WebUI Studio 2012 R2 adds Data Visualization

New version includes a collection of advanced charting controls for Silverlight and WPF business applications.
Januar 9, 2013
Veröffentlichung mit neuen Funktionen

WebUI Studio includes advanced components for ASP.NET, WPF and Silverlight application development. It offers advanced functionality like smart batch update, high-performance client binding, integrated spell checking and real-progress AJAX file uploading. Product updates and upgrades are included for a full year from the purchase date as well as priority support via phone calls, live chat or conference meetings, plus direct collaboration with engineers. The following editions are available:

Updates in 2012 R2

  • Data Visualization - New collection of advanced charting controls for Silverlight and WPF business applications. Features include MVVM-ready architecture, large data support, rich UX, fast performance and ease-of-use.
  • Comprehensive Charts - Equipped with more than 20 different chart types including bar, column, line, area, smooth line, smooth area, step area, donut, pie, bubble, radar, polar, scatter, stacked bar and stacked column.
  • Property Grid - Lightweight object property editor that displays lists of properties in a compact user interface.
  • Data Editor - Supports many data types including text, boolean, date-time, numbers and custom objects.
  • Query Builder - Data filtering control for Silverlight and WPF that allows users to visually build complex filter definitions.
  • Breadcrumb Navigation Bar - Designed with the familiar look of Windows Explorer, UXBreadCrumb simplifies the navigation of large business applications that typically consist of multi-level page hierarchy.
  • Intuitive Design - UXBreadCrumb simplifies the navigation system in your business application by combining address bar and menu functionality.
  • WebDesktop 4 - Redesigned from the ground up to support the latest Web standards such as HTML5 and CSS3. It includes a layout manager, toolbar, menubar, splitter, callout and navigation pane.
  • Windows 8 Style Navigation Template - Built around the new UXBreadCrumb control to deliver versatile application template designs for business applications.

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