About BitRock

BitRock makes open source software easier to use by providing a complete automated solution for Open Source Application Deployment. As long time open source users and contributors, BitRock believe that open source solutions are often more stable, more secure and perform better than their commercial counterparts. BitRock has developed a system to provide a single, consistent and simplified application deployment process across multiple operating system platforms. As a result, open source applications are easier to install, manage and support. Leading independent software vendors (ISVs), system integrators and IT departments use BitRock to automate application stack integration, packaging, installation and updates. BitRock was founded in 2003 in Seville, Spain by Daniel Lopez Ridruejo. Since then, BitRock has attracted a diverse, talented team of individuals whose experience spans Silicon Valley, Europe and Southeast Asia. BitRock's client base includes businesses, governments, and educational institutions throughout the world, from Fortune 100 companies to independent game developers. BitRock is privately held and has offices in Seville and San Francisco