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Software Publisher & ISV Program Details

Are you looking to market and sell software internationally? If you have software components, development tools or utilities for IT Pros we can help!

Publisher Program Tiers

This Publisher Program is designed to match needs of our publishers. The program allows you to differentiate your company and products through enhanced marketing - whilst at the same time allowing smaller businesses or start-up publishers to reach a global audience cost effectively.

There is a monthly membership fee to join our program and for this fee you get clearly defined marketing benefits so that you can easily budget your costs and know exactly what you are getting for your money.

The ComponentSource Publisher Program has four tiers, each tailored to the differing marketing goals of publishers who develop components and tools for resale.

  • Author - Our entry-level tier with online listings & multi-lingual customer services.
  • Professional Partner - Introduces Web site advertising and email marketing.
  • Corporate Partner - Adds enhanced online, email and paper catalog advertising.
  • Enterprise Partner - Customized sales and marketing services for our larger partners.

Join our Publisher Program or read our FAQs or for further assistance, please email us:

Publisher Program Tier Name & Service DescriptionAuthor
Professional Enhanced
Online & Email Marketing
Our Premium Publisher Marketing Tier
Customized Global Partnerships
Monthly subscription fee
You pay us monthly to help your cash flow
Joining Fee
A fee to help us cover the cost of testing your products
1. Customer Services
a. Product Testing - Clean, install, test and feedback on all products
b. Use of our 50 toll free numbers for your global customer services
c. Use of our 5x24 Multi-lingual customer services centers in:
Atlanta, GA, US, Reading, England & Tokyo, Japan
d. Use of our multi-lingual 1st line technical support service
e. Multi-currency purchasing facilities by credit card & PO
2. Marketing Services
a. All your products listed on our CS Web sites and partner sites
b. New products and versions appear in New Releases Area
c. New releases appear in our weekly email newsletter
d. Reciprocal links to your Web site
e. Use of ComponentSource publisher tier & company logos on your Web site
f. Your company description is displayed on our Web site100 words100 words
+ Your Logo
100 words
+ Your Logo
100 words
+ Your Logo
g. Discount on additional advertising that you purchase10% off
List Price
20% off
List Price
30% off
List Price
40% off
List Price
3. Enhanced Marketing Services
a. Web site adverts & Keyword adverts 3 months
3 months
6 months
b. Product featured advert in our weekly multi-lingual customer email newsletter 1
c. Appear in paper catalogs with an annual circulation of up to 200,000 issues  1 Half-page product highlight1 Full page product highlight
d. Paper Catalogs - Full Page Color Advert using your branding  1 Full Page1 Full page facing product highlight
e. ComponentSource provides supporting Press Release Quotes  
f. Entry to these premium tiers is by invitation only  
g. Program customized to meet your global marketing needs   
4. Additional Optional Services
a. Optional Assistance with product positioning, licensing and pricing
b. Optional ESD Service - to run your own online eShop on your own Web site
c. Optional Source Code Escrow Service to help boost your sales
d. Optional Translation Services to help boost your internation product sales
Worldwide Value Added Reseller AgreementsDownload Author AgreementDownload Enterprise Agreement

Join our Publisher Program or read our FAQs or for further assistance, please email us: