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Since 2005 Kellerman Software has been creating powerful .NET tools and libraries. Their mission is to provide robust and easy to use tools that save development time. Their products are ready to solve the most complex challenges for your company.

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We no longer sell Kellerman Software products, please visit their web site instead.

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1411 Kellerman Court
Columbus, OH 43228
United States

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News Headlines

Kellerman Gold Suite released
All Kellerman Software products in one package.
Kellerman .NET Email Validation Library released
Validate email addresses automatically.
Kellerman .NET Logging Library released
Log information to multiple destinations.
Kellerman .NET Encryption Library released
Easily encrypt strings, bytes, streams and files with a single line of code.
Kellerman .NET FTP Library launched
Add FTP functionality to your .NET WinForms and ASP.NET applications.
Kellerman .NET SFTP Library released
Transfer files securely using public or private keys with passphrases.