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Concept Software, Inc. is a privately held Florida-based software company with thousands of customers in more than 118 countries. It provides software and computing consulting services helping developers and companies, large or small, to realize their sales potential. Formed in 1993 by founder Mike Wozniak, Concept Software was created with the intention of bringing his proven software solutions to more people like him; developers who want to get their creations in more hands while protecting their investments in the process.

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217 E Bay Street
Winter Garden, FL 34787


Protection PLUS SDK 5 released
New version includes RSA public key cryptography for protecting license file data.
Protection PLUS adds VM detection
Version adds Microsoft Hyper-V and VirtualBox virtual machine detection algorithms to SysInfo function.
Protection PLUS updated
Latest release adds support for Windows 7, 64-bit operating systems, and SOLO Server Installation ID features.
SOLO Lite V1.23 released
Latest version features updated libraries to prevent potential hardware Data Execution Prevention issues.