TotallySQL are specialists in application development centered around Microsoft SQL Server, and in particular in creating CLR-based function libraries that enable advanced processing to be carried out within the database itself. They provide a range of off-the-shelf function libraries and can also build bespoke libraries to your specification. They also provide a range of database and data management services - including database design, ETL services, data cleansing and data migration.

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We no longer sell TotallySQL products, please visit their web site instead.

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Hill View
Lodge Hill
OX14 2JA
United Kingdom

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SQLDistributions released
Evaluation of PDF, CDF and their inverses; summary statistics; parameter estimation; random variate generation and more.
SQLFile released
External file and directory access with data import/export and compression.
SQLRollingStats released
Compute running totals, moving averages, and many other statistics that need relative row references, within T-SQL.
SQLMath launched
A complete toolkit of over 80 functions & features for mathematical computing.
SQLEngineering launched
Over 100 specialized functions & features for technical & engineering use.
Assembly Manager V1.0 launched
Total transparency and control over assemblies in SQL Server.