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SAP and QlikView seamless Integration. Xtract QV is a software component that provides access to SAP R/3 and SAP ERP from QlikView. Xtract QV consists of two components: a server component and a designer. The server component is responsible for the actual extraction. QlikView Communicates with the Server component, and these in turn with SAP. Since the server component has no GUI, you use the Xtract QV designer for the design and configuration of the extractions. Using Xtract QV's table component you can extract data from SAP tables and view. With Xtract QV Query, you can make your SAP queries directly available in QlikView too. You can also use Xtract QV BAPI component to access data from BAPIs and RFC function modules and directly use the output in QlikView.


Xtract QV connects SAP and QliView without any restrictions. Both source types are supported SAP ERP and SAP BW. All kinds of extraction types can be used: Access to Tables, Queries, Hierarchies, BW cubes, Open Hub Services, BAPIs, ABAP Reports  

Xtract QV Table
Using Xtract QV's table component you can extract data from SAP tables and view. It is also possible to process WHERE statements to restrict the data to the user's needs. Dynamic SQL statements involving variables are also supported.

SAP Queries
With Xtract QV Query, you can make your SAP queries directly available in QlikView. With a graphical user interface and full metadata support, the result is available for further processing within seconds. As with every SAP query, variants can also be applied here. Alternatively or in addition, it is also possible to fill the selection screen with your own selection values. The variant and all selection parameters can be dynamically entered via variables:

  • Data extraction can be processed in packets to handle large amounts of data
  • Asynchronous processing of data packets
  • Variables for dynamic WHERE statements
  • Type safety and meta data support by 100% from SAP's data dictionary
  • No significant effect on the production system

BAPIs and Function Modules
With the Xtract QV BAPI component you can access data from BAPIs and RFC function modules and directly use the output in QlikView. Scalar import and export parameters are read or stored from variables. You can link one or many outbound tables with a pipeline to access them.

ABAP Reports
The Xtract QV Report component allows you to use existing ABAP reports or ABAP programs as data sources within the QlikView script. This technique is often used in the area of FI/CO reporting. In a lot of cases, a comprehensive pool of such reports has accumulated over the years and simply cannot be replaced or reengineered. With the Xtract QV Report component you can protect your investments because existing logic doesn't have to be reengineered, it can simply be reused.

Xtract QV DeltaQ - Delta-Management und Business Content
The Xtract QV DeltaQ component forms the top class of the BI components for SAP access by QlikView. With its help, the Extractor API in SAP R/3 can be addressed and in such, the functionality with which BW systems also secure their data supply from the production system can be used.

  • Real transaction-secure delta transfer of data
  • Support of all master and transaction data including own generic extractors
  • No installation in SAP required
  • All business contents are available immediately even though no application-specific knowledge (e.g. about the tables' structure) is required

Xtract QV - Access to SAP BW/BI from QlikView
Xtract QV BW Cube is a component to access the MDX engine of SAP BW / BI. It is so easily possible to load BEX queries in QlikView. The dimensions, key figures and attributes to be transferred can simply be dragged and dropped into the query output. This turns complex, cubic data structures into relational data that are easy to handle.

  • Support of BW variables (even complex selection criteria)
  • Dynamic restrictions through variables
  • Value output can be adjusted as formatted or non-formatted (e.g. for scaling factors)
  • Packaging function for large amounts of data

Open Hub Services
Compared to traditional BW extraction via the OLAP API, the Open Hub Services (OHS) were developed by SAP so that the extraction of BW data could be made available for further electronic processing instead of just pure reporting.
The Xtract QV OHS component supports all of the possibilities inherent to OHS extraction:

  • Extremely large data volumes through packaging and asynchronous background processes
  • Delta extracts
  • Not just cubes, but also InfoObjects, ODS objects, texts etc.
  • Extraction definition with the help of InfoSpokes (BW 3.5) or data transfer processes (BI 7.0)
  • The following screenshot shows the editor at design time. Different modes are supported (e.g. triggering of a process chain for extraction). In the background you see the Open Hub Monitor in SAP.

SAP BI Hierarchies
Open Hub Services do not support extraction from BW hierarchies. Due to this, the Xtract QV Hierarchy component was developed. It makes it possible to extract all hierarchy types from the BW.



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