LEADTOOLS Video Streaming Module V17.5 Prepaid Codec Enabled Desk Top Runtime Licenses - 1 Desk Top Runtime License, per license from 100 licenses (minimum quantity 100)

  (Minimum Quantity: 100) 

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  • LEADTOOLS Video Streaming Module Runtime License (376 KB)


Product Configurations. LEADTOOLS SDKs include stand alone SDKs and Add On Modules and Plug Ins.  You must own a license to a standalone SDK to be eligible to purchase a license to an Add on Module or Plug In. In some cases, a specific standalone SDK is required in order to license a particular Add On Module or Plug In.

License Components. There are two major components to LEADTOOLS SDK licensing:  (i) the Development License, which covers the use of the LEAD SDK in the development of an end user application and (ii) the Runtime License, which covers the copying, distribution and  deployment of LEADTOOLS redistributable files as part of the resulting application.

Development License. A development seat license is required for each developer installing and using LEADTOOLS, and for each application that utilizes LEADTOOLS technology.  Discounts are available for additional development licenses. Team licenses, floating licenses and site licenses are also available.  Please inquire at sales@componentsource.com regarding these special cases. For more information regarding Development Licenses, please see the licensing help from the Evals & Downloads section.

Runtime and Deployment License. A runtime or deployment license is required for the distribution or deployment, whether commercial or internal of an end user application that includes any of the LEADTOOLS redistributable files.  LEAD offers standard licensing models including stand alone desktops, named users, concurrent users, servers, ASP, SaaS and kiosks.  In addition to the standard deployment types, LEAD offers annual and multi-year quantity unlimited licenses, site and enterprise licenses, revenue share and other license options.  These special licenses are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire at sales@componentsource.com regarding these.  Lastly, with certain LEADTOOLS products, the runtime license is included with the Development License.  For more information regarding Runtime Licenses, please see the licensing help from the Evals & Downloads section.

Development Products, OEM Licenses. LEAD’s standard license only allows the development of an application for use by an end user.  If you are developing an application for use by software developers, such as an API, Class Library or similar component, a special license is required.  Similarly, if your product is being delivered with source code, or in an otherwise modifiable form, a special license is required. Please inquire at sales@componentsource.com if you are involved in this type of development project. For more information regarding OEM Licenses, please see the licensing help from the Evals & Downloads section.

More licensing information
A customer’s use of a LEADTOOLS software development toolkit (SDK) or add-on is governed by the license agreement that accompanies the product.

The SDK license has two (2) primary licensing components:

  • A “Development License” that allows a programmer to develop with the SDK.
  • A “Deployment License” permitting the customer to deploy or distribute the resulting application containing the SDK redistributable files.

I. Development License for SDK products:

LEAD’s EULA allows the user to install the SDK on a development computer and use the SDK for development of an end user application, by integrating certain redistributable libraries and files into the end user application using the SDK sample code and documentation. The basic rules are

  • License Needed for Each Developer. A copy of LEADTOOLS must be licensed for each programmer who uses the toolkit. For example, if there are three (3) programmers building a single application with LEADTOOLS, three (3) licenses of LEADTOOLS need to be purchased. (Discounts are available for additional development licenses.)
  • License Needed for Each Application Developed. A copy of LEADTOOLS must be licensed for each application that is developed. For example, if three (3) separate applications are developed, three (3) LEADTOOLS Development Licenses need to be purchased. (Discounts are available for additional development licenses.)
  • End User Applications Only. LEADTOOLS may only be used to develop an "end user" application. An end user application is an application for business or personal use that may not be copied or redistributed by the user or used to develop software. LEADTOOLS may not be used in a developer oriented product, such as a development toolkit or a product that contains an API.  In addition, if all or any portion of an application is redistributed by our customer's customer, the application is not an end user application within the meaning of the LEADTOOLS EULA.

If a customer wishes to use LEADTOOLS in connection with the development of an application that is not an "end user" application, the customer may be able to obtain a customized license from LEAD.

II. Deployment License

The Deployment License governs the customer’s use of the resulting end user application (“Application Software”) that is developed with the SDK. Unlike a typical end user license, an SDK license generally grants a license to copy and redistribute a portion of the software. The LEADTOOLS SDK product line consists of three (3) categories of SDKs from a Deployment License standpoint:  

  1. SDKs that do not require any deployment license fees whatsoever allowing a customer to distribute an unlimited quantity of copies of the Application Software either internally or commercially
  2. SDKs governed by the “Hybrid License”  that  do not require any deployment license fees for Application Software that is used internally by the customer, but do require an additional distribution license fee for Application Software that is commercially distributed beyond a certain quantity per year.
  3. SDKs that require a “deployment license” for any and all deployments or distributions of the end user application, whether internal or commercial.

Free Deployment License. LEAD’s entry-level SDK does not require any additional fees for deployment of the Application Software.  A customer may commercially distribute and/or internally deploy Application Software developed with this product on a quantity unlimited basis. The Free Deployment License applies to LEADTOOLS Imaging only.

Hybrid License. A Hybrid License allows a customer to deploy its Application Software for internal use by Licensee’s employees and contractors to an unlimited number of computers that are owned or controlled by the customer.  In addition, a customer may commercially deploy up to one thousand (1000) desk top client licenses or five (5) production servers of its Application Software per year with this license.  If a customer wishes to commercially deploy more than one thousand (1000) copies/five (5) production servers of its Application Software per year, the customer must purchase a distribution license.

Distribution licenses for single and multi-year periods may be purchased for a reasonable flat fee. Please contact sales@componentsource.com to inquire about a distribution license.

The following products are governed by the Hybrid License:

  • LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro
  • LEADTOOLS Vector Imaging Pro
  • LEADTOOLS Multimedia

Deployment License Required. Certain products require deployment license fees for each computer the customer’s application is installed on, either internal or commercially distributed. LEAD offers a variety of licensing options, including desk top licensing, concurrent user licensing, server licensing, site licensing and enterprise licensing.

The following products require deployment License Fees:

  • LEADTOOLS Document Imaging
  • LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Suite
  • LEADTOOLS Recognition
  • LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging
  • LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Suite
  • LEADTOOLS Barcode Modules
  • LEADTOOLS Raster PDF Plug-ins
  • LEADTOOLS Advanced PDF Plug-in
  • LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer Module
  • LEADTOOLS Medical Multimedia Module
  • LEADTOOLS Multimedia Suite
  • LEADTOOLS Medical 3D Module
  • LEADTOOLS Video Streaming Module
  • LEADTOOLS MPEG-2 Transport Module
  • LEAD DirectShow Filters and Codecs

Please contact sales@componentsource.com if you have any questions concerning deployment licenses.

III. Other Licensing Requirements

Additional licensing requirements apply to applications developed using LEAD products:

  • Copyright Notice. An application that is developed with LEADTOOLS must contain the following copyright notice in the "about box" or software documentation/help file: "Portions of this program were developed using LEADTOOLS © 1991-2011 LEAD Technologies, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Portions of this product are licensed under US patent 5,327,254 and foreign counterparts.”
  • End User License Agreement. The end user application developed with LEADTOOLS must be distributed with an EULA which prohibits reverse engineering, disassembly, modification and copying (other than for back up purposes) and which preserves LEAD's intellectual property rights in the software to a commercially reasonable degree.
  • OEMs.If LEAD's customer develops an application and wishes to allow a third party OEM to modify and redistribute the application, an OEM  distribution license needs to be obtained by the customer for each OEM that will be modifying the software and redistributing it. Please contact sales@componentsource.com regarding OEM Distribution Licenses.
  • Export Restrictions. Any end user application developed with LEADTOOLS is subject to the US Export Regulations. Thus a LEAD customer may not ship the end user application to any country where US law restricts exports, such as Cuba, Sudan, Iran or North Korea. (Please contact US Import Control Agency for a current list of prohibited territories.)
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