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Xtra Reports Suite

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New licenses can only be purchased as part of DevExpress DXperience, DevExpress Universal Suite or DevExpress Reporting.

If you are an existing XtraReports customer and would like to renew your subscription, please browse to the DevExpress Reporting page and select the renewal option.

If you require information, please visit the pages above or Contact Us for pricing and availability.

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Add a WinForms reporting capabilities to your .NET application. XtraReports is an award-winning banded report designer and viewer for WinForms, ASP.NET, Silverlight and WPF. The Xtra Reports Suite is a no-compromise reporting platform and includes native integration with DevExpress controls for both an unequalled design-time experience and runtime flexibility. Xtra Reports offers a powerful design-time experience to simplify the report writing and delivery process. Targeting all supported platforms is simple, create and customize reports at design time (by using the integrated visual designer) or in code (by using the smart object model). Included in the DevExpress Reporting Subscription, DXperience Subscription or Universal Subscription.

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What's new in XtraReports 13.2?

  • New Document Viewer Control: This releases introduces a new Document Viewer control with integrated document map and parameter support for the ASP.NET and MVC platforms.
  • Preprinted Forms: The Xtra Reports Suite is now able to generate reports based upon the design of pre-printed forms with pinpoint accuracy.
  • New Barcodes: This update includes support for 2 new barcode types: GS1 DataBar and UPC Shipping Container Symbol (ITF-14).
  • New HTML Export Mode: When exporting a report, you can now choose whether the resulting HTML file markup uses an up-to-date 'fluid' layout or the more conventional table layout paradigm.

Print Preview Enhancements: DevExpress Print Preview Dialog for WinForms ships with the following new features:

  • Select a part of document and then copy or print selection.
  • Navigate to a page by pressing CTRL+G to invoke the new Go To Page dialog.
  • Provide custom Print and Page Setup dialogs.
  • Preview, print and export documents defined by System.Drawing.Printing.PrintDocument objects.


Ready for WinForms
XtraReports ships with a data-agnostic feature set and fully integrated Visual Studio and End User Report Designer.

Ready for ASP.NET
Includes the XtraReports Suite for ASP.NET AJAX and MVC. Like XtraReports Suite is a banded reporting platform and includes native integration with DevExpress controls. The XtraReports simplifies the report design process and makes multi-platform reporting a reality. It also provides all the tools necessary to create virtually any report type, be it hierarchical master-detail reports, table and multi-column reports or interactive drill-down and drill-through reports.

Ready for WPF
Includes the XtraReports Suite for WPF. It includes a powerful Visual Studio design-time experience to simplify the report writing and delivery process. Create and customize a report at design time (by using the integrated visual designer and rich collection of report controls) or in code (by using its smart object model).

Ready for Silverlight
Includes the XtraReports Suite for Silverlight. Much like WPF, XtraReports for Silverlight includes a powerful and easy-to-use End User Report Designer so you can put control in the hands of the end-user. 

For all supported platforms, XtraReports provides powerful tools for multi-level filtering, grouping and sorting of data. You can easily calculate either a pre-defined, or a custom summary function (transferable to scripts, which helps deliver this functionality to the End-User Designer), create calculated fields (to pre-process your data)and define report parameters (to create variable reports based on user-defined, dynamic or hard-wired values).

  • Reusable Report Collection
  • Comprehensive Report Controls
  • Master-Detail Reports
  • Sub Reports
  • Drill Downs and Drill Through Reports
  • Appearance Customization
  • Document Maps
  • Barcodes and Labels
  • Multiple Data Providers
  • Data Export
  • Versatile Print Preview
  • Localization

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