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Visual Studio inspired property grid control. XtraVerticalGrid is available in data-aware, unbound and property grid data access modes and offers both single and multi-record data representation views with full data editing and runtime customization options. It ships with a unique feature-set so you can create elegant and functional user interfaces with absolute ease. Fully optimized for UI flexibility, the Vertical Grid will allow you to display individual rows from a dataset or display multiple dataset rows within it's 90 degree inverted grid container. Additionally, you can use it as a Property Grid just like that found in the Visual Studio IDE.

What's new in XtraVerticalGrid 13.1?

  • New Control Designer UI:  Design-time customization dialogs for our WinForms Controls have been re-designed for improved usability and a more consistent user experience.
  • Contextual Smart Tags:  WinForms Navigation Controls (including the Ribbon, Toolbars, NavBar) now display Smart Tags for their individual elements. This allows a customer to customize the control's layout and main settings with a few simple clicks, without using the Property Grid. We've also reviewed and extended our Smart Tags based on the usage experience of the controls.

New WinForms Data Source Wizard
Available via a Smart Tag or the clickable label on any DevExpress data-aware control, this wizard helps you set up your Data Source in three easy steps. In the first step, the Wizard lists all data sources found in the solution, categorized by the data access technologies. If needed, you can select a data access technology and create a new data source. Once the data source has been selected or created, you choose a data binding mode from a list (all list items have short descriptions and links to our online documentation). Finally, the third step allows you to customize Control and Data Source specific settings. After you click Finish, the wizard adds a data source component to the form, binds the control and generates all necessary code.

Visual Studio Template Gallery
Prior to 13.1, DevExpress offered numerous Project/Item Templates that were created over many release cycles. These templates could be found in various locations within Visual Studio. This release includes a fully consolidated DevExpress Template Gallery - the entry point for all Project/Item Templates. The Template Gallery provides a unified ay to use DevExpress templates, features powerful filtering and searching mechanisms and contains sample images and descriptions for each template, thus simplifying the way in which selections are made for individual projects. 13.1 also includes improvements to shipping templates and offers additional template options.

FormAssistant component:  This helper component is designed for first time users. When placed on the application form, it allows you to:

  • Convert between various form types (Form, XtraForm, RibbonForm)
  • Select a skin
  • Automatically initialize a skin engine to enable form skinning
  • Add the BonusSkins library to the project's References section
  • Specify basic form settings

Rotated Grid Control and Visual Studio Inspired Property Grid
The Xtra Vertical Grid Suite includes two unique controls – a Vertical Grid and a Visual Studio inspired Property Grid. The Vertical Grid arranges data rows as columns and presents information in the form of a 90-degree rotated table. The PropertyGridControl allows you to display and edit properties of any object.

Ultra Fast Data Loading with Full ADO.NET Support
The Xtra Vertical Grid can display any data: from data tables supplied by .NET Data Providers to individual XML files, or any collection of custom objects. You never need to keep unnecessary data in your objects because the Xtra Vertical Grid allows you to handle bound and unbound data simultaneously.

One Product, Multiple Data Presentation Layouts with Tree-Like Data Display
The Xtra Vertical Grid offers you much more than simple column-row layout. Its numerous layout customization options help you present data in a compact, readable and usable format. You can control how records are displayed within the view or how cells are arranged within records. You can also build hierarchical data views to deliver more logic and readability to your data views.

Data Editing and Validation Options
Dozens of data editors can be embedded into individual cells for editing and better data presentation. Advanced data editing options include: Input Validation and Error Indication, integrated UI for adding, deleting and navigating rows.

End-User Row Customization and Data Organization
The Xtra Vertical Grid offers easy to use runtime customization options so that end-users can freely reorganize data based on their business requirements. To further simplify runtime customization, the Xtra Vertical Grid Suite ships with an intuitive and highly functional Row Designer.

Data Export and Printing
By using the DevExpress Printing Library, you can render the Xtra Vertical Grid with ease. Numerous data exchange options include WYSIWYG data printing along with data export to many popular document formats (PDF, RTF, TXT, XLS, XLSX, etc).

Appearance Customization and Localization
Like all other DevExpress WinForms Controls, the Xtra Vertical Grid fully leverages the power of DevExpress Application Themes and allows you to quickly apply a theme that most effectively addresses your UI requirements. With Xtra Vertical Grid, you can create complex styles to precisely control its look-and-feel. Moreover, using conditional formatting, you can customize the appearance of any row element based on complex logical conditions. Xtra Vertical Grid supports the localization of every interface element, including the Row Customization Form.

Design-Time Experience
The Xtra Vertical Grid supports Visual Studio 2008, 2010 and 2012 and offers a powerful design-time experience. An easy-to-use visual designer allows you to create rows, customize their layout, modify appearance of individual visual elements or entire vertical grid control by applying a style scheme (either predefined or created manually).

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