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Xtra Editors Library

by DevExpress (Developer Express) - Product Type: Component / .NET WinForms / .NET Class / 100% Managed Code

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Embeddable and standalone editors and multi-use controls from DevExpress. XtraEditors includes masked data input and built-in data validation as well as HTML formatting. It can be used for standalone data editing or as cell editors in container controls like the DevExpress WinForms Grid. It includes a powerful collection of over 30 data edit and multi-purpose controls available in both unbound and data-aware mode. The XtraEditors Library has been engineered with simplicity, maximum flexibility and design efficiency in mind. 

What's new in XtraEditors 13.1?

  • TreeListLookUpEdit: A lookup editor that utilizes our TreeList for its drop-down list.
  • SparklineEdit: Sparklines are used to visualize data in a highly condensed manner allowing end-users to quickly consume and compare data. The DevExpress Sparkline is designed for use in 3 use-case scenarios: standalone, inside data-aware container controls like the WinForms Data Grid or within Reports.
  • PopupGalleryEdit: A new drop-down editor that displays a GalleryControl within its popup.
  • New Touch-Optimized Controls:  Multiple new touch-friendly controls are now available, including DatePicker, TimePicker, ToggleSwitch.
  • New Control Designer UI:Design-time customization dialogs for our WinForms Controls have been re-designed for improved usability and a more consistent user experience.
  • Contextual Smart Tags: WinForms Navigation Controls (including the Ribbon, Toolbars, NavBar) now display Smart Tags for their individual elements. This allows a customer to customize the control's layout and main settings with a few simple clicks, without using the Property Grid.

New WinForms Data Source Wizard
Available via a Smart Tag or the clickable label on any DevExpress data-aware control, this wizard helps you set up your Data Source in three easy steps. In the first step, the Wizard lists all data sources found in the solution, categorized by the data access technologies. If needed, you can select a data access technology and create a new data source. Once the data source has been selected or created, you choose a data binding mode from a list (all list items have short descriptions and links to our online documentation). Finally, the third step allows you to customize Control and Data Source specific settings. After you click Finish, the wizard adds a data source component to the form, binds the control and generates all necessary code.

Visual Studio Template Gallery
Prior to 13.1, DevExpress offered numerous Project/Item Templates that were created over many release cycles. These templates could be found in various locations within Visual Studio. This release includes a fully consolidated DevExpress Template Gallery - the entry point for all Project/Item Templates. The Template Gallery provides a unified way to use DevExpress templates, features powerful filtering and searching mechanisms and contains sample images and descriptions for each template, thus simplifying the way in which selections are made for individual projects. 13.1 also includes improvements to shipping templates and offers additional template options.

FormAssistant component
This helper component is designed for first time users. When placed on the application form, it allows you to:

  • Convert between various form types (Form, XtraForm, RibbonForm)
  • Select a skin
  • Automatically initialize a skin engine to enable form skinning
  • Add the BonusSkins library to the project's References section
  • Specify basic form settings

A Comprehensive Collection Data Input Controls
The following data input controls ship as part of the Xtra Editors Library. They can be used for standalone data editing or within container controls such as the Xtra Grid, Xtra Vertical Grid and the Xtra Tree List.

  • Button Editor
  • Check Box
  • Check Combo Box
  • Color Picker
  • Combo Box
  • Dropdown Button
  • Dropdown Image
  • Dropdown Memo
  • Font Picker
  • Grid Lookup
  • Hyperlink Editor
  • Image
  • Image Combo Box
  • Image Slider
  • Lookup Editor
  • Memo Editor
  • MRU Editor
  • Popup Calculator
  • Popup Calendar
  • Popup Container
  • Progress Bar
  • Progress Panel
  • Radio Group
  • Range Track Bar
  • Search Lookup
  • Spin Editor
  • Text Editor
  • Time Editor
  • Track Bar
  • Zoom Track Bar

Multi-Purpose Controls
The Xtra Editors Library is not just about data editing. It includes the following multi-purpose controls so you can address a wide range of business requirements with a single toolset.

  • Button
  • Check Button
  • Checked List Box
  • Color Picker
  • Control Navigator
  • Data Navigator
  • Dropdown Button
  • Form
  • Group Box
  • Horz Scrollbar
  • Image List Box
  • Label
  • List Box
  • Marquee Bar
  • Message Box
  • Metro Buttons
  • Panel
  • Popup Container
  • Property Details
  • Range Control
  • Scrollable Control
  • Splitter
  • Splitter Container
  • User Control
  • Vert Scrollbar                                                    

Reduce Data Input Errors Masks, Input Parsing and Validation

  • Advanced Masked Input - The Xtra Editors Library was designed with flexibility in mind and our masked edit support is a reflection of this commitment. Not only are you able to construct simple masks with ease, but because DevExpress provide you full Regular Expression support, you can generate masks that can address even the most complex data entry scenario.
  • Input Parsing and Value Formatting - The Xtra Editors Library provides 25 controls that accept data input and offer your end-users keyboard driven data entry wherever possible - along with flexible data representation formats for all textbox-based editors.
  • Input Validation Techniques - Use input masks and other editor capabilities - such as limiting input string length, specifying maximum and minimum allowed values, etc - to control how users manipulate data and prevent incorrect value input.
  • Unmatched End-User Capabilities - Extended text and keyboard input support, value scrolling, and resizable drop down windows are just a few of the features that simplify usage and improve the end-user experience.

HTML Formatting and Appearance Customization

  • HTML Style Formatting - The controls included in the WinForms Data Editors Library are able to emphasize portions of text displayed within them using HTML tags. This feature allows you to format text as business needs dictate (bold, italic, underline, font size, color, etc).
  • Appearance Customization - Multiple paint styles, including Windows theme support, numerous built-in skins, the ability to create custom skins and apply the selected paint style to all controls used within an application.

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