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BCGControlBar adds Visual Studio 11 Beta support

Create a Metro-style UI for your applications using one line of code.
April 10, 2012 - 14:33
Veröffentlichung mit neuen Funktionen

BCGControlBar Library Professional includes over 200 MFC extension classes for creating toolbars and menus with customization and visualization. It can be used to add Office and Visual Studio like User Interfaces to applications. The following editions are available:

Updates in V17.10

  • Added support for Visual Studio 11 Beta
  • Added a new class which implements Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Beta look and feel
  • Fully tested on Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Chart Control

  • Add empty data points and tell a series how to treat missing data (as values, skip, or don't paint)
  • Support for "smart labels"
  • Display data as a line, based on open/close, high/low or custom calculated values
  • Adjust the sizes of split axes programmatically

Diagram Control

  • Added zoom support for diagrams
  • Improved features for runtime editing of diagrams
  • Implemented copy/paste support for diagram editors
  • Added support for drag and drop connectors and shapes in edit mode
  • Added shape coloring
  • Added connectors and connector arrows coloring

New TreeMap Control

  • The Treemap is a visualization of hierarchical structures that shows attributes of leaf nodes using size and colors

Ribbon Bar

  • Support for mini-toolbar tooltips
  • Virtual method if you wish to filter-out command search results
  • Optional parameter allows you to filter-out disabled commands in the search result pane

About BCGSoft

BCGSoft specializes in the development of business components for Microsoft Windows. BCGSoft helps developers to incorporate into their applications the most advanced component technologies available.

BCGControlBar Library Professional Office demo.

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Ein Paket mit über 100 sorgfältig entwickelten, geprüften und ausführlich dokumentierten MFC-Erweiterungsklassen.

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