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United Kingdom ensures your organisation is prepared for the mobile web and the influence it will have upon your business. Mobile web applications built using ASP.NET Web Forms perform quickly and present a compelling user experience on all mobile devices.

Compared to native mobile applications's approach provides almost all the benefits for 10% of the cost, time and risk using the ASP.NET skills you and your team already have. key values include:

Latest News & Microsoft Fix IIS Caching & Compression & Microsoft Fix IIS Caching & Compression
Overcome the problem of IIS rewriting information held in the Vary Header, when both compression and caching is enabled.
PHFE WIC improves mobile experience
PHFE WIC improves mobile experience
Alternate smartphone version of the education website was created with tools. improves Responsive Design improves Responsive Design
Optimize the performance of your Web site on mobile devices.
Rise of the Tablet
Rise of the Tablet publish their Mobile Web Trends 2012 Interim white paper.
Identify Mobile Web Traffic
Identify Mobile Web Traffic
Deliver an online customer experience with tailored browsing, simplified transactions and faster page loading.