersoft Solutions Corporation - Product Type: Component / ASP.NET WebForms / ASP.NET AJAX (ATLAS) / .NET Class / 100% Managed Code / HTML5 / AJAX


WebUI Studio for ASP.NET by Intersoft Solutions Corporation

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A suite of advanced components for ASP.NET web development. WebUI Studio for ASP.NET is a suite of Intersoft Solutions Corporation's ASP.NET products. WebUI Studio.NET includes WebGrid Enterprise, WebCombo.NET, WebInput.NET, WebDesktop.NET, WebTextEditor, WebScheduler.NET, WebTreview.NET and ISDataSource.NET. WebInput.NET offers input/masking/calendar/currency functionality, WebGrid.NET Enterprise includes grid/data list/treeview functionality, WebTreeView.NET provides tri-state checkbox (checked, unchecked, indeterminated) features and WebScheduler.NET provides a rich and interactive scheduling component. WebUI Studio for ASP.NET supports literally any browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, Gecko based, etc.).

WebUI Studio for ASP.NET

More than just a UI toolset, WebUI Studio for ASP.NET is all about innovations. Inside you will discover over 30 advanced components, with hundreds of easy-to-use features in a matter of click-and-set convenience. Develop and deploy a real-time Enterprise Asset Inventory Management, rich Content Management System, or as simple as a login form, WebUI Studio for ASP.NET lets you do many things very quickly.

Included products in WebUI Studio for ASP.NET:

WebEssentials - A collection of 8 new Web 2.0 widgets delivering a captivating user experience on your Rich Internet Applications. Including: iPhone-style sliding menu, hybrid listbox, interactive progress bar and much more.

WebAccordion - A versatile accordion control with abundant essentials features, such as: configurable expand direction and interaction, rich themes, XHTML support, and more.

WebExpander - A multi-purpose expand collapse container with myriads of features, such as: single or multiple expand behavior, XHTML support, themes, and more.

WebSlidingMenu - Load-on-Demand, data binding, comprehensive template and IFrame support, and more, WebSlidingMenu adds a touch of class to your RIA with its cool drill-down concept.

WebRating - Combining the fundamental rating concept and unique innovations, WebRating deliver a full-fledge rating solution with its powerful features, such as: rating precision adjustment, and more.

WebSlider - WebSlider allows users to quickly glide through the available selections. It features ranged input with dual rails, full customizations, and more.

WebListBox - A hybrid list box control sporting dual functionalities, as a navigation and an input control. It features customizable items, data binding capability, and more.

WebProgressBar - The light-weight and accurate progress indicator control features two progress modes, full XHTML support, customizable styles, and more.

WebCalendar - A calendar with wealthy features, WebCalendars offers many exciting features lacking in most available solutions, such as: various view modes, tons of customization, easy styling, and more.

WebGrid Enterprise - An advanced ASP.NET data grid with batch update, fast client binding, built-in pivot charting and exporting, and much more.

WebScheduler - A solution for enterprise-class scheduling, planning, and calendaring with 8 built-in views, highly extensible editing form, Gant timeline view, export to PDF and Outlook format, and more.

WebTextEditor - A full-featured rich text editor with intuitive editing experience, built-in media gallery, unique mail merge, real-time file uploader and naturally integrated spell checker.

WebFileUploader - A memory-efficient file uploading component that supports asynchronous multiple large files uploading with real-time progress bar, IIS 7 integrated mode and Webfarm deployment.

WebInput - User-friendly input component supporting alphabet, number, date time, currency, and custom masked input with built-in dropdown editors.

WebCombo - A high-performance dropdown box with native support for LINQ-to-SQL technology, advanced multiple selections and multiple columns, various data searching logic, and more.

WebDesktop - A collection of UI components to create real desktop experience in the Web, includes Desktop Manager, Dialogbox, AJAX Manager, Drag-drop, Callout and much more.

WebSpellChecker - An easy-to-use, yet powerful spell checking component with innovative red-wave highlight spell checking mode, standard ASP.NET controls support, and more.

ISDataSource - A hierarchical data source control that supports multiple tables databinding, custom business object, advanced caching options, and more.

WebTreeView - A sophisticated TreeView component with advanced load-on-demand technology, intuitive tri-state checkbox mode, Vista-style drag and drop, sophisticated node editing, and more.

WebDesktopManager - A versatile windowing component with built-in taskbar, system, shortcut icons, context menu, customizable design, and much more.

WebPaneManager - Create professional layout, from simple horizontal layout to complex Outlook-style layout, in mere minutes with Advanced Designer. Precise presentation in various browsers.

WebTab - An easy-to-use tab page component with quick WYSIWYG editing support in Visual Studio. Also supports IFrame content mode, customizable design, advanced client APIs and more.

WebNotification - An innovative Messenger-style popup notification component powered by versatile FlyPostBack technology – supporting both WebForm and WebService mode, sleek animations, and more.

WebDialogBox - A highly customizable, XHTML-compliance dialog box with alpha transparency and impressive drop shadow effect, supports both stand-alone and desktop manager integrated mode.

WebCallOut - A replacement for traditional tooltip – featuring customizable callout design, easy control targeting, automatic positioning detection, customizable close behaviors, and more.

WebFlyPostBackManager - An advanced, high-performance AJAX framework for enterprise web applications featuring codeless partial UI refresh, native JSON support, invoke WebForm and WebService methods, and more.

WebDragDropExtender - An innovative drag-drop component with features such as easy control targeting, drag-drop across IFRAMEs, Vista-style effects, comprehensive client events, and more.

WebToolBar - The replica of desktop’s toolbar, WebToolBar delivers outstanding rendering with exceptional features, such as 4-side docking, built-in Office styles, adaptive commands and more.

WebMenu - A versatile, highly customizable menu component featuring impressive rendering, unlimited hierarchical menus, and supports standalone bar and context menu mode.

WebButton -A lightweight, multi-purpose button component with easy AJAX callback function, customizable behaviors, integration with Desktop Manager, and client-side support.

WebNavPane - A rich, Outlook-style navigation pane component featuring elegant object model for bar and items, adaptive bar and footer support, runtime resizable pane, and more.

WebExplorerPane - An intuitive, Windows Explorer-style explorer pane component with smooth animation and sleek user experience, easy configuration through ClickAndSelect, and more.

WebStyleManager - A standalone Style Manager application for easy skinning on Intersoft WebUI components – featuring centralized theme configuration and supports for per application and global theme definition.

WebSplitter - An easy-to-use, true splitter component with standalone mode support and easy integration into existing layout. Also supports cell splitting with rowspan and colspan, and more.

What’s new in WebUI Studio for ASP.NET 2014 R2?

Better Grid Searching - In ValueList mode, you can now search for text based on what you see in the grid itself, displaying results on various predefined conditions, allowing you to see more of your data in less results.

Improved Grid Copy and Paste - Aside from the standard copy and pasting modes, the new WebGrid now supports a new feature called ClipboardCopyMode. In this mode, you can choose from a text-only copy mode or a value-only copy mode. This gives you the utmost flexibility of how users interact with the data grid.

Multiple Grid Row Operations via API - Now includes better support for batch operations, allowing you to access the full host of data operations, such as selecting, copy and pasting multiple rows using JavaScript.

Direct Print Support - Seamlessly print what you see by enabling the direct print mode. This allows you to filter out data and perform printing only to the specified data you see.

What’s new in WebUI Studio for ASP.NET 2014?

Enhancements to existing ASP.NET lineups.

Full support for latest web browsers.

Featuring the latest web standards support such as HTML5 and CSS3 across all 40+ components.

The script size for all ASP.NET components have been reduced by 40%.

What’s new in WebUI Studio for ASP.NET 2013?

WebScheduler - Now with better Daylight Saving Time (DST) support and new Modern UI themes.

WebTextEditor - Now fully supports HTML5 and CSS3.

WebInput - New Modern UI theme for calendar and calculator editors, multiple date selectors and date range selection.

What’s new in WebUI Studio for ASP.NET 2012 R2?

WebDesktop 4 - Redesigned from the ground up to support the latest Web standards such as HTML5 and CSS3. Includes layout manager, toolbar, menubar, splitter, callout and navigation pane.

Designed for HTML5 - With full HTML5 and CSS3 support, WebDesktop 4 has been completely rebuilt to produce consistent results and deliver pixel-perfect rendering across all modern browsers.

What’s new in WebUI Studio 2012 for ASP.NET R1 Service Pack 1?

Visual Studio 2012, Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 Ready - WebUI Studio 2012 has been updated to support Visual Studio 2012, which includes integration with the Visual Studio 2012 designer and complete user interface revamps to adhere to Visual Studio 2012 UX guidelines. The new WebUI Studio service pack has also been optimized for Windows 8. Developers can now install WebUI Studio successfully in Windows 8 without requiring the installation of previous .NET Framework. The ASP.NET component suite has also been enhanced to support Internet Explorer 10. In addition, all new toolbox icons are now added to adhere to Visual Studio 2012 UX guidelines. Toolbox utility has been improved to support Visual Studio 2012. The setup package is now fully ready with its custom action support for Windows 8.

New Component Designer for Visual Studio 2012 - Rebuilt entirely from scratch to resemble the Visual Studio 2012 interface. The all-new designer is now built on the WPF 4 platform and leverages Intersoft ClientUI for WPF controls. As a result, the new design yields significantly faster performance compared to the previous design and takes advantage of many built-in capabilities available in WPF such as automatic screen scaling, graphic hardware acceleration, and much more.

Enhanced Project Templates - WebUI Studio adds dozens enhancements and hotfixes to support Visual Studio 2012. Developers can now create new projects easily and quickly using the professionally designed prebuilt project templates. All existing ClientUI templates, including both C# and VB have been enhanced to work in Visual Studio 2012. A new WPF project template that leverages Ribbon user interface has also been added in this new release.

A suite of advanced components for ASP.NET web development.

Pricing: WebUI Studio 2014 R2 for ASP.NET 1 Subscription License (Includes a Developer License with 1 Year Subscription (updates and priority support), WebUI Studio 2014 R2 for ASP.NET 1 Year Subscription Renewal (updates and priority support)

Evals & Downloads: Read testimonials from customers about Intersoft Solutions Corporation's products and support, Read the Intersoft Solutions Corp. License Agreement, Download the Premier Studio 2014 R2 evaluation on to your computer - Expires after 30 days

Operating System for Deployment: Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Azure, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003

Architecture of Product: 32Bit, 64Bit

Product Type: Component

Component Type: ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET AJAX (ATLAS), .NET Class, 100% Managed Code, HTML5, AJAX

Built Using: Visual C# .NET

Compatible Containers: Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft Visual Basic 2013, Microsoft Visual Basic 2012, Microsoft Visual Basic 2010, Microsoft Visual Basic 2008, Microsoft Visual Basic 2005, Microsoft Visual C++ 2013, Microsoft Visual C++ 2012, Microsoft Visual C++ 2010, Microsoft Visual C++ 2008, Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, Microsoft Visual C# 2013, Microsoft Visual C# 2012, Microsoft Visual C# 2010, Microsoft Visual C# 2008, Microsoft Visual C# 2005, MS SQL Azure, Microsoft Internet Information Server 7.0, Microsoft Internet Information Server 6.0, Microsoft Internet Information Server 5.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5, HTML5 Builder XE3, .NET Framework 4.5, .NET Framework 4.0, .NET Framework 3.5, .NET Framework 3.0, .NET Framework 2.0

Product Class: User Interface Components

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