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InstallAware adds native setup engine

Version 10's new setup engine provides a fast, reliable alternative to Windows Installer that also works in Safe Mode.
November 05, 2010 - 16:55
Veröffentlichung mit neuen Funktionen

InstallAware is a software installation solution for Windows Installer that enables MSIcode scripting for rapid setup development without the high cost and steep learning curve of other setup solutions. With InstallAware you can build sophisticated installations in record time without any programming or scripting skills. InstallAware provides you with the latest features and technology support, with the advantages of true rapid-Windows Installer development productivity.

The following editions are available:

Updates in Version 10

  • Native Code Setup Engine
    Two years in the making, InstallAware's new setup engine is fast compared to Windows Installer, and it adds convenience and stability to your setups.
  • Eliminate Windows Installer
    Break through the confines of Windows Installer with InstallAware. Your setups will no longer fail if the Windows Installer stack on the target system has been corrupted for any reason, increasing your successful installation rates and lowering support costs.
  • Safe Mode Support
    While the Windows Installer service is disabled in safe mode, the InstallAware Native Engine works flawlessly, allowing your users to repair or remove your software even if Windows cannot be started normally.
  • Loops in MSIcode
    Use the new "while...wend" and "repeat...until" MSIcode loop constructs and bid farewell to error prone "goto...label" style programming. Enabled by the new Native Engine, loops make your setups easier and more fun to code, debug, and maintain.
  • Hybrid Installation Technology
    Switch your setup between the Native Engine and Windows Installer engines at runtime, and any number of times. Hybrid Installation Technology allows you to use both engines simultaneously in the same setup. The choice is yours.
  • One Line to Enable
    Add the line "Set Variable NATIVE_ENGINE to TRUE" anywhere in your MSIcode script to convert ANY existing InstallAware setup from Windows Installer to the Native Engine. Set the variable back to FALSE to use the Windows Installer engine.

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About InstallAware

InstallAware Software Corporation, founded in 2003 by InstallShield alumni, is a software development company focused solely on state of the art software installation tools that offer the highest compression ratios and bullet-proof installations. The company produces software installation and compression technologies for the Windows Installer (MSI) platform on the Microsoft Windows Operating System. InstallAware is supported by thousands of users worldwide, and is a Borland Technology Partner.

The InstallAware MSIcode Editor allows rapid setup development.

InstallAware Studio

Ein Setup-Autorentool für ISVs und Unternehmen, die Produkte, Patches und Webupdates bereitstellen.

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