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Xenocode Postbuild 2009 for .NET

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Protect your .NET code from reverse engineering, decompilation and optimize your binaries to make them faster and more storage and memory efficient. Xenocode Postbuild (Obfuscator) is a reliable and easy-to-use code protection and deployment solution for .NET developers. It lets you protect your intellectual property with code obfuscation, watermarking, and counter-analysis technology. You can also embed files and registry settings directly into your executable and reduce application size and complexity with assembly linking, metadata reduction, on-the-fly decompression, and dependency merging.

What's new in Xenocode Postbuild 2009?

  • SQL Server Express embedding: Eliminate local database setup by embedding SQL Server Express databases directly into your binary with a single click.
  • Windows 7 compatibility: All Postbuild virtualization features have been updated to support the latest available versions of the Windows 7 operating system.
  • Support for the latest .NET technologies: Choose among multiple .NET runtime versions for use with native executable generation, including the .NET 3.5 and .NET 3.5 Client Profile runtimes. This release also includes improved support for LINQ and WPF-based applications.
  • Virtual service embedding:  Postbuild 2009 supports embedding a wide range of virtualized services, including third-party database and web server products, directly into application executables.

The latest edition of Postbuild introduces filesystem and registry virtualization, save-to-MSI, virtual machine enhancements, and compatibility with the latest generation of .NET applications, platforms, and devices (including Windows Vista) among many other enhancements.

Embed files and registry settings directly into your executable - Filesystem and registry virtualization allow complex applications to execute with no host alterations, eliminating setup steps and Vista LUA prompts.

Save-to-MSI, diagnostic, and splash output modes - Save output binaries directly into MSI packages. Create diagnostic-mode executables for fast problem resolution. Automatically generate splash graphics during CLR startup

Run your application on any Windows PC - Native x86 executable generation allows your .NET application to run anywhere, with or without the Framework. Embed application-specific .NET and DirectX dependencies. (Windows 9x and NT4 targets not supported.)

Protect your intellectual property - Industry-leading code obfuscation, watermarking, and counter-analysis technology protect against unauthorized decompilation and duplication. 

Optimize performance and simplify deployment - Reduce application size and complexity with assembly linking, metadata reduction, on-the-fly decompression, and dependency merging.

Comprehensive code protection

  • Symbol obfuscation - Renames symbolic metadata, such as class, field, event, and method names, into meaningless characters. Hash and minimal renaming schemes allow renaming to be optimized for incremental obfuscation or minimal metadata size
  • Control flow obfuscation -Converts compiled CIL code into "spaghetti code", inserting decoy branches and re-ordering instructions, confusing hackers and crashing decompilers
  • String encryption - Prevents identification of critical code via string searching by scrambling literal strings and injecting appropriate descrambling code whenever a scrambled string is referenced
  • Ability to suppress disassemblers - Prevents hackers from using disassemblers and many other tools based on Microsoft's reflection APIs, to analyze and disassemble your code. Xenocode Postbuild also allows suppression of all Xenocode-compliant code analysis tools
  • Assembly watermarking -Helps prevent unauthorized distribution of your product by embedding registration data into the visible text and internal binary structures of your executable
  • Debug data stripping -Strips all debugging information and PDB symbol references from your binary

Assembly optimization

  • Dead code and metadata elimination - Identifies and removes implementations of unused methods from your assembly, reducing code size and load times. In Xenocode Postbuild, dead code elimination has been extended to support identification and removal of dead metadata. Xenocode can now identify and eliminate metadata structures associated with unreferenced classes, allowing for additional decreases in assembly size
  • Assembly compression -Xenocode Postbuild includes the ability to compress output executables, significantly reducing the file size of large assemblies. On-the-fly decompression code is embedded directly within the assembly, creating a completely transparent user experience
  • Dead and duplicate literal elimination - Identifies and removes unused literal strings from your assembly, and automatically merges all duplicate literals
  • Metadata-only assemblies -Instantly transform an assembly into a metadata-only equivalent, with all implementations and resources removed - great for securing and optimizing .NET remoting applications
  • Dependency merge and rebasing - Dependent assemblies are automatically rebased during link, eliminating DLL load overheads

Application deployment

  • Native x86 executable generation - Compiles assemblies into native x86 executables, allowing .NET applications to run immediately on machines without the Framework installed.  (Windows 9x and NT4 targets not supported.)
  • Filesystem and registry virtualization - Allows application data files and registry keys to be embedded and used directly within the application executable, with zero modifications to the host operating system. (Windows 9x and NT4 targets not supported.)
  • Assembly linking -Single-assembly output mode allows multi-assembly projects to be combined into a single output assembly, dramatically simplifying deployment of complex multi-assembly .NET applications. Linking is fully integrated into the obfuscation and optimization pipeline - encryption settings are automatically propagated across linked assemblies and redundant inter-assembly data are merged, reducing output assembly sizes
  • Save to MSI - Save your processed executable directly into a target MSI setup package. No separate build step required
  • .NET Framework library embedding - Xenocode Postbuild allows the .NET Framework libraries to be embedded into the output assembly, dramatically reducing the complexity of application testing, deployment, and support. Xenocode Postbuild automatically identifies and statically binds a minimal set of Framework dependencies, reducing overall deployment size and eliminating dynamic link costs

Flexible platform

  • Supports all .NET platforms and languages - Xenocode Postbuild 2007 supports all .NET platforms and languages, including Managed Extensions for C++, and is compatible with versions 3.0, 2.0, 1.1, and 1.0 of the .NET Framework as well as the .NET Compact Framework
  • Multi-assembly applications - Easily obfuscates localized satellite assemblies, shared libraries, and complex multi-assembly applications. Performance when processing very large projects has been dramatically improved. Xenocode Postbuild can quickly process the most complex .NET applications, including applications consisting of dozens of inter-dependent input assemblies
  • Attribute-directed configuration - Allows developers to specify configuration settings within the source code of the application using .NET code attributes
  • Debugging support - Mapping file feature allows one-click deobfuscation of symbolic information during debugging
  • Build process automation -Xenocode Postbuild includes a separate console-mode version to simplify scripting and VS.NET build process integration tasks. Project configuration is fully scriptable via a simple XML specification language
  • No ILASM round-tripping -Complete native support for reading and writing .NET executables. Other obfuscators require IL(D)ASM to disassemble then reassemble executables, an inefficient and error prone process

Easy to configure and use

  • Get started quickly - Xenocode Postbuild automatically configures itself to settings appropriate for most typical user scenarios. In many cases, typical projects will not require any additional configuration. Xenocode offers recommendations and explanations of appropriate configuration settings and presets for your project
  • Usability enhancements - A new tabbed user interface groups processing options by functional area, providing a cleaner, easier-to-use interface. Project configuration management has been overhauled to incorporate dozens of user suggestions
  • Intelligent symbol renaming - Analyzes symbol naming dependencies and automatically propagates renaming selections when necessary to be consistent with the rules of the .NET Framework, preventing a large class of configuration pitfalls
  • Intelligent entry point selection - When configuring dead code elimination, Xenocode intelligently identifies likely code entry points, in many cases eliminating the need for any user configuration at all
  • Presets for typical scenarios - Comes with several built-in "preset" configurations appropriate for the most common usage scenarios
  • Dependency detection -Identifies dynamically linked assemblies, allowing quick setup for projects composed of large numbers of DLLs

The developer license model is used if you or your organization authored all code and content to be contained in the appliance. The client access model is used if your appliance contains code or content authored by persons outside of your organization.

1. Your organization processes a .NET application containing your own application code written by two developers with an embedded .NET Framework. You need to purchase two developer licenses; you do not require any client access licenses.

2. Your organization processes a project containing Microsoft Office in the virtual machine. You need to purchase a client access license for each appliance end-user; you do not require any developer licenses.

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